Promised To The Stars

purple necklaces

The room was quiet with only little sounds coming from outside.

Most of the noises were coming from birds chirping on the trees or people who had to go somewhere early in the morning.

Inside the apartment wasn't any sounds just slow breathing coming from sleeping people.

The sun had just risen from the horizon being slightly visible from over the houses.

The sky had little clouds without a lot of wind. The sun shone its warm light through the windows blinds casting warm shadows of the small and big things in people's rooms.

It was a beautiful sunrise and morning.

Soft light shone through the blinds lightly brushing Luca's freckled cheeks. The light made its way to the small boy's eyes making him turn to face the door of the room.

He felt the warmth of the daylight on his skin. It tickled on his whole face then arms.

Luca lifted his arm over his eyes as he lifted his blanket over his head with his free hand.

Luca hid under the covers trying to fall asleep again not wanting to fully wake up or wake anyone else.

He curled up in a ball trying to fall asleep for about 7 minutes, but couldn't help up open his eyes.

The brunette rubbed his eyes then yawned softly.

He looked to his side to see if Giulia was awake which she wasn't. At least it seemed like she wasn't.

Luca turned again to be in a more comfortable position as his brain started to work again after being a little fuzzy.

As he turned on his back he noticed that his arm has been under his head while trying to fall asleep again and only now had blood properly running through it.

Luca huffed as he tried to move his arm, but failed. He took his wrist in his hand and shook his arm in annoyance.

"Come on I want to feel my arm already!" he thought.

He sat on his mattress waiting for his hand to work again, he started to think about the conversation he had with Giulia the last night.

There wasn't much time until they were going back to Portorosso.

"We probably should call Alberto and Massimo either today or tomorrow." he speculated

He stared at the wall before him thinking what to do next.

He looked to his side to see if his books and glasses were still in place, which they were so he took them on his lap and started to go through the pages.

He squinted to see the pages but quickly gave up and pleased his glasses on his face.

Luca then remembered Giulias comment on his worries about what Alberto thought of them.

"He'll love them I mean come on he thinks your cute no matter what". Those were the exact word Giulia had said.

Does Alberto really think he's cute or was Giulia just messing with him to get a reaction?

The last one was more likely. At least to Luca.

He wasn't very sure if he should even be thinking about something that was probably just Giulia messing with him, but the thought of his friend thinking his cute made his stomach turn in a way he did't recognise and he didn't like it.

It was described the easiest by saying it felt the same as when he used to jump in water from cliffs and little air bubbles swirled around him tickeling his scales as he swam to the surface of the aqua-colored sea.

Luca wanted to just forget about it so he took the first book he had on his lap and started to read it.

The book was some school book he had, but Luca couldn't get anything properly read until he started to think about something else.

He either started thinking about other school stuff or about how random things reminded him of people he knew.

The person he somehow managed to catch himself reminded about was, of course, Alberto.

Even if he was thinking of another friend he had gotten in school he still somehow found himself finding things about them that were similar to Alberto.

It could be someone's hair color, their eyes, the way they talked, or even something small like the color of a necklace.

He managed to find something from almost everyone he had met and talked to.

It was something he didn't understand why he did or if he was even able to stop at this point.

Luca tried to read again but soon gave up after reading about star formations and lost himself in the memory of Alberto telling how they were anchovies and how he was so confident in being wrong.

Luca smiled and just let himself get lost in his thoughts.

Albertos emerald green eyes glistening in the light of the sky and faint light of Portorossos houses and their windows.

Him reminding about all the stupid things they had done together.

His laugh as he told his stories and the sparkle in his eyes as he talked about how much he wanted to adventure around the world together.

Luca smiled at all those times they had together as he felt his face heating up again.

The heat got even worse as he thought back to how pretty Albertos purple scales were while appearing by him jumping off a cliff then disappearing turning to turn to his tanned freckled skin as he got back to land.

Luca covered his face as the feeling in his stomach was back.

It was a normal reaction to missing your friend, right?

Yeah, that's all, feeling homesick and wanting to see your friend.

He let out a sigh and turned to see if Giulia was now awake. She was still sleeping but breathing faster which most likely was a hint she was waking up.

Luca slid himself a little closer to the sleeping redhead and whispered.

"Hey, Giulia are you awake?"

He waited for an answer and soon got it.

"No of course not"

He rolled his eyes as Giulia turned to face him smiling sleepily.

"Well, Buon Giorno to you too"

The girl sat up and stretched her arm and rubbing her eye as she let out a yawn .

How long were you awake when I was still asleep?" She asked as she got up onto her feet.

"Why does it matter?" Luca asked raising his brow.

"It doesn't. It's just usually me who wakes up first" she said," and also I want to know if you even actually slept at all." She said half-jokingly, half-serious.

"I did sleep I just woke up earlier than usual because the sun shone straight in my eyes"

"Heh I didn't even notice it"

"Well, I did!"

They smiled and went to get their school uniforms ready to put on quickly after they got everything else done.

They heard footsteps coming closer and soon the door had a knock on it.

Maria opened the door and said "Buongiorno Ragazzi- oh, you're already up"

"Yeah, we just woke up." Giulia announced to her mom.

Maria turned to walk back down to the kitchen but turned her head to face the two teens

"When you're ready come down to eat and remember to take everything you need for school now that you have a little more time."

Luca and Giulia nodded and continued to pack their backpacks.

Giulia was ready first so she stood behind Luca and waited for him to get everything packed.

Luca turned and jumped as he didn't hear Giulia coming behind him.

"Wow am I really that scary" Giulia giggled then stuck out her tongue trying to make a scary face.

"N-no" Luca started "you just surprised me" he muttered.

Giulia looked like she didn't buy his answer and Luca stared back at her awkwardly.

"Well let's go get breakfast before we're late!" He said pushing her to the door trying to get out of the awkward situation.

"Wow, wow, wow calm down it's okay I didn't take it personally!" Giulia said confused about Lucas reaction.

Luca stopped pushing her but didn't let go of her arm.

"Umm Luca?" She began

"Hm?" Luca hummed looking up to see her face.

"You can let go of my arm now." She said looking even more concerned than before.

"Oh! sorry, Giulia." Luca said letting go of her arm and covering his face in embarrassment.

"Are you sure you slept last night?"

"Yeah, I'm just homesick. I'm okay." He said with a small smile.

The redhead slowly nodded and started to walk to the door as the brunette followed.

They walked down the stairs to the kitchen where Maria was sitting sipping on her espresso.

Luca and Giulia sat down at the table in silence and started to butter their bread and pour drinks into their mugs.

They started eating not knowing what to talk about.

"Do you have anything special now that schools ending?" Maria asked in curiosity.

"We don't know, but if it's like last year everything is normal" Giulia answered.

Marias gaze shifted between the two kids as they stayed quieter than usual.

"Is everything okay with you two? You two are pretty quiet. " She asked to make sure nothing serious was going on.

"Where fine just neither of us could sleep the last night." Luca told.

"I slept well Luca just accidentally woke me up" Giulia added.

"Is there anything else you want to talk about?" Maria asked.

"No." both kids said at the same earning a tiny smile from both of them.

They sat in silence for what didn't feel like long but apparently was since Maria checked the clock and gasped.

"You two need to get changed and get going or you'll be late." She announced standing up.

Luca and Giulia stood up after finishing their food and thanked Maria for the food then headed upstairs.

They took their uniforms and Luca went to the bathroom to change.

He stepped into the bathroom and locked the door.

He looked in the mirror seeing his face was very red. He didn't know why he was suddenly so awkward, but he just was annoyed at himself making him even more flustered.

He felt awful for making Giulia uneasy because of something odd he was feeling.

Luca splashed cold water on his face in an effort to make his face a normal tone.

His green scales appeared then faded away as his skin dried.

He changed his clothes, took a few breaths, unlocked the door, and walked out.

They took their bags and walked downstairs to get their shoes, said goodbye to Maria, and went outside.

Luca and Giulia walked down the street looking at each other every once and a while.

"Giulia, I'm sorry," Luca said out of nowhere.

"Sorry for what?" Giulia questioned turning to look at the shorter boy.

"For making you worry about me being weird and not being mentally here." He apologized.

"Luca. You don't have to be sorry for having strange days and having weird feelings I understand." She said trying to make him feel less guilty.

Luca looked at the taller girl surprised then hugged her.

Giulia tensed up surprised but soon hugged him back.

"Why'd you think you had to apologize to me?"

"I just don't want you to worry about me too much." Luca said letting go of her.

"I don't have to worry about you but I want to make sure you're okay." she said smiling

"I... Thank you" Luca said hugging Giulias arm again.

"You're welcome!" The girl said grinning so her tooth gap being visible.

They kept walking but now on much calmer energy surrounding them.

Suddenly Luca remembered what he was supposed to tell Giulia.

"Giu?" he started the get her attention.


"We should call Alberto and Massimo and if that fails then send a letter." he said thinking out loud.

"Yeah! We haven't done that in a while." Giulia began.

" If the phone call doesn't work for some reason or they're don't notice I think if we send the letter today should get there soon enough.

Luca nodded at the response.

"I can prove to you that Alberto definitely misses you as much as you miss him." Giulia said trying still to make Luca feel better.

They chatted about other things and laughed at jokes. Luca talked about stupid things Alberto had said or done while Giulia was snickering at how easy it was to tell how much Luca wanted his friend to be with them.

Giulia and Luca walked to the schoolyard looking around at all the kids of different ages talking and playing with each other.

They both were outcasts in the school but some people think they're nice.

Some students still thought Giulia was weird because she came from a different town.

Her bullying and ignoring wasn't as bad now that Luca was with her but some just annoyed both of them.

Luca didn't care if people ignored them but as soon as someone made fun of his friend he was ready to snap back at them.

Giulia of course was ready to get in a fight with everyone who made fun of Luca.

The things people would say were "oh so you finally got a friend took long enough." Or "you and your little friend should have just stayed where you came from.

The mockeries sounded a lot like Ercoles passive-aggressive insults he used to throw at them before the Portorosso cup.

The one that both disliked the most was when people assumed they were dating and tried to tease them about it.

Neither of them knew why it bothered them so much so they just tried to explain that they were just friends.

As they walked around and stopping under a tree they soon spotted a girl who was staring at them but as soon as they turned to stare back she looked away.

She carried a dark purple backpack with a jellyfish on it. Her hair was almost black but had brownish streaks in it. It was tired in a neat bun with only a few curly hair strands framing her face. Her eyes were hazel and her skin was very tanned.

She was wearing the regular school uniform but had a blue and purple necklace.

Luca thought the color of the necklace was most easily described to look like Albertos scales.

And here he goes again with thinking about his friend.

"Why was that girl staring at us?" Giulia said out loud looking at the girl.

"I mean almost everyone stares at us" Luca joked even though he knew it was true.

"Yeah, you're right." Giulia mumbled looking at the ground kicking a pebble around with her foot.

"I like her backpack" Luca blurted out.

The redhead looked up again to look at the girl but she started to walk further from them.

"Heh, now we're the ones staring" Giulia chuckled.

The school bell rang as Luca laughed at the statement.

They walked inside and tried to stay together not to lose each other in the crowd.

They soon disappeared blending in with the crowd as they found their class and the school day started.

2527 words.

Wow, I really got carried away with this. I was bored so I just wrote what came into my mind.

Mystery girl will make an appearance in the later chapters but the next chapter will be about Alberto and how he's doing.

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