Admiring the Stars | D. Malfoy

Chapter 9

 You sit in the common room across from Millicent, playing a game of Wizard Chess. She's extremely good at the game, and you try to formulate strategies that she won't be able to pick up on. Before you get the chance to give one of your pawn pieces a command, Draco Malfoy enters the common room from the boys' dorms.

Draco walks towards where you sat, "What do you think that thing was in the Forest last night?"

You turned from the board game, surprised that he even attempted to talk to you in a civilized way. Usually, if he wanted to ask you a question, he would just stomp over and rudely demand that you answer him.

After your brief moment of shock, you respond to his question, "How would I know? I ran away just like you did."

He quickly looked around the common room to see if anyone was paying attention to your conversation, "I did not run away. I went to get help. Running away would be a cowardly thing to do and I am not a coward."

"I don't know, Malfoy. You seemed pretty scared to me."

He scoffed, "Anyway. I knew I shouldn't have asked someone as dumb as you about the creature in the Forest. I only asked because you were the only other person to see it."

You deadpan at Malfoy, not surprised to see his intolerable arse side to be once again showing. You knew he couldn't keep up the act of civility for long, "Well, if you also don't know what the creature is, doesn't that make you as dumb as me, Malfoy?"

He attempted to snark back at you, but you were quick to cut him off, "And saying that I'm the only other person to have seen the creature is just incorrect. Harry saw it too."

"Do you really think that idiot would know what the creature is, Y/n?"

You know that if you don't know what that thing in the Forest was, then there was a slim chance that Harry would know, so you shake your head.

"Exactly, so even if I was willing to ask that idiot what he thought it was would just be a waste of my precious time. Just like talking to you."

With that final remark, Draco turned and stalked away, leaving the common room. You think that now he had left you alone, you could return to your game with Millie. However, you were quick to realize that you were wrong when you feel someone grab your shoulder and haul you up from your seat, turning you to face them.

You would never have guessed that Pansy was strong enough to lift you from your seat, but here you stand.

"Don't ever speak to Malfoy like that again!"

You look at her with genuine confusion as to why she is yelling at you for the way you spoke to Malfoy. You believe that you had been relatively calm compared to other conversations you've had with him.

"And how exactly am I speaking to him?" You fake politeness.

She stares at you with a hatred that seemed almost unmatched. It honestly impressed you.

"You speak to him as if you were his equal. Which you are far from it. You need to remember where you stand."

You aren't given a chance to reply as she drops your shoulder and walks off to the couch.

You look down at where Millie was sitting and see that she had already won the game. You sigh and help her clean up the pieces while asking if she would like to go to the library. You needed to get away from the common room for a little while. With Pansy sitting just a few feet away, it felt almost suffocating.

"Alright, but can I invite Greengrass to come along too?"

You don't see any reason as to why she shouldn't be allowed to come along, so you nod and say sure.


You sit in the same place as always, near the back and by the window. You weren't expecting Pansy to have come along with Daphne. The tension surrounding the table was so thick that it could be cut with a knife.

Every one of you has a book laid out on the table before you, although it seems like Millie and you were the only ones actually reading.

You continued your peaceful reading next to Millie, ignoring Daphne and Pansy's obnoxious voices until they got so loud that you couldn't focus anymore. You continued to stare down at the pages of your book, eavesdropping on their not-so-subtle conversation.

"Greengrass, why don't you come over to my mansion this summer?" Pansy leaned towards Daphne.

"Oh! Will that funny house elf be there?" Daphne snickers.

"Oh right, Almer, we can kick him around again like last year." Pansy chortled.

Pansy then shifts in her seat to face you, "Oh, but, you wouldn't know anything like that, would you, L/n?"

You look up with a deadpan expression as she continued to rub her wealth in your face, "You see, the Parkinson's are pureblood and we only buy the best that money could buy."

You continue to stay silent, unwilling to give her the satisfaction of a response, "How did a poor Half-blood like you even get yourself into Slytherin?"

You can just barely make out Millicent tense up at Pansy's comment. Still, it seems that the other girls didn't notice, their focus primarily on you, "You must have somehow tricked the sorting hat into putting you in Slytherin because you wanted to get closer to Draco, didn't you?"

You finally get fed up with her stupidity and bit back, "You must be dumber than you look Parkinson, and that says something. If you think I tricked the hat into sorting me into Slytherin," your voice began to steadily rise, "I didn't even know who Malfoy was until my Mum told me over break."

Pansy was sitting in her spot across from you, jaw dropped at your audacity, "I don't even want to get to know Malfoy better because he's a complete arse."

Pansy gasped, wholly offended by your statement. Daphne and Millie were also looking at you with complete shock written all over their faces.

Daphne apparently tried to save Pansy's dignity by standing from her chair and firing back, "There's no way you didn't know who Malfoy was before Hogwarts. They're such an important pureblood family!"

You just shrugged from your seat, "Didn't know them."

Before the argument could continue to fester any further, Madam Pince stormed over and kicked all of you out of the library for being too loud and disrupting other students.

You groan but get up from your chair and begin to leave the library. You were kicked out of your favorite spot in the entire castle all because Pansy is a loud and obnoxious arse.

You walk down the corridor with Millie, deciding to go the opposite way as Parkinson and Greengrass. Millie tried calming you down but failed. You both walked in silence down the stone corridors.

Before you got too close to your common room, Professor Snape turned the corner, apparently looking for you. You tell Millie to go on without you, and she hesitantly leaves the rest of the way down to the common room.

Snape turned to you with his regular resting face, "The headmaster wanted me to inform you about your... Gryffindor friends... being in the hospital wing."

And with that, he strode off, supposedly in the direction of his classroom. You, however, called out, "Professor Snape!"

He stopped and turned partially, listening for what you were to say next, "Thank you. For telling me, that is."

He nodded and continued on his way as you practically ran to the hospital wing of the castle. 'What trouble did they get themselves into now?'


You find Hermione and Ron leaving the hospital wing, and you ask them what happened. They give you a very brief and undefiled run-down about how the Philosopher's Stone was stored under the castle and how they thought Snape was trying to get to it, but it was someone else who ended up being tied to you-know-who somehow.

You give them an 'are-you-serious' look as you explain that Snape was in the castle the entire time, and he wasn't doing anything suspicious, as they would put it.

You continue standing on the balcony of the stairwell, explaining that Snape had literally nothing to do with the stone before Harry entered below and looked up at the three of you with a bandaged arm.

"All right there, Ron?" He asked.

"All right? You?" Ron questioned.

Harry just shrugged before moving to Hermione, "All right. Hermione?"

Hermione gave him a smile, "Never better."

Harry seemed to notice you standing there as well and said hello before walking off, the rest of the trio following behind him.

You wait until they completely left before you walk to the Great Hall for the final feast of the school year with only a single thought plaguing your mind.

'How did all of this happen without me noticing?'