Admiring the Stars | D. Malfoy

Chapter 16

 Today was your first official Quidditch match of the year, and of course, it was against Gryffindor. You stood in the starting tunnel, waiting for your team to get called so you could fly out into the pitch. The sunlight greeted you at the opening as if it were an old friend.

You grasped desperately onto any confidence you could gather like it was your only light in a dark room. However, that confidence was quickly snuffed out because you remembered that the twins, Gryffindor's beaters, had taught you everything you knew about Quidditch. It didn't help that Harry was the Gryffindor seeker, who was supposedly good enough to make the team in his first year. What he lacked in knowledge, apparently he made up for in sport.

You were nervous. So nervous, in fact, that you could feel your heart beating through your chest like a drumline. You understood why you were anxious— it was your first match, after all. 'Who wasn't at least a little nervous during their first match?' You muse to yourself. 'Whoever wasn't, has way too much confidence for their own good.'

You turn to your left, seeing Malfoy stand in all his confident glory. You blink in surprise at the boy, "Are you nervous at all?"

He remains facing forward. "No," but you don't miss the slight shake in his hands.

You gave no thought to your following action, and if you had, you were sure you wouldn't have followed through. You grabbed his right hand with your left, physically stopping his shakiness.

He turns to you, arching a brow as if to silently ask, 'Why are you touching me?'

"Good luck out there," you say. "I saw you in practice, I believe you can catch the snitch."

He smirks at you. "Of course I can," and his hand slides from your grasp.

You hear his name get called as the team Seeker and he mounts his broom, preparing for take-off. You could just barely make out what he says next, the words slightly catching in the wind. "Good luck to you too, L/n."

You smile and ride out to the field when the chasers are called, feeling the sunlight pour over your skin.


Despite all of the points you made for the team, Gryffindor still wins.

You glumly flew over to your team standing on the ground below. Your melancholy state is greeted by claps on your back and compliments of your playing. Allowing your ego to be boosted slightly, you smiled at your teammates. You noticed that Draco wasn't anywhere to be seen, and you double-check the faces in your team before coming to the conclusion that he probably already left. You still asked to be sure. "Hey, do any of you know where Malfoy went?"

A girl whose name you didn't bother to remember tells you that he's in the hospital wing and, your eyes widen at the information. You wonder what he could have done to end up there. 'Hopefully it's nothing too serious...I should go visit him when I get changed.'

You take a glance across the field and see a crowd of students and staff alike surrounding what looks to be Harry. You turn back to the girl who answered your question from before. "Do you know what's going on in the crowd over there?"

She apathetically looks around your body at the crowd before shaking her head and walking back through the tunnel you had previously entered. You idly waited for the rest of your team to disappear before spinning on your heel and racing to the sea of people that surrounded Harry.

When you get there, you see the boy who lived lying in the grass with the remnants of a bludger next to him, an arm that now bends backward, and a disheveled Lockheart kneeling next to him. You almost gagged at the sight of his rubbery arm and quickly decided that instead of puking, you would rather go and get changed.

You jogged across the field once more to exit through the starting tunnel, taking a left and entering the locker room. You set your broom to the side as you opened your locker to grab your normal robes. The Quidditch uniform had been sticking to your body slightly with sweat, and you couldn't wait to change into something dry. Slipping on your robes, you relished the feeling of something clean before grabbing your broom and racing through the locker room doors.

You set off down the halls of the castle, making lefts and rights and letting your feet take you to the Hospital Wing through muscle memory alone. When you got there, you saw Crabbe and Goyle standing by Draco's bedside with worry painting their expressions. Malfoy sat there in a dazed state, slightly groaning in faux pain.

You deadpanned. Just by looking at him, you could tell that he was being overdramatic. With a sigh, you turned around to walk back through the doors; it was a waste of time to come up to the hospital wing. It was foolish to genuinely worry about the boy like this, especially knowing how overdramatic he is. The feeling was worse when you realized that you went all that way to check on him.

Madam Pomfrey rushed past you, telling Draco that he could leave now. She then ran to a bed near the back of the room that was surrounded by Gryffindors. Your curiosity gets the better of you, and you walk past Draco's bed to stand next to Hermione. "Hey, Hermione, do you know what happened here?"

Hermione gapes. "You seriously didn't see Harry being chased around the Quidditch pitch with a bludger?!"

You shake your head and snark back at her. "No, I was doing my job and trying to get my team points. I wasn't worried about what the seekers were doing."

Hermione shakes her head and explains how Lockheart tried fixing his arm in the field but ended up eradicating the bones. You stare at her as if she told you that she microwaved a butterfly. You found it insane that a rogue bludger was chasing Harry around the pitch. You found it even more insane that Lockheart was so incapable of magic that he made Harry's bones disappear.

You excuse yourself from the Hospital Wing and decide just to head back to the common room.

You trudge through the hallways and hear several students talking about the match, congratulating the Gryffindors for their win. Every time, you would roll your eyes and continue trekking down to the dungeons, ready to sit down for the first time since you woke up this morning.

You say the password and walk into the common room, ready to collapse on your bed and read a book, when you see a few Slytherin's surrounding a notice board. You get curious and walk up behind them, peeking over some of the upperclassmen's shoulders. The person in front of you moves to the side, and you get a clear view of a piece of paper with the words: