One World Away

Chapter 15 Project

"Ugh! I'm so tired of this!" Dahlia whined exhaustedly, seating herself next to Aris for their first class of the day. A near week had passed since Iris visited their lunch table, today being Monday the 24th, and ever since then. . . the brunette and Claire had been the center of attention. The sheer amount of students who had come to the duo seeking any kind of information on Iris was overwhelming, even the elated Claire getting annoyed very quickly. It calmed down as the week progressed, the students realizing they wouldn't get much of anything from the girls, but there were still an uncomfortable amount of stragglers. . .

"Um, you're Dahlia Sarah, right?" A random kid asked, only to be met by the girl's annoyed stare.

"Forgive my manners, but if you're about to ask about Iris Scarlet, I know nothing!" She was very clear on the matter, the boy deflating and walking away. "Geez, how does your sister handle all this?!" The artist asked her friend with a sigh.

". . . I don't know." Aris replied blankly. The brunette simply slammed her head on the table. "You do that a lot." The ravennette pointed out.

"I know. . ." Dahlia comically cried before rising up and taking a deep breath, her cheery mood returning to her. "Okay, enough sulking me!" She built herself up. . . only for class to bring her right back down.

"I hope you all studied the contents of last week's lessons. You'll need for them that project I mentioned. . ." Ms. Vale announced, groans ringing out as Dahlia's forehead found itself against her desk. "Shut it." And shut it they did, the woman lowering her glare and lifting up a stack of worksheets. She began to walk around the classroom while handing them out "Allow me to explain. Each of are you to create a narrative story. It's length is to be at least five pages, must include each of the literary devices listed on this worksheet, and must actually be readable. The worksheet also has a few story ideas for those of whom are. . . less than creative." Her eyes wandered to the troublemakers in the back, each of them shivering as she moved on. "Also, I do hope you all choose someone reliable for your partner. . ."

Partner. Within a single instant, conversations had risen and Dahlia felt an uncomfortable amount of looks her way. . . Luckily, she already had someone in mind.

"Hey Aris. . . Would you like to be my partner?" His bright blue irises rose up from the worksheet and met the girl's dark hazel.

". . . Yes." Aris decided with a small nod. The brunette smiled happily, letting out a sigh of relief, completely oblivious to the disappointed sighs coming from a few of her classmates.

"You have the rest of the period to plan and begin. This is due on Friday. . . Oh and. . . keep it quiet." Valory firmly commanded before retreating to her desk and quietly observing her students. The Narrative Writing Project had officially begun. . .

"Okay um. . . I was kind of out of it last week because of all the attention your sister. . . gave me. . ., so can I see your notes?" The artist requested shamefully, brightening as her partner slid his notebook toward her. She opened up to what she needed as Aris continued to scan the worksheet, both committing what they read to memory.

"This is simple." The boy commented at random, the brunette gaping at him as she cycled between looking at him and the perfect notes within his notebook.

"I think you might have a knack for writing." Dahlia laughed nervously, doubting her own intelligence very much.

". . . Maybe." Aris raised his pencil wrote their names on the worksheet, filling in the date and block number as well. He then glossed over the various ideas. Curious, Dahlia leaned over and glanced at them as well. . .

"Those look like they were ripped straight from an anime. . ." The girl murmured, the ravennette blankly nodding. An alien arriving on Earth as a baby and becoming one of the strongest warriors in the universe, a baby having a demon fox sealed inside him and overcoming his mistreatment to become a hero, a man who trained so hard he turned bald and became the one above all, and so on. . .

"Which one should we pick?" Aris inquired, ready to mark the one his partner picked.

"Actually. . . I wanted to try and come up with one ourselves." The brunette waited with baited breath as her friend pondered her request.

"Okay. What did you have in mind?" Despite wanting to come up with something original, the girl had no idea where to begin.

"Um. . . L-Let's think about that later! Right now, let's see if we actually know everything that needs to be in it." She laughed it off as the ravennette simply nodded and directed them to the list of requirements. Double entendres, idioms, metaphors, similes, active sentencing, dialogue, synonyms, and so on we're under the grammar section. Under the format section were the choices of narrative such as flashback, in medias res, chronological, circular, etcetera. The various types of protagonists were also listed in their own box. "O-Okay, that's a lot. . ."

"Chronological would be the easiest. As for protagonists, scapegoat, proto-feminist, and lover would be easiest." The boy explained while marking each of them as maybes.

"Um. . . Let's try flashback. We can probably come up with something fun from that." Dahlia decided, the ravennette checking it and crossing out the other choices. "As for protagonist. . . Um. . . maybe. . . Ugh! I'm not cut out for this!" She groaned as her distaste for literature only grew. However, that was not going to stop her from trying her absolutely best. . . Right as she opened her mouth yo voice her decision. . . it was made for her.

"Then, we'll do transcendent hero. The character could reflect on their past self using the flashback." Aris reasoned thoughtfully. Shock would be a complete and utter understatement of what Dahlia was experiencing. She thought that being his partner would be difficult, but this was. . . a cakewalk! She smiled proudly for her friend and nodded twice.

"Transcendent hero it is!" The brunette declared cheerfully! As she began to think of a few ideas, her partner eyed the clock.

"We won't have time to finish. I also doubt Ms. Vale will give us much time to do it in class besides today. . ." The ravennette mumbled monotonously.

"Oh. . . That might be a problem." Dahlia hummed as she pondered how to handle it. Her lips curled into a small smile as she snapped her fingers. "Why don't we meet up at my place? I'm sure my mom wouldn't mind picking you up." The boy's eyes widened slightly, at the idea. . . "So, what do you say?"

"Okay." His voice was quiet, but it was all she needed to hear to know he was delighted.

"I'll shoot her a text. You should probably ask your parents if you can come."


Dahlia- Hey Mom

Mom- Yes sweetie?

Dahlia- We just got a partner project in literature Do you mind if I bring Aris home so we can do it there?

Mom- Bringing your boyfriend home already?!

Dahlia- MOM

Mom- 😂 It's okay, Dahlia. As long as his parents are okay with it, I don't mind. I'll be sure to cook up something nice!

Dahlia- *sighs* Thanks mom

Mom- Does he need a ride?

Dahlia: I think so

Mom- Done

Dahlia- Thanks again

Mom- Anything for you, Dahlia.

     "The light is green! She even offered to let you stay for dinner!" The brunette relayed.


Aris- I need to go to my partner's house for a literature project.

Dad- Do you need a ride?

Aris- No. I will need someone to pick me up though, around 8 o'clock.

Mom- I'll be there. Have fun

     "I can go." The ravennette notified, seemingly satisfied.

     "Well then, tonight is going to a blast!"

*Hours Later - Courtyard*

     "That sounds boring as hell." Claire sweatdropped as the excited Dahlia deflated.

     "I think it'll be fun." She replied meekly. The day had come to a close, and all that remained was the wait for Amber Sarah to arrive.

     "I had Ms. Vale last semester, and I know that she a total bitch. I refuse to believe anything she assigns is 'fun'." The blonde's face scrunched in disgust.

     "I don't think she's bad at all. I just don't like the subject." The brunette sighed.

     "Whatever. Have fun with Aris." The blue-eyed girl began to walk away.

     "Hey, where are you going?" The artist questioned suspiciously, the girl in question rolling her eyes.

     "Walking home. It's far, so I have to get going. . ." Claire's voice was. . . distant. By the time Dahlia reached out to ask what was wrong, the third party was already too far.

     "I hope she's okay. . ." She whispered. At the honk of a car, Dahlia's eyes landed on her mother's car. . . With a smile, she grabbed Aris's hand and tugged him along! "Come on, it's time!"

     "Do we have to run?" He asked blankly.

     "Yes, yes we do!"

As he was pulled toward the car, Aris felt the feeling he recognized as joy rise up once more. . . .