Teen Wolf (S1)

Chapter one: New Girl

My alarm went off, I woke to a pounding on my window. Stiles Stilinski, my childhood best friend. "Bonnie! Get the hell out of there! We're gonna be late?!" he yelled loud enough so I could hear it through the glass. "Jeez stilinski, I'm coming!" I called out hoping my dad wouldn't hear.

I ran downstairs in a hurry collecting her stuff, managing to grab a slice of bread before I left. Stiles jeep was parked outside my house. Now, I'm not gonna sugar coat this but his jeep was the most worthless, piece of crap I'd ever seen. It had duck tape all across the engines a broken metal bat in the boot, god knows what that was for, stiles nor his dad ever played any batting sports. I jumped into the passenger seat, with a stressed stiles looking me up and down. "What?" I asked, "Have you seriously gone ginger?" he said chuckling to himself. "Oh shove off, I think I look like a young Molly Wringwald. No?" I joked in a fake British accent. "Let's just go, before your dad sees us!" We left the drive way and about 10 minutes later they arrived at school.

"Ugh I have not missed this" I said disgusted looking towards the school, "That makes two of us" a voice came from behind. "SCOTT!!" I screeched. "BONNIE!!" he screeched back, mocking me "YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED LAST NIGHT!" he yelled with pure excitement. "What?!!" "I saw a dead body!" he impatiently waited for my reaction, I was stood there in shock for a few minutes, "YOU SAW A WHAT?!" I yelled almost the whole school heard me "you saw a what?!" this time quietly. "I know! Crazy right?" stiles said. "And you knew?!" "Look honestly this is the best thing that ever happened to this town!" he said proudly almost like he was gloating for doing absolutely nothing. "apart from the birth of Lydia martin, you look like you're gonna ignore me again." Lydia Martin. The queen bee of this school, stiles has had a crush on her since 3rd grade. I mean, she is gorgeous there's no denying it, but still she was bossy, rude and to be honest a bit of a bitch. Of course stiles was completely oblivious to all of this. The bell rang, they followed each other into their first class.

Halfway through the lesson a girl walked in. The new girl, man she was drop dead gorgeous or so they all thought. Her name was Allison Argent, as the principal announced to there class. She sat behind of Scott as he passed her a pen from in front, he was obviously in love with her already. She smiled softly at Scott, his eyes lit up with joy. Scott was already head over heels for Allison.

Around 30mins later the bell rang again, Stiles, me and Scott all had a free period, the boys decided to use this time to do their Lacrosse tryouts, but before they left to the field we all saw Allison by her locker suddenly bombarded by Lydia and her little fan club. A girl walked up to Stiles, Scott and I, "How is it that the new girl has a only spent 30 minutes here and is already hanging out with Lydia's clique" she asked sounding more annoyed than stiles did when he saw Lydia with Jackson. "Because she's hot" I suddenly blurted out. Stiles silently agreeing, "Hot people herd together" I pointed out, which is why I was mainly known for being the no filtered one, I always said what was on her mind whether people liked it or not.

We went on talking for another 10 minutes or so until Scott had finally found his kit and walked into the boys changing room. I waited outside on the bleachers for them, Allison sat beside her. "Hey! I'm allison!" she said breaking the silence. "Hi, I'm Bonnie." I said, god no wonder Scott liked Allison, she's perfect. "Who are you watching?" Allison asked, I could 100% tell she was trying desperately to keep a conversation going. "I'm watching for Stiles and Scott, as per usual, and you?" I asked, now intrigued as to what she was doing next to me. "Oh um no one I don't know anyone well enough! I just thought you looked a bit you know... lonely?" Allison said, sounding like she genuinely cared about me. "Oh well, thanks I guess" I said with a slight awkwardness in my tone. Lydia walked up to them. "Hey Allison, hey um Bella? Is it?" she said, knowing that it wasn't my actual name. "Close! It's actually Bonnie!" Allison exclaimed, not realising that Lydia was just being, well, Lydia. She smiled softly and then then we all watched as the boys marched onto the pitch thinking they had a shot against the Seniors.