The Truth behind closed doors

Part 20

1 month later

*Aj POV*

Me and Jaliah have been deciding on trying to find out what to do for the twins birthday party .We had many options but SpongeBob and Mickey Mouse were our top two .They love the bell outta SpongeBob .

"Bae I think we should just go with SpongeBob "Jaliah says

"Yea me too " I say

We planned for two weeks with mascots and bouncy houses.On the day of the party we went to the building we rented and seen a lot of people maybe like 50+.

"Heyyyy "i heard Julie yell from the door

""Heyyy pooh " Jaliah says hugging her while Julie kissed zy zy in her cheek .

"Aj"she says walking over to me

"Heyy Julie " I say giving her Aden

"Hey my Muncho mannnn"she says kissing his juicy cheek  while he smiles

The twins were dressed in a white shirt,  light pants and their concords While everyone else was dressed in a white shirt ,light pants ,and Air forces .We played games and danced around .The kids jumped in the bouncy house and we sung .The SpongeBob characters came in greeting everyone .The twins ran to them .I was shook I thought they'd run away from them Tbh .We took pictures ,the characters left and we decided to sing happy birthday.We had a Mickey and Minnie Mouse decoration cake to smash in their face .They were not happy about that but Aden laughed .Ja'zyla cried .Everybody else ate Spongebob cake .I had a surprise for Jaliah so I told her mom ,aunts ,and cousins the plan .They helped out and told DJ to play love R & B .When Jaliah came back from the bathroom I was down on one knee and a ring in my hand .

She immediately started crying

"Baby we 18 with twins and I wanna spend the rest of my life with you so why not start now " I say with tears in my eyes

"B-Baby will you marry me "I say

"YES YES YESSSS "she says holding her hand out

I put the ring on her finger and hugged her and she kissed me as I wiped her tears .Everybody cheered us on .Everybody came up to us hugging .After an hour everybody went home and some stayed to help clean up.

"Hurry "Jaliah says biting my ear m

After everyone cleaned up we drove home and washed the twins up and put them to bed they were worn out .

"You are so sexy " Jaliah says stripping out her clothes

"I can't wait to marry yo beautiful ass"I say getting on the bed putting hickies on her

*2 hours and 12 minutes later *

"Damn man we ain't never fucked like that " I say outta breath

"On me my legs numb asf" she says catching her breath then putting her hand on my chest

We laugh and went to sleep


MARRIED ??okayyy now