Admiring the Stars | D. Malfoy

Chapter 14

 The sun was in the beginnings of peeking over the horizon at the time you wake up. A determined expression crosses your face. Today's the day. You pull the covers from over your legs and quietly toe your way through your dorm, careful not to wake up the other girls.

You quickly get dressed into your robes and grab your broom from beside your bedside, trying to stay as quiet as possible. You were just about to open the door and step out of the dorm when a sleep-filled voice came from one of the beds. "Y/n? Where are you going so early?"

You turn around and look at Millicent, whose bedhead rivaled that of a bird's nest. You feel bad for waking her up so early in the morning. You thought you were quiet enough, but it seems that Millicent was quite the light sleeper.

"Sorry for waking you, Millie," you see her sleepily make her bed and stumble to her dresser. "I was going to the Quidditch tryouts this morning."

Millicent seemed to wake up right then and there and rushes to get dressed like it was the morning of a field trip. "I'm so sorry, Y/n. I completely forgot that tryouts were today."

"It's fine, Millie. You don't need to come to the tryouts to watch me," you watch as she rips a comb through her messy hair. "You can go and sleep longer, it's fine."

She looked at you like you grew a second head. "I'm not going to just let my best friend go and try out without someone supporting her." Millicent finished up the morning routine you have grown used to after a year of being her dorm mate.

You smile at her, thankful that you have a friend like her. "Thanks for wanting to come out to watch me. I won't lie, I'm pretty nervous about this whole thing."

She begins to make her way towards you and the door, opening it for you. "Don't be! I'm sure you'll do fantastic."

You give her a smile and a small thanks. Both of you make your way to the common room, Millicent trying to calm down your nerves the whole time. In the common room, there were quite a few Slytherins standing along the common room walls and some lounging in the leather couches.

You assume that most of the students who don't have brooms in their hands are there to support their friends, just as Millie will be doing for you.


You head to the pitch with Millicent right beside you, again trying to calm your nerves. It's kind of obvious that the girl is still half asleep due to her sluggish gait and slumped shoulders.

When you make it to the field, Millicent splits off from you to make her way to the stands, giving one last good luck before disappearing up the stairs. You turn and walk out to the center of the field, where the other students are awkwardly standing.

In front of the mass of students stands Marcus Flint, the Slytherin team captain for this year.

"L/n?" You hear behind you. You turn awkwardly to the source of the voice, finding none other than Draco Malfoy walking up behind you.

"What are you doing here?" He asks.

You deadpan at his idiocy. He always asks what I'm doing when it should be obvious. You don't mock him as you did in Flourish and Blotts. Instead, you gesture to the other tryouts. "I'm here for tryouts."

You turn back to Flint to focus on what he's saying about the way tryouts will work.

"Why do you want to try out?" Draco asks, now standing beside you. His tone was of genuine curiosity instead of spite like usual. Well, I guess he hasn't been as spiteful as he usually was lately, but that's beside the point.

You decide to humor him. "I think it will be fun. I like the sport and I want to be a part of something during my time here at Hogwarts."

He just nods at you and opens his mouth to reply to you but is cut off by Flint directing everyone into groups separated by position.

You walk to where the chasers are directed and stand awkwardly next to four other students. You know that two of you will be booted, so instead of sizing up the competition like the others seem to be doing, you focus on the instructions.

You look to the other positions, finding that Draco seems to be going for the seeker position. He's standing next to a taller boy that looks to be in his 3rd year. They stand silently next to each other, waiting for Flint to give directions.

"Alright all of you, listen up!" Flint looked around at the rest of the Slytherin's, waiting for everyone's attention to be on him. "We are here for one reason, and one reason only. To see which of you losers are good enough to deserve a spot on this team. To see how you all do in a game-like situation, we are going to make two teams and have a practice game. At the end of the game, I'll pick my new team. Is that understood?"

When everyone nodded in understanding, Flint went to each group and gave some people a number. Either a one or a two. You were a two. When he finished giving the last number, he gathered all of the ones on his right and all of the twos on his left.

You walked to your designated side and saw about five other Slytherin's still standing in front of the captain. "If you are still standing in front of me, go away. You aren't wanted."

Your jaw dropped and watched the other students run back off the field. You were glad that you weren't one of those kids, you didn't think that you would've been able to handle the embarrassment.

The captain moves on and talks to team one before making his way to your side. "Alright team two. Make a plan and get out onto that field. I will be watching all of your performances and decide whether you are any good at the end. Play as if it were a real game."

With that, you gather with the rest of your makeshift team and began concocting a plan of action.


After a few practice games, everyone stands in a line, considerably more tired than when they started. You stand next to Draco as Marcus Flint makes his way down the line, telling those who aren't up for it to leave.

When he gets to you, you hold your breath, watching as he looks with a scrutinizing glare before moving on to Draco, who gets the same treatment. You let out a sigh of relief and do a happy dance on the inside while only allowing yourself to smile on the outside.

Once everyone unwanted is gone, the captain stands in front of all who remain like a proud drill sergeant. He congratulates you all on making the Slytherin team and gives a speech on how this will be the one to win the Quidditch Cup this year. You notice that most of the team from last year remains, the only exception being you and Draco being added.

I guess that now we're on the same team, I'll have to spend some more time with him. You internally groan at the thought, hoping that he'll remain at least tolerable like he has been lately.

When you are all released at the end of the speech, you walk to the fork in the hall where you could either head to the Quidditch field or to the stands where you spot Millie bulling towards you. She stops just before tackling you and practically jumps with excitement.

You thank her and tell her that you'll meet in the Great Hall for breakfast after taking a quick shower. You walk through the nearly empty halls towards the dungeons and smile to yourself. You make a quick mental note to send a letter to let your Mum know that you made the team.