Wild And Wicked

01 | Home Sweet Home

Kataleya Hernández:

“I gave you one work; yet, You failed!

Do you know how much important this was?” I was fuming. And with every passing second, the fury inside me was increasing.

“Boss, I a-apologize. I didn't intend this.” He apologized, stuttering.

“Your apology won't undo the loss! The damage has already been done.”

I gritted the words out.

“Leave now!” Dismissing him, I made myself comfortable in my chair.

I picked up a file, which contained information about the latest project from our fashion team and its pros and cons. But, before I could have a look, frustration passed through me at the fact that he was still standing here.

“Mr. Walsh? Why are you still here? I told you to leave.” I asked, trying to keep my voice calm.

“Ms. Hernández, your brother contacted. He asked me to inform you that your presence is needed back at home. They will be waiting for your arrival today.” He stated, earning a nod from me.

“Prepare my jet. I will leave for the airport in the early afternoon. Cancel all the meetings of today and tomorrow,” I announced.

“Yes, boss.” He replied, before leaving.

“He may make mistakes sometimes, but he's a good assistant.” I whispered to myself.

Kevin Walsh. He has been my assistant for more than a year now.

Just like the meaning of his name, he is handsome. His personality is everything a woman looks for, caring, gentle and humorous.

He is hardworking and pays attention to work, more than himself. That's the only reason, he still has this job.

Closing the file, I pick my mobile from the table and dialed his number.

The bell ringed twice, before the call was picked.

“Leya?” He spoke.

“I am flying to Spain today. Handle everything while I'm gone.” I informed him.

“Hey! That's not fair. I am supposed to be on vacation.” He whined.

“Listen here, you sweaty roach! You owe me thrice. I was the one who looked after your company, while you were busy partying. Now, return me the fucking favor and handle my work.” I hissed, earning a groan from him.

“Why am I friends with you? All you do is bully me!” He breathed out.

“I never said we are friends.” I retorted, and the other line went silent.

“Hey. We have been friends since high school, how dare you disrespect our friendship?” Leave it to him, to exaggerate every single thing.

Elias Garcia. He is the epitome of goofiness and the chill one in our friends circle. The guy is a rich brat, but not a spoiled one. He grew up with a silver spoon, yet at the same time, he worked for it.

On the one hand, he is cheerful and being dramatically cute is his thing. While, on the other hand, he is serious and cold in business. A great competition to his rivals.

He and I have been friends since the high school's days, along with two more humans. Austin Miller and Iris Michel.

Austin is American, but his ethnicity is East Asian. He is a cardiologist, and owns a hospital. He is the crack head of our group.

Next comes Iris Michel. She is a mixed race. Her mother is from Greece, while her father is an Afro-American. She is another crackhead, and the fashionista among us. The girl is a real beauty, both inside and out.

“You are giving me a headache.” I murmured.

“You always have a headache, not a big deal. So, where are you going?” I can see him shrugging his shoulder while telling me, it's not a big deal.

“Brother dearest has asked for my presence.” I answered, the sarcasm dripping down my words.

“Wow, there's going to be a hell lot of tea to spill when you will be back” He cackled, making me annoy further with his loud laughter.

“Let's just hope my anger issues don't get triggered.” I sighed.

Since my birth, I had inherited from my father, IED.

It is an anger disorder. In this disorder, a person is filled with unwanted rage, and can explode their anger on anyone without being provoked. In simple words, they have problem controlling their anger and can relieve it on anyone.

My IED became worse after the death of my parents. They both died in a fire. They were in a hotel, enjoying their vacation. But somehow, the building they were in caught fire. They died there. Leaving us, four siblings, alone. I was 15 at that time.

Of my siblings, the eldest, is my brother. Nicolas Hernández. He had turned twenty at that time. Now, he is thirty-one.

After him is my sister, Xena Hernández. She's 28. A freaking pain in the arse. But, somehow, have a soft corner in my heart.

After her is me. The third child. Twenty-six years old, Kataleya Hernández. I was the apple of my parent's eyes. Only if I wasn't, life would have been much easier. Working as a CEO of a well-known corporation is not easy, specially as an anonymous one. There isn't a particular reason why I decided to work like this. There were many and to save myself from the consequences, this appeared to me as the best solution.

Moving on.

I was supposed to be the last child, but, during my parents' intimacy session, the condom broke and again our family was blessed with another human. My little brother, Gael Hernández. A 21-year-old, hot headed punk, whom I raised myself.

After the death of our parents, my two elder siblings didn't have the time for me and my brother. They just cared enough to make sure we had everything we needed. Materialistically, of course. The affection, not even a little. Children at the young age requires a lot and a lot of affection and attention, specially when they did not have their parents to provide them that. But, our siblings were busy in grieving over the death of our parents, during which they forgot they weren't the only one who lost their parents.

Gael was 10 at that time, and he needed someone, and that someone turned out to be me. I helped him in studying. I was the one who make sure he was eating the proper meals. Whenever he would cry, It was me who consoled him. From playing with him during the day to read him a story while tucking him in the bed at night, it was all me. But, I am proud of myself for raising him well. Because of me, he became the way he is, and that makes me proud.

Leaving a deep sigh after remembering some memories, I paid attention to the file, engaging myself in the project information.

After a little while, I had jotted down the points which can be used to improve the project and some areas which can be worked upon to achieve better results.

The intercom buzzed. I pressed the button, and Kevin's voice spoke, “Good Afternoon, Boss. The flight is ready, and it's time to leave for the flight.”

“Already? I must be working too deep, to have lost the track of the time.” I whispered to myself, before walking out the office with the file in my hand.

“Here! Send this to the fashion team. Tell them there is still so much to improve. A little more efforts and it will be perfect.” I stated, placing the file on Kevin's table.

“Yes boss. The paparazzi are still crowding the entrance, so the car is waiting for you in the parking lot.” I nodded, acknowledging what he said.

“Here” He passed me a face mask. Putting it on, I scoffed at the never-ending tries of paparazzi trying to capture me. Keep trying, it's not like I'll be revealing myself anytime soon.

“It better be important because I'm flying back home leaving so much work behind” The thought ran through my mind, as I stepped inside an elevator, waiting impatiently for it to reach the parking lot.

As soon as I stepped outside the elevator, I saw my driver standing outside the car waiting for me.

“Good Afternoon, Ms. Hernández.” He wished, opening the back door for me. And closed it, after I was seated.

“How was your day, Mr. Williams?” I questioned. Shawn Williams is in his early 40s. Married to her humble wife, Martha Williams. She works as the housekeeper. A lovely couple, I would define them as. Unfortunately, they don't have any kids. Due to some problems, Martha can't conceive. Though, I think they're considering adoption; Whatever makes them happy.

“I am fine, Ms. Hernández. May I ask where are you going?” He questioned, looking confused. Must be because of the sudden decision of flying to another country.

“Well, I am going to visit home sweet home.”


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