Wild And Wicked

04 | Contract, Engagement, marriage and pregnancy. What is next?



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"No. It's you who is getting married."

"I am sorry? I didn't quite hear you. Care to say that again?" I snorted, not believing the words that came out of his mouth.

"We don't have a choice, Kataleya." Nicolas tiredly said.

"Wait, we? There's no we here. It's you. and Yes, you have a choice. You just choose to overlook it." I hissed. There was never we in this business. It's always him and his business. Not us. I wasn't included when I should have been, but now? Bullshit!

"I can't get married! For fuck sake, I am already engaged." Nicolas yelled in frustration. But he was not the only person frustrated.

"Wow! I can't believe it. Why do you have a choice? What if I too already have someone I want to spend my life with? Whom would have been your scapegoat? Xena? Gael?" With how frustrated and angry I was getting with each passing second, I tried not to lose control.

Because, I know it won't be good. Not for Nicolas at least.

"Xena was the one I approached first. But." Nicolas confessed, but stopped himself from saying anything further.

I can't believe it. Does he even see us as his siblings or are we just some people sharing the same blood line?

"But what? Huh? So, since Xena refused you decided to ruin Kataleya's life? You piece of shit!" Gael finally lost it. The anguish which radiates off him, it was scary. But not to me, I've seen worse.

"I am pregnant. That's why." Xena yelled shocking both Gael and I.

“You are fucking what?” I asked, not believing my ears.

“I am pregnant. And, I am already engaged to the father of my child. I was about to tell you, but then Nicolas approached me. I am sorry.” Xena apologized.

Her eyes were covered with a watery layer making her eyes shine. She was trying to hold her tears and not let them fall.

Even though my instincts were warning me since long, I never expected to get shoved with so many things. Contract, Engagement, marriage and pregnancy. What is next?

“It's not your fault Xena. It's someone else's. And, I am happy for you. Congratulations.” I assured her because it wasn't her fault. And hell I will let her blame herself for something she is innocent.

“Kataleya, I have no choice. I didn't sign the fucking contract. I too had no idea about it until now. I am really guilty for asking you to marry someone, but there's no other way.” Nicolas explained.

As my anger subsided a little, I can say it wasn't anyone's fault but of the two dead old women. I can't even refuse or it will be Gael who will have to marry. And, I won't ever let that happen.

If the contact breaks, knowing Nicolas he won't give up to the penalty of breaking the pact, it will lead to the war between the two Mafias. Which will put all of us under the fire. And now that Xena is pregnant and Gael too have a life ahead of us, it leaves me with no choice but to get married.

After contemplating for few minutes, I finally decided.

“Fine. I will marry the guy.” As the words left my mouth, Gael had disbelief visible on his face.

“Are you kidding me? Why are you giving up so easily? He can't force you to get married. You have the power to say no.” Gael showed his disagreement in his words, but I signaled him to keep quiet by putting a finger on my lips.

“You can't believe how grateful I am to you. Thank you.” Relieved, are we? Not so soon brother.

“You are grateful way too soon brother. I said I will get married. But only on one condition.” I smirked.

If I am giving something up, why not at least do it by profiting myself?

“What condition?” Nicolas asked appearing wary of what I'm about to say.

“Well, I see your business is doing great. Making huge profits, I see.” I started, placing my one leg over the other.

“Now I can say it's the Kataleya I know. I am liking what you are doing.” Gael smirked at me knowing very well what I'm thinking.

“What are you saying? What's the condition?” Xena was curious, and so was Nicolas but he was anxious too.

“You see, I want 40% shares ownership of the Hernández Corp.”

The look on the faces of both my siblings make me want to laugh. Their eye socket popped out as if I asked something impossible.

“You are kidding us? 40% shares? How about I name the whole corporation under you?” Nicolas scoffed.

“If you insist, I definitely won't mind.” I retorted.

“Kataleya can't you ask for something else? Why does it have to be the Hernández Corp? If you want money I can have many other business under you!” He exclaimed.

“I am saving your whole empire and yet your greedy ass is hesitating to give me not even the half ownership of the Hernández Corp? It's not like I am asking for all the branches.” Clicking my tongue, I shook my head in disappointment.

Before he can say anything, I said further.

“If you don't give me the ownership then get married yourself. Because, I will only marry after I see the Corp under my ownership.”

“Nicolas, it is the least you can do. Just do as she's saying. She's saving our lives for the sake of devil!” Gael sided with me and Xena too nodded in agreement.

“I guess everyone agrees with me brother. So, what's your decision? Do you want me to marry or not?” The sly smirk on my face irked Nicolas as I can see him gritting his teeth in annoyance.

Someone is annoyed, huh? I am too. I mean I'm getting married to the stranger. But at least I will have 40% shares.

“Fine. I will get the papers ready and name the branch in America under your name.” He gave in and the satisfaction of winning filled me.

I lost something but gained another thing. So, it will work.

“But, you will be getting married by the end of this week.”


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