Promised To The Stars

new and old people

Luca and Giulia had their classes together for the most part, but since Luca hadn't been to school before he had to take extra or special help classes.

He was performing well, loving to learn, and being very passionate about it.

They always wanted to be partnered together when they could, but occasionally they had to partner up with others.

Today they had to get into small groups or pairs with people they hadn't been with before since some kids would probably be in different classes next year so now was one of the last chances to qroup up with them.

Luca and Giulia looked at each other wondering if they could sneak to be in each other's groups without the teacher noticing.

Luca shook his head and mouthed 'I don't know.'

Giulia rolled her eyes waving him over to her desk. 'She won't notice.' mouthed as an answer.

Luca looked at the front of the room to see if their teacher was watching them and she wasn't so he started to quickly sneak to where Giulia was sitting.

Since Giulia's desk was more in the back of the class it was harder to see what everyone was doing there.

"What if she notices? We're going to get in trouble." Luca whispered at Giulia.

"Who cares and besides you're already here so if you leave get back now she will notice." Giulia said smirking.

She did have a point, if either of them would go to the front then back to the other they would be noticed. The only way it wouldn't be suspicious was as if they would go to another group.

Giulia didn't care anymore if she got called out for partnering with the person she wasn't supposed to, but she found it funny how much Luca cared if their teacher would see them.

"So what we're supposed to do?" Giulia asked.

"I think we were going to check the homework we had yesterday." Luca guessed.

"Um, hey can I come with you guys?" A girl's voice was heard next to them.

Luca and Giulia both turned to check who the voice beloved to.

They were surprised at the unexpected sound of someone else than their teacher.

The girl was the same person who had stared at them in the yard in the morning.

"Yeah, sure!" Giulia said excited about getting to talk to someone new.

The girl looked at Luca making sure he was fine with it too, Luca nodded in agreement.

She turned to look around and slid a chair close to Giulia's desk setting down her homework papers.

"We haven't seen you around that much before. Are you new or are we just blind?" Giulia asked joking around then cringing immediately after saying it.

"Heh, I haven't been here for long but I was in a different class for some time." She responded smiling at Giulia's attempt to make a joke.

"Oh, we saw you this morning." Luca added to the conversation.

The girl blushed looking down at her lap

"So you noticed..." She mumbled "sorry." She ended the sentence.

"It's okay we're used to it." Giulia clarified making the other girl feel better. She looked up at Giulia smiling at her.

"My name is Vivia by the way" she informed.

"Nice to meet you, Vivia. I'm Giulia and this is Luca!" Giulia introduced them.

Luca noted that Giulia was more excited to talk to Vivia than she had been to talk to someone else on her own.

To be honest he was happy to talk to her too and getting to know her.

Luca knew that Giulia really didn't have a lot of friends so he understood her excitement.

The three of them got most of the work checked out and their answers were similar. The rest of the time was spent getting to know each other and talking about different things.

Vivia was very outgoing and seemed like a nice and friendly girl. She had funny things to say and jokes that make all of them cackle.

Their class ended before they wanted it to, but they still had the whole day to get to know each other better.

Vivia had her next class in a different place than Luca and Giulia, but they still were planning to see each other later.

"She was friendly." Luca thought out loud while walking the halls with Giulia.

"Uh-huh." she hummed nodding. She cracked a smile and slapped her forehead.

"Where was I even going with my joke." The redhead said scrunching her nose "there goes making a good first impression."

"It wasn't that bad. I mean she did laugh at it didn't she?" Luca said comfortingly.

"I guess she did."

He thought Giulia's joke was kind of stupid but in the best way possible. He was very familiar with stupid jokes since he spent a lot of time with Alberto and they sent letters to each other regularly.

He loved the fact that Alberto said funny things without even meaning it.

Luca wasn't one to be the best at social interactions so he could admit Giulia was much better at making friends and talking to people in general.

Both of them were happy to meet Vivia again, but couldn't find her in the school halls.

"We should have asked for a place to see at." Luca said looking around at all the students walking around them.

Giulia stayed quiet and suddenly squirmed making Luca jump at the unexpected movement.

"There she is!" Giulia clapped making some people look at them.

Giulia looked down and mumbled "too much".

Luca noticed Vivia too and waved at her, she waved back and started to walk towards them.

"Hey." She said as she got to them smiling at Giulia's joy.

"Heya" Giulia said shifting back and forth on her feet.

Luca stood on the side studying their conversation.

He saw both of them constantly smiling and laughing at each others every joke. The girls seemed to get along very well.

Since it was the middle of the day they decided to eat together.

"Are you happy about summer vacation starting?" Vivia asked while eating her food.

"Yeah, definitely!" Giulia said happily thinking about all the things she could do back in Portorosso and all the ways she could ruin Ercole's life even more if she bumped into him.

"Me too. I can't wait to see my friend Alberto, I've been waiting the whole year." Luca confessed trying not to show too much enthusiasm but failing and smiling like an idiot instead.

"Alberto's all he talks about now," Giulia said playfully punching Luca's arm earning a giggle from him. "seriously he asked me if I thought Alberto was going to like his glasses in the middle of the night!"

Vivia looked at Luca and burst out laughing while Luca covered his face with his hands out of embarrassment.

"Why did you tell her that Giu?" Luca asked starting to crack up a little himself too. His face was the same color as a redfish from a mix of laughing and humiliation.

As their giggles died down Luca turned to Vivia and asked what she was going to do and if she was looking forward to summer.

"I don't know. I never really do anything special. I just paint or I guess go somewhere with my family." She said after thinking for some time.

Suddenly, Luca shot up from his seat making both girls flinch.

"We need to tell Alberto we got a new friend!" he said jumping on his toes and back on the ground.

Both girl's blinked fast multiple times.

"Ok, wow that was unexpected." Vivia let out placing a hand on her chest as her heart sped from the sudden scare.

"Sorry," Luca said sitting back down on his chair feeling guilty about scaring them without a warning. "I just got excited."

"We can't write anything without a pen, but if we get one Vivia can write too!" Giulia announced softly smiling at Vivia and her returning a grin.

"I think I have a pen in my locker," Vivia said looking up squinting her eyes trying to remember.

"Great, but we still need paper somewhere"

"Is a page from a notebook fine? I think I have that too."

"Yes, it works!"

And with that, they had almost everything to make a letter.

They finished their food and started walking towards Vivia's locker. As they walked Luca had his eyes glued to Vivia's necklace which she noticed and looked back at Luca.

Luca looked away as he saw the dark-haired girl's eyes move to him after looking at the floor of the hall or the walls.

"Do you like my necklace? I saw you staring at it." She asked now fiddling it with her left hand.

"He pointed it out earlier today." Giulia said as if she was answering for Luca.

"I like the color." That was all that he said he didn't want to say any more than that knowing that if he did Giulia would tease him again for the whole day.

Luca liking the color wasn't a lie either, but it was a watered-down version of what he thought.

He felt that telling that the necklace reminded him of Alberto and his scales was risky.

He had just met Vivia so he could be sure if she would be fine with him or his friend to be a sea monster.

Vivia didn't seem like the kind of person who would have a problem with it but he decided to just stay quiet hearing the voice of his mother inside his head.

"The world is a very dangerous place" and "land monsters are here to do murder".

He wasn't scared of humans anymore with only a few exceptions, but he was always aware of his surrounding.

They soon got to Vivia's locker where she pulled out a sketchbook plus a pen.

She told that she liked to draw in her free time and almost always had paper and a pen with her in case she got inspired somewhere.

They went outside to write since they had time to and the weather was sunny without many clouds.

The grass of the yard was short but it still moved in the wind and flowers bent but didn't snap eventought they wildly swung around.

The three of them decided to sit down under a tree further away from other students.

They started to write about how everything was going and asked questions. It was easily seen where the person's writing changed, but you could still read what was written down.

Luca was writing on the edge of the paper as they saw a shadowy figure in front of them. The person was one of the mean students who liked to pick on everyone he could.

His face wasn't anything new to Luca and Giulia, but they didn't know if Vivia had the misfortune of meeting him before.

"Santa mozzarella, here we go again" Giulia mumbled angrily rolling her eyes.

"What's going on?" Vivia asked knitting her eyebrows together.

"Ignore him" Giulia continued.

Nico was in a way the Ercole of the school. 'Never wrong', always mean to everyone, thinking he's the best when he can barely even swim, just overall a very unpleasant guy to be around.

Luca lifted the letter to his chest trying to hide what was written on it.

"What's that you got there?" Nico said with a passive-aggressive tone in his voice.

"Just leave us alone!" Giulia said standing up from her spot to face Nico better but Vivia put her hand on Giulia's wrist and pulled her back down.

Nico eyed them then looked like he got an idea. He started at the paper securely squished against Luca's chest then grinned looking put at the smaller boy's eyes.

Nico suddenly yanked the letter from Luca making a scratch on Luca's wrist. Giulia got up and Luca did the same while Vivia sat on the ground eyes wide baffled at what was going on.

"Ooh, is this a love letter for your girlfriend~?" Nico said mockingly.

"Give it back!" Giulia demanded hoping up trying to snatch it back only to be pushed back by Nico's other hand as he dangled the letter over his head.

"Oh, is this your love letter he's writing? Or are you idiots making letters for each other?" He said laughing at his joke.

He turned it to so the text was facing him and he started to read it.

Giulia was fuming at this point and the only one to try to do something just to be pushed away repeatedly.

"Whose this Alberto boy you're talking about are you and him dating?" He teased.

Giulia made a gagging motion and screamed "ew, he's my brother, what is wrong with you?!"

Nico looked surprised at Giulia's response but quickly changed his mood by saying "why isn't he here then, is he too stupid to come here?"

That was the final point for Luca. Giulia glanced at him as he curled his hands into fists and straightened his back.

"At least he has a job which I think you won't be able to get no matter how smart you act like."

Nico dropped his smile and dead-started into Luca's eyes.

"If you were smart you wouldn't be making fun of anyone smaller or weaker than you!" Luca kept going as some students started to look at them or get closer to hear better.

"And I you would be smart you would stop talking like that to someone who can break your neck with one hand" Nico said getting closer.

This made Luca regret everything he said and ge started to question what he was doing, but most importantly why?

Giulia lifted her fists up to her chest looking as intimatating as she could while Nico towered over them.

As a teacher started to get closer Nico crumbled and dropped the letter onto the ground and punched Luca's chest making him fall backward. Then Nico just walked away not wanting the teacher to see him.

The students started to scatter some being disappointed because no fight broke out.

As Luca fell onto the ground he started to cough. Giulia and Vivia got to him making sure he wasn't badly hurt.

"Are you okay?" The girls asked in unison.

"Yeah, I'm fine..." Luca said coughing again.

"Do you need to go to the school nurse?" He was asked.

"N-no, I'll be able to survive."

They took the letter from the ground and went inside to check if Giulia or Luca had gotten any major bruises.

The rest of the day felt short to Luca, but mostly because all he could feel was the feeling of anger and guilt building in his chest.

He was very upset for a valid reason he didn't want some random guy to make fun of his best friend who was the reason he has there in the first place.

But he still couldn't stop himself from feeling guilty about saying those things. He was just unable to control himself so he just snapped.

He didn't know what else to do and let his emotions get the best of him.

His anger felt like a flame inside him burning every sense of what was going on around him. Luca hadn't been that angry in a long time or even ever and it scared him.

"I don't think I've ever seen you that mad" Giulia said gripping her backpack as they walked home.

"Me neither." Luca admitted.

"I don't know what got into me I just..." He took a deep breath breathing in the city air.

He shrugged his shoulders as he started to feel his eyes water.

"Let's just promise to not tell my mom, she's going to freak out if we do." Giulia said holding out her pinky.

Luca locked his pinky with Giulia's and they both nodded.

When they got there they took off their shoes and told Maria about Vivia and what else had happened.

The rest of their evening went like normal except now they had another person to talk about.

When it came the night they changed into their sleep ware and as Giulia was in the bathroom Luca decided to read the letter he had written again after the first paper was ruined by Nico and made sure it was ready to send to Portorosso.

Caro Alberto,

Today we got a new friend her name is Vivia and she helped me and Giulia write this.

She is really funny and she has a necklace that looks like your scales and I thought of you right as I saw it.

She thinks you sound nice and she would like to know you someday.

Giulia keeps teasing me about missing you, but she told me she missed you and the rest of Portorosso too.

We all hope you haven't seen anyone like Ercole there. we have to put up with this guy named Nico who might as well be called Ercole number 2.

Tell my parents I'm excited to see them again and don't tell them about Nico they would let me come here ever again.

Ciao Luca.

He had cut out some if their drawings they doodled on the edge of the original paper and glued them to it.

Luca smiled at the letter and pleased it next to his bag starting at the sealing ones again.

He truly hoped Alberto was fine.

The thought of Alberto resiving the letter and his smile as he read it made all Luca's irritation melt away slowly.

He took his pillow under his head and showed his face into it then huffed.

He felt weird again. Like last night but this time it was more intense or maybe it were just all the other emotions making it feel that way.

He instantly took the pillow of as he heard Giulia coming back so he decided to act like he was going to bed which he was but just not yet.

Giulia stepped on her bed and flopped down face first, Luca trying his hardest not to crack up.

They turned away from each other Giulia already half asleep.

Luca laid on his matters and pulled his pillow close to him.

His chest still hurt from being punched and it had a bruise covering it, but he hadn't told anyone and wasn't going to make anyone worry about him since he wasn't dying or anything.

He hugged it and closed his eyes tightly gripping his pillow and the edge of his blanket.

When he got lonely or sad he would hug things or humans.

His pillow was his go to option as it was soft and felt comfortable.

His chest moved inwards and the outwards as he breathed his pillow and arms moving at the same beat.

He let out a small yawn as the ache in his chest started to fade away feeling like a heavy weight was lifted from on top on him.

Only a few days and Luca will be back in his home town to see his family,

To see him.

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