A Losers Harem

chapter 1

My name is Aden. Your typical high school loser. This is the start of the story.


"So today we will be doing a project in teams of two. Princess would you choose your partner for the project." The ELA teacher says at the start of the class. Instead of groaning like they do in the other classes at the mention of a project, the class is dead silent waiting to see who will be chosen.

The princess turns to the row that I'm sitting in and everyone in the row seems to hold their breath. Waiting. With sharp eyes and the air of perfection her breast moving in rhythm with her steps as she approaches the front of the row. She starts to walk over to the people In the row, one by one as she passes them by they let out noises that vary from sad sighs to whimpers of disappointment.

Why don't all of the people here realise they don't have a snowballs chance in hell with her? Even I know that and I'm the most pathetic one here. I think as the princess is about to walk by me, but suddenly she stops and turns to look at me her lush lips parting as she starts to speak. "You will be my partner."


"What? I'm sorry but no." I say as i can feel the stares of the entire class, man if looks could kill.

"I said you will be my partner so you are my partner. Understand." The princess demands.

"Like i said before i will not partner with you. Your 'fan club' would kill me, and probably still just for speaking to you. So no."

"S-so he will be your partner princess?" The teacher said looking at us in disbelief. The princess looks over at her and nodded. "I will see you after school." She says looking at me again.