A Losers Harem

Chapter 2

"So your going to be with the princess after school. Alone. That must be the luck of the century." My 'friend' Jacob says as we go to our table in the lunch room.

"Yeah that way when she isn't looking then you can look at her panties when she looks for books." Nate says after we start eating.

Why am I friends with the biggest and saddest pervs in this school? "Look unless you want us all to die i suggest that you should drop it."

"Where is that scum!?" Shouts someone from the other side of the room near the doors.

"Aden where the hell are you!?" Karen the leader of the princesses fan club yells across the room.

"Shit. Hey i gotta go, can you cover me?" I ask as i get up to run.

"Sure go" they say as they get up to leave.

"You idiots stop. Your friends with the loser so where is he?" Karen says looking like she is about to pop a vain.

"Hey we got him." Krane, Karen's brother and second in command says as he drags me on the floor and throws me at her feet.

"Nice covering assholes." I Tell Nate and Jacob with a glare.

"Sorry" they say in unison as they walk back to the table we were at.

" So tell me what makes you think that it is ok to be with the Princess?"  Beth says as she crouches on the ground in front of  me, practically spiting with each word that leaves her mouth.

"i don't know what you mean" I say as i look her in the eye hoping that the fear that i'm feeling won't show in my eyes.

"You don't know what i mean Huh.

so not only do you think that it is ok to go and taint the Princess with your air! but you think that it is ok for a LOSER like you to deffy me the leader of the Princess' fan club?!"  Karen raises her hand to hit me when she finishes her ranting.

I flinch back from the phantom pain of being hit before when someone walks up behind Karen. Right before her hand makes contact with me she is stopped when the person grabs her hand yanking it away from my face. supprised by the interuption Karen spinnes around ready to turn her hand on the person who dare deffiy her. the scowl on her face quickly turns to a look of shock as the color from her face drains in a instant.

"P-princess what are you doing here?" Karen says in a small voice, while she avoids eye contact with the princess.

"Karen what were you about to do?" the Princess says with a pointed look.

"I-i was about to teach him a leason

for-" right as Karen is about to finish what she was saying the Princess walks over to me and bends down  holding out a hand. "are you going to sit on the floor the rest of the day or will you go back to your table." The princess says to me before i grab her hand and get up, making Karen turn red in pure rage.

"Karen if you or any of your 'club' do anything to him while we are working on this project together don't show your face to me for the rest of the year. Understand?" She says while giving Karen a pointed glare.

"Y-yes P-princess." Karen says before she turns and runs from the lunchroom. "Are you ok Aden?" The Princess says while giving me a worried look.

"I'm fine Princess." I say as i turn to go over to my friends but not before i see the sadden expression on her face when the word 'Princess' leaves my mouth.

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