Admiring the Stars | D. Malfoy

Chapter 8

 It's been a few weeks since you had returned from Christmas break. You currently sit in the library, at the same spot you always sit, in the back next to a window where no one can bother you.

You were reading a random book you found on one of the shelves that looked interesting, but you were soon disrupted as you heard an obnoxiously loud thump on a library table further away. You look up and see the Golden Trio being loud for absolutely no reason.

You, being nosy, got up from your table and moved closer, skimming your fingers across the books on the shelf, pretending to be looking for a new one to read.

You listen to them as they talked about the Philosopher's Stone and something about the Elixir of Life. You were confused, staring hard into the library shelf, hidden from their view as they continued talking Nicholas Flamel and immortality.

You knew that your classes were being fairly easy on everyone today, leaving no homework or studying, and you knew that Hermione liked to just read on just about anything. But she never brought the boys into her random studying.

You haven't been talking to them lately in favor of getting closer with Millie and the other Slytherin's, but that didn't mean you didn't notice them being shady lately. You've been wanting to know why, and you guessed that you just found out why.

You knew that if you asked them, they would just dodge the question and change the subject, distract you with something else, or just lie to your face. Therefore, you knew you had to be sneaky about it.

You decided that you eavesdropped for long enough and put your book back where you found it. You avoided walking by where the Golden Trio sat and headed back to your common room with more questions than answers.


You sat on one of the leather couches of the Slytherin common room, cocooned in a blanket, reading a different book. It was rather late out, so no one was in the common room; everyone was most likely sleeping or hanging out with their dorm mates.

Your peaceful reading was disrupted once again, except this person seemed like they were trying to make as little noise as possible. You peer out of your blanket cocoon to be met with the back of Draco Malfoy's head, sneaking out of the common room.

He must not have noticed you huddled on the couch, 'Where the hell is he going this late?'

Making a not-so-smart decision, you decided to follow him, ignoring the nagging voice in the back of your head telling you that he'll only lead you to trouble. However, your boredom overpowered that voice, curiosity taking over.


You ended up following him all the way to Hagrid's hut and see him peer into the window. You followed up quickly, peering into the window as well, "What are you looking at?"

Draco practically jumped out of his socks and made a small noise, glaring at you in the process. You both looked back into the hut, seeing that Hagrid was alerted of your presence.

You look down to the table to see a small dragon hiccup. You look at the people surrounding the table to see the Golden Trio also present in the hut, 'What are they doing here at this time of night?'

After Hagrid and the trio look up at you and Draco, he booked it back to the castle. You, not wanting to get in trouble for not only staying out so late, but also for being a peeping Tom and staring into the window of Hagrid's hut. 'I should've just listened to my head and stayed in the common room reading.'

Once you get back to the castle, you continue to follow Draco as he passes the stairs leading down to the Slytherin common room, "Where are you going?"

"To Professor McGonagall to report those three idiots and that huge huge oaf friend of theirs."

You look at him, and a string of questions shortly follow, "Why are you going to do that? How did you know that they would be there tonight? Why did you go to spy on them?"

He stops in the middle of the corridor and turns to look at you incredulously, "Why do you ask so many questions?"

You stopped next to him and shrugged, "What can I say? I'm a curious being."

He scoffed and turned to continue walking, not checking to see if you were following, "Curiosity killed the cat, you know."

"It's a good thing I'm not a cat then." You pick up your speed to match his brisk pace. You swear you can hear him give a short chuckle that he was quick to mask as a cough.

'When he's not acting like a complete arse, he's almost tolerable.' You smile to yourself.

You both finally arrive at Professor McGonagall's office, and Draco opens the doors; you follow right after. McGonagall sits at her desk in her nightgown, seeming to still be grading essays from days prior, 'Teaching here must suck if you have to grade that many papers.' You subtly wince.

"I overheard Weasley and Potter talking earlier today about going to see Hagrid at night, and being the good student I am, I went to see if they were actually breaking the rules so I could report it to you. I found that they did go tonight and Granger was with them too." Draco finished.

McGonagall looks to you, "Am I to assume this is your reason for being out of bed too?"

You hesitantly nod your head, not willing to tell her that you just followed Draco around out of curiosity.

"Alright, then, follow me, you two." Professor McGonagall sets her quill down and stands, making her way to the doors.

You followed her through the doors, already hearing Harry, Hermione, and Ron making their way down the corridor rather loudly.

"Good evening." McGonagall rounds the corner, candle in hand.

You and Draco appear from around her, Draco wearing a smug smirk, and you gave an awkward wave at your friends.


Inside McGonagall's classroom, you were pulled off to the side by Draco, rubbing the back of your neck as the Professor gives out her punishment.

"Each." Harry gasps that 150 points will be taken away from Gryffindor, "And to ensure it doesn't happen again, all five of you will receive detention."

You look up at this and furrow your brows in confusion. Draco's smug smile vanished, and he walked towards McGonagall's desk in concern, "Excuse me, Professor. Perhaps I heard you wrong. I thought you said... "the five of us.""

"No, you heard me correctly, Mr. Malfoy. You see, as honorable as both of your intentions were, you too were out of bed after hours. You both will serve detention with your classmates."

Your shoulders sag, 'I should've just finished my book in the common room.'


You ignore Filch's monologue about old punishments as your attention was put on the now sniffling Hagrid, "Norbert's gone. Dumbledore sent him off to Romania to live in a colony."

"Even though I didn't get to meet Norbert, I'm sorry you couldn't keep him. I'm sure he's going to love Romania." You reassure, sending Hagrid a smile.

"Thank you, lass." He gives a small reassuring smile to you and talks to the golden trio. 'I'm glad that he's probably sort-of cheered up.'

You all head into the forest, walking along a path that lead to a tree. Hagrid suddenly stops and bends down, dipping his fingers into a silver puddle. You had to look around the large man in order to see what he was doing.

"Hagrid, what's that?" Harry asked.

"What we're here for. See that? That's unicorn's blood, that is. I found one dead a few weeks ago. Now, this one's been injured bad by something. So it's out job to find the poor beast. Ron, Hermione, you'll come with me."

Ron and Hermione agree, "And Harry, you'll go with Malfoy and L/n."

Draco grimaced as you and Harry nodded.

"Okay. Than I get Fang!" Draco protested.

"Fine. Just so you know, he's a bloody coward." Fang whined at Hagrid's rudeness.


You walked in silence as Harry and Draco bickered over the latter being scared before Fang started growling.

"What is it, Fang?" Harry asked.

You looked further on to see a cloaked figure crouching over a dead unicorn, supposedly drinking its blood from the wound. Your eyes widened, and you stepped back in fear at what you were seeing, blood dripping from its mouth as it looked to the three of you.

Draco began screaming in fear as he ran away with Fang; you quickly followed, catching up with Draco quickly, you both screamed help. You didn't even realize that you left Harry behind until you reached Hagrid.

"Hagrid!" You shouted over the sounds of your footsteps. The large man turned around quickly at your distressed voice, "Hagrid! Harry is in trouble! He- uh- there was this thing at the unicorn— and it was drinking it's blood or something!" You rambled, fear still fresh in your mind.

Hagrid looked to Draco, who had the same fear-stricken look as you. "Alright then," Hagrid grabbed his crossbow and started running towards the direction you both came from.

Ron looked at you with an almost angry look, "Why didn't you stay with Harry, Y/n? He could be in danger!"

"I'm sorry, Ron, but I wasn't put into Gryffindor for a reason. I scare very easily and you didn't see how scary that thing was." You snark back.

All of you ran back to the site; you hid behind Hagrid, unwilling to subject your eyes to the dead unicorn again. But Hagrid lowered his crossbow and greeted the centaur, "Hello there, Firenze. I see you've met our young Mr. Potter. You all right there, Harry?"

After the entire fiasco in the forest, you all head back to your own common rooms.


On the way downstairs to the dungeons, you couldn't help but complain to Draco, "You know, it's your fault that we got detention."

You both entered the common room, stopping to hear his response, "Shove off, you shouldn't have followed me and minded your own business."

He walks towards the boys' dorms, giving an annoyed, "Good night, L/n." Leaving you in the common room.

You walk up to your own dorm and tuck yourself into bed. Your thoughts were only about what was going on with the golden trio and why they were still acting so suspicious.