Admiring the Stars | D. Malfoy

Chapter 10

 You sit in the Great Hall, eating and talking with Millie and some of your other Slytherin friends. There are green and silver banners holding the Slytherin symbol above each table, indicating that it was your house that won the most points for the House Cup.

Your chatter gets disrupted by Professor McGonagall clinking her spoon against her glass, gathering the students' attention. Dumbledore stands and announces last-minute points to Gryffindor, leaving the banners to shift to red and gold and bearing the Gryffindor emblem.

'WHAT?! That's so unfair! We had a 50 point lead on Ravenclaw and then just to have our victory ripped away from us because the old fart at the podium wanted his favorite house to win this year?!' You glared at everyone cheering, as did the rest of the Slytherin's. Not one of them was happy with this outcome.


You sit in a compartment with the golden trio, still salty about their house winning the House Cup. They tried cheering you up by telling you about their adventure below the castle, but you just tuned them out and tried to sleep through the whole ride.

It only felt like a couple of minutes when Ron nudged your shoulder and woke you up, "We're at Kings Cross, Y/n. Wake up, you lazy bum."

You swatted his arms away, standing and grabbing your trunk along with Athena's cage. You stepped out of the train and scanned the crowd for your parents. You didn't see them even when you looked again. When you were about to make your third pass over the crowd, you saw an entire school of red-heads heading towards you.

When they reach you, Ron pushes his way to the front of the Weasley family, "Sorry, Y/n. I forgot to tell you that you were going to spend the summer with us."

You turn to Mrs. Weasley for an explanation, and she just smiles, "Your father was apparently going on one of those business trips some Muggles go on. He went to Paris, and your mother just wanted to see the sights, so she took a vacation off of her work in the Ministry to go with him.

You nodded, briefly wondering where Will is, before being tackled by a hug from none other than Will himself. He charged through the Weasley family and knocked down Ron in the process. You smirked at the fallen boy, 'That's right Ronald. You deserve that for taking Slytherin's win.'


When you, Will, and the Weasley's make it back to the burrow, they are all quick to go to their rooms, and you walk up to the one you would be sharing with Will for the stay. You set your things down on the floor next to the twin bed that didn't look occupied and saw that Will was already sitting in his bed across the room, finishing up a book he was working on.

You rush across the hall and towards the twins' room to see them unpacking their trunks. They turn to look at whoever obnoxiously entered their room.

"I got a broom for Christmas, and I want you both to teach me how to play so I can try out for the Slytherin team year."

They looked almost surprised before looking at one another and smirking.

Looking back, they say simultaneously, "Of course we'll teach you."

You smiled, happy that they agreed to teach you. You wanted to use your time wisely during the summer and become the best you could at quidditch.

Molly called everyone down for dinner that night. You rush down the stairs, Will right on your heels. You've always loved eating with the Weasleys; it was never quiet, and it was always extremely entertaining.


So far, your summer had been going fairly normal. The twins were helping you practice for the Quidditch team next year, and when you asked them why they were helping a rival practice, they only responded along the lines of, "With our help, maybe Slytherin will actually be a challenge. You'll make it more fun by being an excellent chaser."

You only smiled at this and continued practicing, grabbing the Quaffle and hulking it through the makeshift hoops the Weasley's had set up.

One day, as you finished up a practice with the twins, you went inside to see Ron sulking at the dinner table. He kept complaining that Harry wasn't responding to any of his letters and worrying him.

You reassured him that Harry wasn't ignoring his letters on purpose, but he wasn't entirely convinced. You just shrugged and walked back upstairs to change out of your sweaty clothes and put your broom away for the day.


The following morning, you wake up to Mrs. Weasley shouting. 'The twins must have pranked that poor woman again.' You thought as you turned your head to see that Will was already out of bed.

You get dressed and walk down the stairs to see the damage done to whatever the twins pranked. You reach the bottom step and walk into the dining room only to see Harry sitting at the table. You blink at him, "Hello."

He only stares back in response with his eyes slightly widened.

You shrug and shot him a confused look as you rounded the table to take a seat next to Will.

Ginny soon comes running down as you sit, "Mummy! Have you seen my jumper—" She cuts herself off and stares at Harry similarly to how he stared at you. 'Now what is this staring thing that people are doing now? Did I miss out on something?' She gets over her stupor shortly and races back up the stairs.

You turn to start eating breakfast as Ron frowned, "Ginny. Been talking about you all summer. Dead annoying, really."

"Dad's home!" One of the twins' voices erupted.

You look at the door to see Mr. Weasley enter, "What a night! Nine raids! Nine!"

Harry and Ron start talking to each other about Mr. Weasley's job. You smile and wave at Arthur as he takes a seat at the head of the table, "Well now. Who are you?" He addresses Harry.

"Harry, sir. Harry Potter."

"Good Lord, are you really? Ron's told us all about you, of course. When did you get here?"

Molly crossed her arms and outed her sons, "This morning. Your sons flew that enchanted car of yours to Surrey house and back last night."

Arthur excitedly turned to the boys, "Did you now! How's it go?!" He caught Molly's eyes and immediately turned into a more stern tone, although it wouldn't exactly be what you call stern, "I... I mean... That was very wrong, boys. Very wrong indeed. So, Harry. You must know all about Muggles. Tell me, what exactly is the function of a rubber duck?"

Harry looked confused and stuttered a bit, trying to form an answer before being cut off by Errol, the Weasley's family owl soaring straight into the kitchen window.

You look at the poor bird. You and Will compare the owl to Harvey every time you see him, and the similarities are almost limitless.

"That must be Errol with the post." Molly starts, "Fetch him, will you, Percy?"

Percy got up from his seat and grabbed the unconscious owl, laying him on a draining board. He took the letters from the birds' claws and holds them up excitedly, "It's our Hogwarts letters! And look. They've sent Harry's and Y/n's as well."

Arthur continues eating his food, "Dumbledore must know you're both here. Doesn't miss a trick, that man."

Fred had already begun reading his letter, "This lot won't come cheap, Mum. The spell books alone...."

"We'll manage." Molly began, "Right then. There's only one place to get all of this."

"Diagon Alley!"