A Losers Harem

chapter 8

" Hey, president. Thanks but to be honest." I look at her with a smile on my face. "I don't need to be with anyone, I'm already okay with being alone. Besides if she's with you shes way out of my league." "Why do you do that?" She asks.

I look at her with a stupid confused look. "Your a nice guy, your funny, kind, and you can see past what people are. Don't you think you deserve better for your self?" I pause for a moment and think. "Well sure but with so many other more assertive guys in the world I'll end up alone." She looks at me.

"Well to be honest I don't like assertive men. When a guy tries to boss me around it pisses me off, besides when every one here treats you like royalty its nice to have someone how treats you like a normal person." We both laugh then drink the now cooled tea. After I finish I set the cup down and get up to leave, but I'm surprised to find her tugging on my sleeve. "Wait. I still...want to talk."

I sit back down next to her. "Sure as long as I'm away from mio I'm good." I say with sarcastic tone. "Well...um...how do you feel about me?" I laugh nervously, "on well your kind,sweet and will always listen to people and to top it of you've got big Brest."

She raises an eyebrow at me. "I mean no that I ever looked just a rumor I've herd, Ha-ha." I laugh nervously like it was a joke. She looks at me flustered then looks down at her chest for a few seconds. "H-hey I didn't mean to offend you! I'm sorry about the last part..."

She looks back up at me, "do you really like my chest?" She stairs intently at me. Careful as not to offend her I say "w-well um. . . I never stare at it like others but, it. . . dose look nice on you." "What dose that even mean idiot." I think to my self as I look away from her as to hide my blushing face from her. She lets out a light smile.

"You know lots of people have said that to me, but when you say it I fell. . .special. Half of the guys here think all women love bulging muscles or a stupidly high I.Q, and the other half is so perverted that all they do is peep at us. Then there's this one boy who is neither, he's not a roid moron or a big headed jerk off. To be honest I'm surprised more girls don't like you." The blush in my face only grows stronger with her words.

"Thanks president." I say to her, "So I'll let you do this." She unbuttons her shirt. To reveal a scarlet red bra. That matches her hair.

Her red hair blocks her eyes, she licks her lips as she smiles lewdly. "Now here these are for you." I jump back out of surprise(and fear) "H-hey now what are you doing?!" "These are a girls breast." Embarrassed I say "I know what they are!

Just put them away!" She grabs my hands. "Now now don't freak out just touch them. . . please."