One World Away

Chapter 5 Sunday

Dahlia Sarah felt a small tickle run up her stomach. . . before something crashed onto it! She gasped awake, wheezing as she saw her little sister laying over her gut while laughing!

"Good morning, sis!" Chrysanthemum chanted as she hopped off the brunette, who was still gasping for air. When she did finally catch her breath, her dark hazel eyes met her sister's. . .

"You little witch! Get back here!" Dahlia chased Chrys all over their small home, which was now devoid of cardboard boxes and neatly and nicely organized and decorated. They had spent all of Saturday unpacking and fixing up their new home so that it would actually be 'home'. Eventually, the sisters circled one another around the dinner table!

"Ha! You can't catch me!" The blonde laughed hysterically as her older sister grit her teeth!

"Mark my words, Chrys! I'll make you pay!" Suddenly, the little girl squeaked and quieted! The fifteen year old smiled before feeling a chill run up her spine. . .

"Ahem. . ." Their mother had been woken up. . . Two resounding smacks rang out, and both girls sat silently at the table with a red hand print on one cheek each.

"Sorry. . ." They murmured in unison as Aster shook her head and moved to the kitchen.

"Kids these days." She mumbled as she began to cook up breakfast. Soon, the three were at the table, the slap marks having faded as the three began to eat.

"So. . . What are we doing today?" The oldest daughter asked nervously, worried that the mother was still mad from being rudely awakened.

"I. . . was hoping to get to the know the area." The woman raised. Her youngest daughter immediately 'ooh'ed!

"Ooh, I love exploring! Let's do it!" Chrysanthemum voted cheerfully, her mood turning in an instant. The mother turned to her other child, who simply shrugged.

"Let's go for it. . . ."

*Moments Later*

The Sarah family were in their winter dress and within their car, driving around the closest shopping center. It really wasn't all that different from their old home, but there was of course one very key difference. . .

     "Cold! Cold! Cold!" Chrys shivered from even inside the car. The heart and seat warmers were high up, but the outside temperature was just no on their side.

     "Jesus Mary, the weather here is insane." Aster complained as they hit a stoplight.

     "Yeah. . . I don't get how Aris could handle this." Dahlia murmured as she hugged herself. She failed to realize something that her mother and sister more than just picked up on.

     "Huh? Who's Aris?" The kindergartener wondered.

     "Oh right, I forgot I never said anything about him." The elder sister realized, the woman beginning to smirk as the light turned green.

     "Oooh. . . Him?"


     "You got a boyfriend on your first day!" Aster whooped as the car sped up! It took exactly one single millisecond for Dahlia's entire being to become crimson.

     "WHAT?!?!? NO!" The fifteen year old objected strongly in defiance and embarrassment! "Yes, he's a boy! I only know him because I had to follow him around!"

     "Aww, already stalking him."

     "STOP IT!!!!!!!!!" Dahlia begged, somehow turning even redder! "I just needed help getting around the school!"

     "Your boyfriend helped you not get lost!" Her little sister argued, a cry leaving the young brunette's mouth!


     "Oh come on, Dahlia. There's nothing wrong with having a boyfriend." Aster assured before deadpanning as her daughter slammed her head on the dash.

     "MOM. . . STOP!" The older brunette held back her laugh while the little girl stifled her own.

     "Okay. Just know that if you ever need some advice, mommy has you covered!"

     The next frustrated scream echoed.

*Hours Later*

     The shopping center had just about everything they could possibly need. A supermarket, clothes stores, supply stores, decor stores, a mall, the list goes on. The three went window shopping, exploring with childlike exuberance through some stores with the elder two committing some places to memory. The area also had an abundance of different restaurants, which brought the Sarahs to a a pizza place. They got a medium sized pepperoni pizza, but what they received was much bigger than they anticipated.

"Jesus Mary. . ." The brunettes murmured at once while the blonde salivated. After the first few bites, the three were in love.

     "I'll take the damn cold if this is the food I get!" Aster exclaimed before completely forgetting she was the adult and eating to her heart's content.

     "Sho good!" Chrysanthemum spoke with her mouth full, hardly able to contain herself. Dahlia donned a small smile before wordlessly digging in herself. . .

     And soon, the remnants of the pizza were just a few crumbs.

     "Moving here has been the best decision in my life. . ." A more than satisfied Aster muttered as she rubbed her belly.

     "I think I ate too much. . ." Chrys then burped loudly and covered her mouth. A soft sigh left her older sister's mouth.

     "That was nice. . ." The fifteen year old commented as she relaxed and leaned back in her seat. They sat their in silence for a few moments, simply enjoying the presence of one another as they let the food settle.  The food here was certainly better than from where they came from. . . Before long, the trio has returned to the car and were on their way home.

     "If this is how this place looks while covered in snow, I'm genuinely curious to see what it looks like during the summer." The mother voiced her thoughts. The girls couldn't help but align their own with here. The place was indeed beautiful, even if they weren't the biggest fans of snow, they couldn't deny that. It was definitely more luxurious than their old home, and Dahlia didn't really know how to feel about that. . .

     It was a pretty drastic shift. They used to live in a rural area, not a lot of people around nor was there much that could be considered 'luxurious'. Their new house wasn't much of a change, as their old house was pretty small too, but the atmosphere was different. It felt. . . almost cramped. Back home, things were open, spaced out, gave her space to breathe. The brunette had felt free. . . but here, she felt almost restrained. The girl wasn't shy, she did get a bit nervous around new people, but everything just felt so foreign. . . and there was just so much of it all.

     However. . . despite how she felt, Dahlia couldn't say she didn't have fun with her mom and little sister. Aster and Chrysanthemum were her world and the odd feelings of a new home were not going to change that. . . Besides, she figured she'd get used to things in due time anyway. . . .

*Sarah Household*

     Once the three girls got home, they enjoyed the nice heat of their small house and thoroughly enjoyed the hot chocolate the mother prepared for them. Once they were all warmed up, they split to do their own things. Chrysanthemum played in her room, Aster watched TV in the living room, and Dahlia found herself within her own room and sat at her desk. Atop it was a collection of art supplies and her sketchbook. With a pencil in hand, and music at the ready, the brunette got to work.

Her pencil dashed across the page, the graphite lightly trailing behind the tip and taking form on the paper. The light hearted music echoed through her room, the brunette humming to the tune as her hand swirled back and forth. She never grew tired, and she never got annoyed. Her mind was resting, and she was letting her heart lead her hand. Shapes formed, lines connected, and the draft was completed. Swapping to a marker pen, the fifteen year old went over all of the pencil with ink, her hand tensing up in order to stay steady. Soon, the gray was replaced with sleek black. It was now time to add some color. . . A cylinder jam packed with markers was pulled onto the table and the girl picked her color scheme. . .

The tips of her markers dragged along the paper, the color spreading across the white page. Her humming had turned to soft singing, the hint of British in her accent adding a unique beauty to her voice. . . In time, her drawing was finished. She paused her music and took a look at the drawing, a smile appearing on her lips. A woman with flowing, luscious brown hair, dressed in silver, walked through the sparkling snowflakes that fell from the heavens

"Not bad, me."

"Got that r-"

"AHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Dahlia screamed as she leaped out of her chair and onto her bed! "M-Mom?! How long have you been there?!" Aster had been standing right behind her.

"Oh, not that long. I just heard the voice of an Angel and couldn't help but come and check it out." The woman explained with a very apparent smirk. Her daughter flushed red and averted her gaze. . .

"M-My singing isn't th-that good." The girl stuttered timidly. In general, she wasn't shy, but when it came to presentations of any sort, she had serious stage freight. . .

"Who are you kidding? You literally sound like an Angel!" Aster declared confidently, the girl seemingly shrinking.

"Mom. . ." Dahlia mumbled. The mother sighed and turned to the desk, her own dark hazel eyes locking on the drawing.

"Is that. . . me?" She wondered, a smile forming as she glanced to her eldest daughter.

"Uh. . . Yeah?" The fifteen year old's eyes widened as Aster ruffled her hair.

"Thanks for making me look pretty. Goodnight, Dahlia. . ." The darkness outside their home was suddenly apparent to the girl as she watched her mother disappear into the hall. . .

"Goodnight mom!" The girl cleaned up her things and shut off her lights. She pulled out her phone and laid on her bed, tucking herself in as she pulled up her contacts. . . Her old friends had asked her how things were thus far. She gave them basic replies, mostly because it reminded her of something else. . . She'd have to consciously try and make some friends tomorrow. Despite that, she smiled and shut her phone off.

It was a problem for tomorrow's Dahlia.