The Truth behind closed doors


Jaliah's pov

"Hon by the way your facial expression looks you need some water go cool down "My Aunt Trice say

"Yes ma'am " I say passing her Ja'zyla

I go get water when I see Aj walking up to me

"You okay baby he says still holding Aden

"Yes I just hate liars "I say drinking my water

"I know baby I know "he says hugging me while Aden was sleeping

"You are my peace "I say kissing him

"I love you "he says kissing my forehead

"I love you more" I say kissing Aden's cheek

We sung happy birthday and ate cake .I stayed alejen to help clean and then we went back home .We got the twins a bath and dressed them and put them in their crib .Me and Aj decided to take a shower together

"You know it's been 6 weeks right"he sus holding my waist putting his shlong on my ass

"Yes baby " i say smiling

He kisses my neck ......

*22 minutes later *

"Damn Jai feels like Youn have no kids at all that pussy still undefeated you ain't stretch nothing " Aj says outta breath

"You know I got that good good " I say smirking

We got out the shower and got in the bed to go to sleep .

*the next morning *

My phone was blown up

5 messages from Mani pooh 🥰🧸

I love you sis please

I'll never hurt you again just let me explain

I want Ilani to meet her Auntie the right way

Please don't do this

Im so sorry

I looked at her messages in disgust cause bitch please you steal my first love ,had a baby with him ,and now you wanna be apologizing gtfo my face

I woke the twins up and put their clothes on I sat their bouncers in front of the tv while I made breakfast since Aj was still sleeping .I decided to wake him up with breakfast in bed he loves that shit .

"Daddyyyyyy " i say waking him up putting the plate beside him

"Hmm"he says rubbing his eyes

"Look what I made " I say kissing him all over his face

"Ouu shit thanks wifey"he says smiling

I pecked his lips and ran back downstairs where Aden was sleep and Ja'zyla was playing with her toys that were inside her bouncer .I loved my family


Real calm chapter 😭