Admiring the Stars | D. Malfoy

Chapter 17

Wednesday rolled around far too slow. The instant the last period finished up and your Professor released you with your homework, you raced down the hallways and into the Slytherin common room. You made quick work of putting your school bag and any other belongings you had on you in your dorm room before running right back out and towards where the dueling club was being held.

Needless to say, you were excited. You walked into a large room with a long stage going through the middle. The phases of the moon seem to trail along the standing face of the platform in golden circles. Students from all four houses gathered around it, chattering about the club and what it might entail. You stood next to Draco, as he was the only other Slytherin that you knew in the club at the time.

Lockheart struts atop the stage. "Gather round! Gather round! Can everyone see me?" Some kids nodded while others just stared at the man in bored silence. "Can you all hear me?" Again, some students nodded or replied with a quick yes, while others stood silently. "Excellent. In light of the dark events of recent weeks, Professor Dumbledore has granted me permission to start this little Dueling Club, to train you all up in case you ever need to defend yourselves as I myself would have done on countless occasions— for full details, see my published works."

You rolled your eyes and Draco leans towards you, keeping his voice low. "I'm guessing you are aware of how he made Potter's bones disappear. All he had to do was heal them, how hard could it have been? And to fail that badly is just embarrassing."

You snicker quietly at his comments. "Yeah, I want to bet that he barely even knows the basic spells."

Malfoy snickers quietly as Lockheart continues his monologue. "Let me the introduce my assistant, Professor Snape. He has sportingly agreed to help me with a short demonstration."

You lean towards Draco again. "Honestly, Professor Snape would have been the better choice to run this club. He may teach potions, but at least he seems like he knows how to do a proper incantation."

Draco chuckles and agrees with you just as the demonstration began. Snape and Lockheart stood up to one another, formally bowing. They turned a walked ten paces away from each other, much like the stories of muggle duels your father would tell you about. Once the count reached ten, both Professors suddenly spun on their heels, poising their wands like swords.

"As you can see, we are holding out wands in the accepted combative position. On the count of three, we will cast out first spells. Neither of us will be aiming to kill, of course." Lockheart narrated.

"One— two— three-"

Just as Lockheart finished saying the last number, Snape quickly shouted. "Expelliarmus!" You saw the spell shoot out of his wand like fire and hit Lockheart square in his chest, blasting the man off of his feet and into the wall at the far end of the stage.

You, along with the majority of the room, began laughing at Lockheart's misfortune. You watched Lockheart stagger up as if he were a toddler first learning to walk and laughed even harder.

You quieted down quickly along with everyone else as Lockheart began volunteering Harry and Ron to come up next. You stare at them, knowing who would obviously win since Ron's wand is still broken to your knowledge. The image of the boy barfing up slugs enters your thoughts and you almost gag at the memory.

"Weasley's wand causes devastation with the simplest spells. We'll be sending Potter to the hospital wing in a matchbox," Professor Snape confirmed your theory about Rons' wand. "Might I suggest someone from my own house," he looked in the direction of Draco standing next to you. "Malfoy, perhaps?"

Malfoy leaves your side and makes his way onto the stage, eyeing Harry malevolently. If looks could kill, both boys would be six feet under by now. You watch as they begrudgingly bow to one another before looking back up.

"Scared, Potter?" Draco teases.

Harry glared. "You wish."

Both boys walked ten paces from each other, whirling on their heels and pointing their wands.

"Wands at the ready! When I count to three, cast your charms to disarm you opponent—only to disarm," Lockheart warned. "We don't want any accidents. One— two—"

Draco fired early, knocking Harry off his feet with a charm. You smirk and give a polite clap for his success. Draco looked at you standing below him, making eye contact and smirking at your praise. He quickly turned his attention back to Harry in front of him, who by now had gotten back on his feet.


You winced as Draco was knocked down the stage towards one of the golden crescent moons on the surface. He doubled over, clutching his stomach and wheezing. You didn't want to support Harry, but you knew Ron was watching, so you sent him an iffy smile.

"I said disarm only!"

Snape strutted over to Draco, lifting him back onto his feet like an angry mother. "Serpensortia!" Draco called out. A long black snake exploded from the tip of his wand, slithering towards Harry. You found it quite amusing when the snake passed you, knowing no real harm was going to come to Harry.

Snape stepped in, protecting Harry, even if he wasn't one of his most favored students. "Don't move, Potter," Professor Snape pointed his wand. "I'll get rid of it for you."

"Allow me!" Lockheart intercepted like the imbecile he is. You take a step back for your own safety as the man stepped up with his wand poised. You had wished that Lockheart would stay out of it since he is so magically inept. But alas, your prayers had not been answered.

Lockheart flicked his wand, and the snake flew into the air, landing hard onto the stage. The snake only hissed angrily and slithered straight towards a Hufflepuff boy. You shook your head in disappointment, worried about how this will turn out.

However, Lockheart's failure is quickly forgotten by every student when Harry began speaking in Parseltongue. You had only heard of the term when your mother would tell you scary stories as a child about men speaking the language of snakes and deceit. You stared in fright, anxiousness, and most of all, shock at the sight before your eyes. You had no idea that Harry was a Parseltongue.

The snake seemed to pause at what it was doing, staring at Harry as if orders were being given. The snake only sat there until Professor Snape cast a spell, turning the snake to dust. You sighed in relief and only fully relaxed when the dust was blown away by the hoard of students rushing up to Harry's end of the table.

Lockheart quickly ended the club, deciding that this was enough excitement for one meeting, and ushered students out of the room. You began walking towards the Slytherin common room, hearing the chatter of students already starting rumors about Harry.

You turn down another corridor when a hand snatches your arm and spins you around to face the accuser. "Did you know that Potter could speak Parseltongue?" Draco stood in front of you, staring intently to see if you had any indication of lies.

"No, I had no clue. I'm just as surprised as you are honestly." Draco's gaze shifted between your eyes before he dropped your arm and continued down the corridor to the common room.

"Alright," you follow, not wanting to walk alone now that you have an option of talking to someone. 

"I can't believe people are already starting to think that Potter's the heir of Slytherin." Draco sneered.

"Really? I wasn't paying attention to the comments people were making, but that's really what they think?" Draco nodded. "Wow, I don't believe a word of that either." You were about to ask who he thinks the real heir is before being cut off by Crabbe and Goyle walking around the corner.

"Hey, Malfoy. Do you know who the heir of Slytherin might be? I hear they're saying it's Potter."

You look at Malfoy to see his reaction, but he only shrugs. "I don't know who it could be, but it's definitely not Potter. I'll write to my father to see if he knows more about this."

You nod at his reply and walk into the common room, ready to spill every drop of tea you had accumulated to Millicent waiting in the dorms.