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Chapter 17- Hallucinations

Clay POV~

"HURRY UP GEORGE" I scream waiting outside the bathroom door.

"NO! WAIT" He replies. I hear a few things clatter to the floor and a small 'woops' escapes his lips.

"Geooooorge? What have you done now?" I laugh creaking open the door. He stands on the bath mat looking guilty. He's wearing one of my hoodies but by now we were both used to it.

"Nothing" he puts his hands behind his back.

I squint curiously but with a smile on my face.

"George....?" I giggle.

He gives me an evil smile before pushing passed me and out the door.

I shake my head ignoring the fact that he just did something I had no clue of.

I walk into Nick's room to find him half naked searching through the closet. I don't know what happened over the last few days but I was overly comfortable with him.

I smirk at the doorway and he swiftly turns to face.

"Oh hey Clay" he laughs. "You need to stop doing that to me!" He blushes clutching his shirt infront of his chest.

I shake my head.

"Nah it's funny" we both take a moment to stare at eachother. Both our faces dusted with a dark blush and slightly smiling.

"OK.." his voice shakes me out of my trance. But lately I'd been adoring george a bit more then him.

"GET OUT SO I CAN GET DRESSEDD" He pushes me out of the room playfully.


"So..." George leans over the seat of the car. "Where are we headed first?" He asks, looking between me and Nick.

"Wait and see"

George had been asking that question for the last twenty minutes. He was so impatient and Karl groans in the back-seat.

"Ughhh, I can't take it anymore!" He whines. "Clay can we swap spots?"

Sitting next to George wouldn't be too bad actually...

"Uh, sure. When can we stop next Sap?" I ask the gorgeous man beside me. Who seemed to be lost in thought, staring out the window biting his lip.

"Hm? What?" He turns his head to face us, almost skidding off the highway and killing us all.

"Nick!" I exclaim. We meet eye contact and even though it was only for a split second it sends shivers up my spine and I blush.

"Um, when can we stop next?" Karl asks in awe as he stares into Nick's eyes.

"Now" he mutters, pulling over.

I unbuckle my seat belt and open my car door.

We are next to a large field and I see a figure in the distance.

"Clay?" George asks as I begin to head towards it.

"Uh, just wait here. I need to check something out" I say not even turning my head.

I make my way over to the figure. Soon making out the shape of a scrawny boy.

"Hello?" I ask nearing them a bit more, but making sure to keep a short distance.

They look up, tears staining their face and black hair slightly falling into their eyes. He wears an indigo beanie with the simple print 'l.a.f.d' on the front.

He looks up at me scared and hungry.

"Hey, can I help?" I ask reaching a hand out to him. When he sees me his face turns back to neutral and when I lean down to touch him he disappears into thin air.

My eyes widen and I look around the field in horror.

"Clay!" Sapnap calls from the car. "We've decided to book a hotel, we need to get there by twelve!"

I swiftly turn around and head back to the car. My face pale and my throat dry.

I get in the car without saying a word and stare out the window. He's gone.

"Clay?" George grabs my shoulder and rotates me so I'm facing him.

"Yeah?" I ask.

"Are you ok?" I notice how he's moved into the seat next to me. No longer at the window.

"I'm fine" I give a small reassuring smile before grabbing his hand. I didn't do it to show him that I was fine because I wasn't. I did it to calm myself. I knew it wasn't a big deal but I feared there was something wrong with me.

George blushes but squeezes my hand. Finally shuting up and not asking how long we have to go.

He catches me off guard when he puts both our hands under his shirt. He's so  warm and I just wanna sleep.

He rubs the side of my finger. I lean my head on him trying to forget about the strange lost boy, but before I close my eyes I see the scrawny finger in the seat beside George.

My eyes flick open and I pull George away from the seat. He gasps and looks at me confused.

Before I realise nobodies beside him...

"I uh... thought I saw something. Sorry" I apologise still keeping a firm grip on him.

"You can let go now" he says, obviously acknowledging the tight grip on his torso.

I let him go a little bit but not all the way. Afraid I might loose him if I fall asleep.

I finally drift off to him playing with my hair. Basically touching me in anyway (NO NOT THAT WAY).

He traces down my finger, plays with my hair, puts his hand in my shirt and traces my jawline.

I sigh softly letting him do whatever. It was soothing to be touched by George. Even if I wasn't in a relationship with him.


"Hello..." a strange voice from the woods catches my attention and I swing my head up in confusion.

"Hello!?!" I call standing. Where was I and who was that voice. Where's George?

I look around eagerly before realising I'm just in a dream.

I groan.

"Take me baaaack" I whine.

An all too familiar boy walks out from the forest holding Nick on a chain.

"Who are you?" I wasn't worried about his hostage because I knew this was a dream, but when the ravenette pushs him to the floor I gasp and run towards them.

It was the same scrawny boy as before. Eyes like deep pools of honey and an old tattered beanie.

"Hey! Let him go!"

He surprisingly does what I say and walks away. Leaving Sapnap on the floor.

"Nick!" I run down to him.

"Hi Clay... How long have you been out here for?" He asks sort of sounding like he wanted something...

"Uhm I don't know. This is just a dream."

He shows me his wrists, dark ink lining how many days hes been out here. It looked like years.


"But it's ok because I have someone now..." he pushes me down so he's lying on top of me.

"Nick!?" I yell confused. But for some reason I don't push him off. Something not letting me. It was good enough i could control myself on where I walked in this dream so I guess I had to of let something control me. Or maybe I didn't want to push him off...

He kisses me passionately taking me by surprise but I close my eyes just go with it.

"I missed you" he mumbles.

I look slightly away to see the short boy watching us with a neutral expression.

"S-sapnap..." I push his touch starved body off me but when I look properly noones there.

"Oh... nevermind..." I say looking back at him.

We kiss until I feel myself falling asleep and he does to.


"CLAY!" Karl screams from the front seat.

"Wha! Wha?" I ask sitting up.

"Karl! Don't talk to him like that!!" George yells holding the side of my face.

"It's ok Georgie" I say touselling his beautiful hair.

I yawn and walk out, not daring to make eye contact with Sapnap.


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