𝐝𝐬𝐦𝐩 𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐟𝐞𝐫𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐞𝐬

- first dates -

Not dating yet!!!


Minecraft date obv

He had George and sapkin plan everything

And then he took you around the dsmp and then you guys kissed at the end (still in mc lmao)

George and sapnap were just in a discord call together commenting on everything he did


He took you on a walk around the city/town/neighborhood

You guys held hands 0//0

Took you to a lil aesthetic cafe

Then you went to this secret pathway

Where he had made his friends decorate it so that it was cute

And there were Polaroids that you guys had taken together

And then he kissed you


You posted it on your ig and everyone freaked out

You didn't kiss at the end, but you both jokingly went in for one (this reminds me of when tbs and Dylan o Brien were on set for the maze runner and there's that one clip of them about to kiss lmao)

You both blushed loads after that


It was a date in his house cuz he didnt wanna go out

He decorated it with fairy lights and flowers

Made it super romantic

Skeppy was spamming him the whole time to annoy him


He was just really giddy for the whole time

You guys went to an arcade

And you got food together

And then you kissed his cheek at the end and he was flustered


It was just like you guys were hanging out

But much more flirting

He leaned in for a kiss

And you quickly got your phone out and took a picture

He was super embarrassed

But then you kissed his forehead


It was over discord

He was trolling you by making you think that he was trolling you when he wasn't trolling you

If that makes sense lmao

Was a real gentleman

Very nice


In Minecraft

He actually made it like a real date

And he coded random shit

But it was actually pretty cute

And when something went wrong he would get super embarrassed but you would comfort him


Made flower chains with you

Kissed your pinky when you both intertwined it

Just very wholesome



t Was super chaotic

Like she fell off her chair multiple times

And y'all were just doing the RANDOMEST shit

Idk why that got in all caps but okay 😀


There were a loaf of fans so you had to deal with that

But they left you alone

And then he took you to his favourite little secret places

You both go there a lot now


Hi! I'm not going to be including slimecicle now.

As much as I love him he's pretty hard to write for

Sorry about that <3