Dandelions// DNF

Chapter 12- large buildings

Sapnap POV~

Everyone was asleep and I was hungry. I was always hungry though.

I put an extra blanket over Clay and tuck Georges hair behind his ear. Then I walk over to Karl and trace down his jawline. I showed so much love to my bestfriends and I know they loved it.

I walk into the kitchen and swing open the fridge door. Fruit... Eggs... Noodles, yes!

I had been craving noodles so much in the last few days and I didn't even know why.

I boil the pasta and mix in the seasoning quietly, making sure not to wake anyone.

It wasn't even night but they were all out to it on the couch.

I slurp my noodles while watching them at the entrance of the kitchen.

Clay and George had moved so close to eachother that their lips were just inches apart. It was so cute.

I know Clay had had feelings for George for a while but he was starting to act weird around me..

I didn't really think anything of it because he was my bestfriend, but it was quite hard not to.

I look at Karl. He was by himself with noone cuddling him which just made me feel terrible.

I finish my noodles and go lay next to him on the ground. No matter how uncomfortable it was, this was for Karl, not me.

I stroke his hair and his breathing seems to ease from its already calm state. Like he was sighing in content.

I smile down at him and scan his face.

His mouth was partly hanging open and he had a frustrated look on his face.

"Nick?" I see George sit up and look at me.

"Yeah?" I ask politely, sitting up and looking at him aswell.

"I had a bad dream..." He looked like he was on the verge of crying.

"Ok, don't wake Clay but come here" I stand up and hold my arms out for him to hug me, and sure enough he stands up and walks towards me.

I pull him into a big warm hug and he closes his eyes while melting into the hug.

"Its ok" I stroke the back of his hair and he sighs.

"Do you want to talk about it?" I ask, pulling him out of the hug by his shoulders and making eye contact.

He shakes his head and hugs me again.

"Its ok Georgie" I say playing with his hair.

He nods and goes back to Clay. I watch as Clay wraps an arm around him automatically as he lays down.


I had nothing to do now.

I sigh and walk outside. It was starting to get dark but not entirely. I grab the car keys off the bench and walk outside.


The lights illuminate the city and it looks like basically every shop, service and station are open.

But I wasn't here for shopping. I was here for thinking.

I drive down a long windy road until I see it. The large building I go atleast once every week to think and occasionally sleep.

It felt like this was going to beone of the sleeping times.

I pull up out the front and crawl over the fence. It was out of bounds for the city folks but I didn't care.

I start the climb up the many stairs leading to the roof. Busy horns on carsbeep and people chatter outside.

It was quite impressive how I could hear every conversation in here but noone could hear a single thing outside.

I had sent Karl and Clay a text before I left incase they got worried and the only thing I brought was a hoodie and my phone.

I reach the top and slowly open the door.

Bright lights flash before my eyes and I breath deeply. I was finally home.

I lye down on my front and watch all the traffic lights change and cars turning,

Even though it was loud it was still peaceful.

I turn on my side and close my eyes. It felt so cool.

Darkness mixed with the sounds of a busy city. Kind of like falling asleep whilst watching a movie.

This was the only way I could actually fall asleep and that's what annoyed me. I couldn't sleep in my own bed.

I feel myself slowly drift off to sleep.

I knew Clay wouldn't be happy but I was to tired to care.

And before I know it, I'm asleep on a large building in a city..


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