The Truth behind closed doors

Part 21

*Aj POV*

I felt a hard jerk next to me and I looked over and seen the twins in our bed

"What the fuck baby wake up "I say shaking Jaliah

"The hell ..did you go get them "Jaliah ask rubbing her eyes

"No " i say getting up

I got to the twins room to see the lock not all the way closed and their beds looked like they had fallen out of it

"Jaliah come here now"i yell

She came running into the room covering her mouth

"Whatt the actual fuck"she says looking around

"They got out this bih by themselves bae"I say covering my mouth

"Dude "she says running back in our room to examine the twins

"Are you okay baby you feel alright you good " she says caressing them by their chins

"Give then space baby they are okay " I say laughing

*Wakes up*

"Bae I just had a dream the twins basically feel out their beds "I roll over turning towards Jaliah who was watching tv

"Bae you dream about anything "she says laughing

"Nah cause fr they were -"I say getting interrupted by cries

Jaliah shot up and ran to the twins room

*Jailah's POV*

She looked fine so what was wrong ?I picked her up and rubbed her long curly hair I felt that she was kinda hot

"Bae bring me the thermometer hurry " I say to Aj

He comes running back in the room with a thermometer.I take the thermometer and puts it under Ja'zyla 's tongue it beeped and I pulled it out .It said 101.2

"Oh Jesus "I say showing Aj

"Shit "he says rubbing his head

We decided to take her to the doctor so we threw on clothes got everybody in the car and drive to the nearest emergency room .When we got there they felt her head and immediately took to her to the back

"I'm gonna call my mom "Aj says taking out his phone

"Call mines too "I say picking up Aden and putting him on my hip

Aj runs outside .I went to the back with zy zy .They were running tests on her like flu,strep,and allat other stuff .I fell asleep with Aden on my lap who was also sleeping .Zy Zy was sleep on the hospital bed they had her in .Aj came in and picked Zy Zy up and held her while he got in the bed with her .We heard the door open and the doctor came in with his clipboard and pen

"So momma and daddy she has the flu type A ,I prescribed her antibiotics call me if you need anything my number is written down on this paper make sure she stays hydrated "The doctor says handing us the discharge papers

We headed home and we decided that I stayed with Zy zy in her room while Aj stayed with Aden in our room .I ended up getting get it too and Aj took care of us wearing a mask and stuff and little Aden had his little mask on so cuteeee .He gave us chicken noodle soup every now and then gave us water and our antibiotics.After a miserable week and 2 days we went back and got tested again and we were all negative so we washed covers ,clothes ,sheets ,and even shoes .Sprayed down rooms, wiping doors, and everything .We decided to go house grocery shopping and I'm pushing the cart grabbing hella applesauce cause why not !?