A Losers Harem

chapter 4

We started to continue the assignment but, after a few more minutes Mio started to speak. "Hey, could you come over here for a sec please?" Mio says looking kind of nervous.

"Yeah sure just give me a moment," After I finish with what I was doing I get up and sit next to Mio, a slight blush appearing on her face,"What did you need me for" I say as I look at the books she had open on the table, thinking it was about the assignment until she reaches over and closes all of the books.

"W-well I wanted to ask you a question." She says in a meek voice while toying with her hands.

"What is it? Are you feeling okay?" I say with worry evident in my eyes. She must have picked up on it because she is quick to say her next words.

"No no i'm fine. Just a little nervous." I don't think I was supposed to here the last part because of how quiet she was speaking. if we weren't so close to each other I don't think I would have. If our chairs moved any closer than our thighs would be pressed together. the thought making heat rise to my face. hoping that the blush wasn't visable I asked, "So what did you need?"

"Oh, ah right I wanted to ask if you would give me your number? P-please." she says the last part while looking at what little space there was left between our feet.

"Ok remind me to give it to you before we leave." I say with a smile on my face. as i was about to get up to leave she grabs my arm and pulls making me loose my balance and fall. i close my eyes waiting to hit the hard ground but it never comes. instead of hitting the ground like expected i land on a soft warm surface. before i have time to find out what i just fell on i feel arms wrapping around my body making me open my eyes at light speed.

I was sitting on her lap with my hand on her breast about 5 seconds ago but now i was sitting on the floor begging forgiveness.

"I-i'm sorry i swear i never meant to do that i'm really sorry!" before i can continue with my begging for forgiveness she reaches down and pulls me by the hand back into her lap. she moves the hand that she had yet to let go over to her chest pressing my hand slightly into her breast.

One word leaves her mouth as her breathing becomes more labored. "Harder."