Dandelions// DNF

Chapter 8- Packing for Sapnap

George POV~

I wake up getting held up by Clay. His hairs wet and he's shivering.

"Did you just have a shower?" I ask looking up and into his eyes.

He quickly looks away and nods quickly. I scruff his hair and stand up, heading to the kitchen.

The rain had calmed down but it wasn't completely gone.

I grab my phone off of the bench and check the notifications.

Sapnap 🙄

Where is Clay?!!

George! Answer meee

Is Cly with you?





I swipe away the slight spam and walk back into the loungeroom.

Clay lays on the couch speechless staring out the window.

I sit beside him and place a hand on his side.

"Are you ok?" I ask rubbing him. (LMFAO 😃)

He hums in response and avoids eye contact.

I sigh and hug his torso. He wasn't ok... Stress build up maybe?

"We have to pack today and get going to Sapnaps..."I whisper. I knew hugging him would make him feel atleast somewhat better.

"Yeah..." He agrees. When I look closely I notice his lips are blue.

I touch my thumb to his bottom lip and he looks at me in confusion.

"What are you-"

"Where have you been..." I say in concern.

"N-nowhere!" He tries protesting but I knew he had been out of the house. I didn't know where but his hair was wet and he was acting different.

"Your so cold..." I hug him tighter hoping to warm him up and bring him to his senses.

"I.. Uh, went for a walk..." He lies playing with my hair.

"Where? Into the freezer!?" I sit up and he stops playing with my hair.

"I won't get mad Clay... Just tell me where you went..." my voice cracked half way through the sentence and I looked at him with hurt eyes.

"Fine.. I went and layed in the rain when you were asleep. And I uh... stayed out there for too long. That's why best lips are blue." He finally admits.

"Oh.." I say, slowly laying back down and cuddling his torso.

"Yeah.. Do you want to go get packing?" He asks looking down at me.

"Nah... I'm comfy..." I giggle, slightly tired again.

"Ok... well I'm gonna get up now." He says trying to move.

"Nooooo!" I whine hugging him tighter.

He let's out a sound almost like a moan, getting squeezed to tight and I look up at him with wide eyes.

He blushes and rolls his eyes.

"YOUR SO DIRTY MINDED, GEORGE GET OFF ME" He complains trying to unattach me from him.

But whenever he takes one arm off I attach the other around him again.

Soon he's holding both wrists above and staring at me.

"HA!" He yells in victory.

"noooooooo" I screech.

He sighs and rolls his eyes before standing up, still holding me.

I wrap my legs around his torso and nuzzle my head into his neck. He holds underneath my thighs supporting me up so I don't fall.

"Your light" He remarks.

At first I felt a little bit uncomfortable with his hand placement but after a bit I got used to it and... liked it..? If that makes sense.

When I was held by Clay I felt like I was safe in his arms and nothing could hurt me.

"Where are you taking me?" I mumble into his hoodie.

"The bedroom" He whispers

"AYO" I move my head out from on his neck and look at him.

"GEORGE!!" He yells and drops me on the bed aggressively.

"Ehe" I giggle and scratch the back of my head.

I knew I had a dirty mind, and it was funny having a dirty mind when your bestfriends are Clay, Sapnap, Karl and BadBoyHalo.

"Pick me uuup" I yell. He cooes but ignores me and starts piling clothes into a random suitcase under my bed.

"No" He smirks and keeps packing.

I scowl at him in mock pout before standing up and crossing my arms.

"Oop- someone's moody..." He laughs as he zips up the suitcase.

"Someone's a dick" I hum before walking over to the suitcase and pushing him out of the way when he tried to intervene. "Go away" I scowl pretending to be annoyed.

"Awhh does Georgie want me to pick him uppp?" He giggles.

His smile fades when he looks over to see I'm glaring at him.

"Aw Georgiiie." He walks over to me and before I can do anything he scoops he up and nuzzles his head into my chest.

"Stoooop" I did not  him to stop. He was so cute when he was being playful (😭💀✋)

"I know you don't want me to.." He practically reads my mind.

I'm silent for a few seconds before he takes me over to the window.

"I'm gonna drop you out the windooooow" He teases.

"No-no please don't Clay!" I claw at his back (LMFAO😭 NOT IN A WEIRD WAY💀) he puts me further out the window, threatening to drop me.

I close my eyes and put my head in his neck.

"I would never do that to you, kitten!" He chuckles putting me back down.

"YOU SO WOULD" I argue.

"Yeah, your right. I would.." He admits innocently.

"I wanna see Sapnap" He breaks the comfortable silence after a bit.

"Yeah... me too" I agree. "We should leave this afternoon." I say standing up and walking out.

I see him nod and drag the suitcase out behind us.


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