Promised To The Stars

worst fears

Albert was standing at the train station taping his foot on the floor.

He was so nervous he was shaking.

He was prepared for the train to come, but as it got closer he got more scared.

The train made a big screech sound as it slowed down. People at the station then came closer to the edge as the train stopped moving.

He stood there trying to see his friends but couldn't see them.

He wondered if they were on the back of the train and had to wait for a little while to get out.

He walked closer and he saw them. They looked at him and they walked in the other direction.

Confused Alberto started to follow them. He thought that maybe they didn't see him and as they walked away he said loudly:

"Hey, Luca, Giulia where are you going?"

Both of them turned to look at him uncomfortably.

"It's me, Alberto. Do you not remember me? We raced in the Portorosso last summer."

He said feeling like he was about to cry, as his voice trembled.

"Umm... No? I haven't seen you ever before I and Luca raced together I don't remember anyone else" Giulia said in annoyance with her eyebrows knitted together.

"Luca, do you remember me?" Alberto said trying his hardest not to just run away crying.

"I'm very sorry sir, but I have no idea who you are" Luca mumbled awkwardly.

The three teens stared at each other and then Giulia took Lucas hand and started walking away.

"Come on Luca let's go home before this guy does anything else weird" Giulia whispered at the shorter boy.

Luca nodded as they walked away.

He took one more glimpse at the strange boy and gave him a weirded-out look as he walked away.

Alberto was left standing there as he felt tears run down his face.

He looked around him and everyone was staring at him in disgust.

"Look a sea monster" he heard someone scream.

He felt as the ground under him started to shatter and he fell into darkness seeing all the times he was alone before him.

Alberto was soon in the tower where he lived for most of his life.

He looked around the place as he sloped to the ground and he broke down crying.

He looked up at the wall in front of him.

The wall was covered in white lines.

He curled up with his knees close to his chest he cried like he hadn't in years.

He felt something on his stomach and then something soft on his face.

Alberto shot up sitting in shock as he realized he didn't breathe for a concerning time. He kept coughing and gasping for air as he calmed down.

His heart was beating so fast he was sure you could hear him from another room.

He looked beside him and saw Machiavelli laying on his lap.

Alberto hugged the cat as he sobbed at the nightmare that wasn't going to help his anxiety about Luca and Giulia coming back.

He let go of the feline as he felt calmer.

"Thank you for waking me up. I was having a horrible nightmare I'm glad you woke me up" Alberto whispered with a shaky voice getting a meow back.

Alberto sat with his back against the bed frame and closed his eyes while taking deep breaths.

He turned his head to face the clock to see if he should get up or stay in his room knowing he wasn't able to sleep again.

The clock showed 06.42. It was a little earlier than he usually got up, but it was close enough.

He slid down the mattress and jumped on the ground. Machiavelli followed him to the door and sat there.

Alberto opened the door quietly not being sure if Massimo was already awake.

He stepped into the small hallway and walked to the kitchen to get some water. He wasn't hungry he just wanted to wake himself up.

He remembered that he should go check if his tears were still visible.

Since water-activated his change his tears made his purple scales appear.

He looked around to see if Massimo was around, but didn't see him.

He quickly walked into the bathroom and locked the door.

He looked in the mirror and yep his scales were still there.

He tried to wipe his tears away with his hand.

It took some time for his human form to come back. He stood there looking at his reflection as the scales slowly faded away.

He stepped back to the door and took the knob in his hand.

Alberto took a few breaths and unlocked the entrance.

He jumped back as he almost stepped on Machiavelli. The cat looked at him and kept walking like he didn't almost get injured.

Alberto walked into the kitchen and took a glass out of the cabinet.

He opened the water tap and let the water pour into the glass.

He put the glass on the table and sat down.

He looked at it and took it in his hand.

He took a sip which made him feel a little better.

Alberto almost dropped his glass as he heard a voice behind him.

"Oh, Alberto you're up early"

He turned to face the large man standing behind him.

"Heh, yeah. I woke up and decided I should just get up instead of laying on my bed." He said jokingly.

"Do you want anything to eat?" Massimo asked.

"No water is just fine papa. I'm not hungry and I was just thirsty."

The big man sat next to Alberto making him tense up.

"What's wrong Ragazzo?" He asked in worry.

"W-what do you mean? I'm fine." Alberto lied.

"If everything was fine you wouldn't be crying," Massimo clarified.

"I'm not-" he started as he touched his cheek to realize Massimo was right. He was crying and that made him cry even more.

"Hey, it's okay. Just tell me what's wrong." Massimo asked as he looked at his crying son.

"I-I'm just scared that when Luca and Giulia get back that they won't like me anymore or they won't remember me and that I'll ruin everything." Alberto sobbed as the nightmare came back to his mind.

He felt an arm wrap around him as he confessed everything that he had bottled up.

"You won't ruin anything. They'll still like you I have seen how the three of you are with each other they won't forget you. Luca and you have risked your own lives for each other." He said softly.

"You heard how excited Giulia was about you too being siblings now. She'll be so happy to see you." Massimo said trying to comfort the boy crying against his chest.

They stayed like that for a few minutes but then Alberto pulled away from the hug.

"I'm sorry" Alberto apologized wiping away his tears.

"You know what Alberto?" Massimo said smiling at the small boy.

Alberto looked at his father tilting his head.

"The nervousness about someone coming back after being away for a long time doesn't ever go away. And I'm pretty sure that they are as worried to come back as you are"

Alberto looked at the ground embarrassed at his breakdown and then at Massimo.

"You really think so?" He asked making sure.

Massimo nodded and smiled.

They sat in silence, but then Alberto spoke.

"Grazie papa for making me feel better, I really appreciate it" he finished and grinned.

"That's what I'm here for," Massimo told them got up.

"We should get to work now that we're both awake so we can get more fish."

Alberto also got up and nodded with a small smile.

He was just happy he didn't have to go through these feelings alone again.

He now had a great father... And a cat who were here for him.

And soon he was going to see his friend and sister.

1333 words for the 3rd chapter.

ANGST because I can.

I'm sorry for making our beloved Alberto suffer but I like to project onto characters.

I wanted to make a father-son interaction between them so I included it.

Happy holidays a little late. I'm writing this before Christmas etc, but I'll get the cover picture done later most likely.