Admiring the Stars | D. Malfoy

Chapter 12

 Today's the day you head back to Hogwarts for your second year. You walk through the wall between platforms nine and ten, seeing the crimson Hogwarts express stationed on the tracks at the end of the platform.

Right behind you, Ginny, Arthur, and Molly appeared through the wall. You wave goodbye to them and thank the Weasley's for letting you stay with them for the summer before heading towards the train.

You see Millicent preparing to board the train, and before she could step onto the first step of the train, you call out, "Millie!"

You were excited to see the girl again. You never got the chance to see her all summer, and you would be lying if you said you didn't miss her. You tried writing as many letters to her as you could, but you aren't very good at keeping up with them.

Millicent turned around surprised and smiled when she realized it was you who was calling out to her, "Y/n! It's great to see you again."

She waited for you to catch up, and you both instantly jumped into conversation about anything and everything on your minds at that exact moment.

"Do you want to sit with me, Y/n? The train ride can get quite boring and I want to know what you've been doing all summer."

You smile and nod, giving in to her request, 'Hermione will have the boys to keep her company. She won't necessarily need me there.'

Millicent leads you to a compartment near the end of the train, and you both sat across from each other on the familiar scratchy seats. You look out the compartment window and spot none other than Pansy and Daphne looking into yours.

'Please don't sit here. Please don't sit here. Please don't sit here.' You internally pleaded.

Luckily enough for you, once Pansy made eye contact with you, she immediately turned and continued her way down the train. You breathed a sigh of relief and turned back to Millicent.

You both immediately jumped into what you did over the summer.

"I also got help from some really good Quidditch players as well. Maybe I'll be able to make the team this year."

"Really?" Millicent asks, admiring your ambition, "I hope you make the team. I heard it's really difficult to get onto the Slytherin team. What position do you want to play?"

"Thanks, I'm pretty confident I'll make it. I want to play as a Slytherin chaser."

"Woah, well, I'm sure you'll make it." Millicent smiled at you.


Hours of reading and sleeping had passed before you saw the familiar castle standing tall and proud as it always does. 'It's just as beautiful as the first time I saw it.' You admired.

Once you got off the train at Hogsmeade station, instead of heading to the boats like last year, you followed the crowd of upperclassmen to some carriages that seemed to be pulled by nothing. You grab the next one available, Millicent close behind you, and you both wait to see who might sit with you both.

Unfortunately, it seemed that the following people who walk up to your carriage were none other than Malfoy and his goons with Pansy and Daphne close behind them. You deadpanned at the small crowd while Millicent politely smiled at them.

Draco looked reluctant to get into the carriage with you and Millie. But no matter the amount of praying you did, he got on, sitting across from you while Crabbe followed.

Goyle was about to step up to get on the carriage but was quickly shoved away by none other than Pansy Parkinson, who sat herself right next to Malfoy. You give her an uncomfortable stare before directing your attention to how she 'sadly' smiled at Goyle and Daphne, "You'll probably have to catch the next carriage, sorry guys, this one is full."

Daphne looked perfectly content for some reason, while Goyle just looked purely confused. He was probably wondering how that tiny girl shoved him with enough force to almost knocking him to the ground, and you couldn't blame him.

You see Draco look at Pansy with what you think is disgust for a moment before he quickly masked it with indifference. His expression changed so fast that you must have imagined it. 'Yeah, must have imagined it. It's probably just my disgust for her that's changing the way I'm seeing things.'

You planned to continue your conversation with Millicent on the carriage, but your plans changed the instant Malfoy, Crabbe, and Pansy sat across from you. Now, you just sat in slightly uncomfortable silence as Pansy stared at Draco with what must be admiration.

'What does she even see in him? She must be crazy with admiring someone like Malfoy.'

Occasionally, Pansy would look in your direction just to glare at you. By the fifth time, you have had enough of her.

"Parkinson, are we going to have a problem? You're ruining my peaceful carriage ride with your random glares."

She scoffs, "As if I could even lower myself to have a problem with you. You aren't even worth my time."

By now, Draco and Crabbe have stopped their conversation to listen into yours.

"If it was 'so not worth your time,' you wouldn't take the time to keep glaring at me." You try to keep your voice as calm as possible, not wanting to just start screaming at this girl while on a carriage.

She once again scoffed and looked out towards the castle coming into view.


The instant the carriage stops, you practically jump out of your seat and make your way to the doors of the castle. You did wait for Millicent to catch up after you almost forgot about her; you were too busy trying to get away from some of the most aggravating people in this school.

"Y/n, you just left me back there with the sharks."

"Sorry, Millie. I wanted to get away from them as soon as possible. Being that close to Pansy was just suffocating." You send her an apologetic smile, rubbing the back of your neck.

"It's alright, let's just go to the Great Hall now, yeah?"

You nod, and both you and Millicent began your trek through the castle and to the Great Hall. You quickly find the giant double doors and enter, heading directly to the Slytherin table. You see Hermione across the hall and give her a slight wave that she didn't seem to notice.

You noticed that she was anxiously glancing at the doors to the Great Hall every few seconds as if waiting for someone. That was when you realized that the boys who seem to always be around her are nowhere to be seen.

You weren't given too much time to ponder about where they could be before Millicent tugged you to sit down at the table. You smile at her and listen to all of the first years being sorted before piles upon piles of food appear on the table in front of you.

You put a little bit of everything on your plate and eat while talking to Millicent about all that you want to do this year.

Dinner ended quickly, and you began making your way to the common room, finding that you share the same dorm mates as last year. 'Yay for Millie... but why did Pansy and Daphne have to be here too....' You internally groan when you see the pair loudly enter, making their way to their beds.

'I just hope this year goes well... I don't want any problems like last year.' You roll over in your bed, quickly falling asleep.