Admiring the Stars | D. Malfoy

Chapter 7

 You and the girls in your dorm are packing your bags, getting ready to go home for Christmas break. Daphne and Pansy are talking away about all of the gifts they want for Christmas. You know their families are rich, so they will probably receive everything they wish for and will be bored of it before New Year's.

When you finish packing everything away into your trunk, you sit on your bed and wait for Millicent, who has recently asked for you to start calling her Millie. While she packs, you both talk about your plans for the break and what gifts you are hoping for.

Once she is done packing, you grab your trunk, thinking that the two of you will walk down to Hogsmeade station together. The plan was shut down instantly when Millie asks for you to go on ahead while she waits for Daphne and Pansy, who had barely even started packing.

You nod and give her a quick hug, wishing her a happy Christmas. You also decide that now is an excellent time to give her the Christmas card you made for her.

After giving her the card, you leave the Slytherin dorms and start heading to the massive front doors of the castle.

On your way to the front doors, you see Hermione exiting the Great Hall. You call out to her, "Hermione, hold up!"

She turns around and waits for you to catch up, "Would you like to walk to Hogsmeade station together?" You ask her, hopeful that she'll say yes.

She smiles and agrees. Both of you walk towards the station, talking about what she wants to do with her family once she gets home.

When you step on the train and travel up the aisle to find a compartment, you both sit down, and Hermione asks you about what your plan is for Christmas break. You tell her about how you can't wait to tell your little brother all about Hogwarts and tell your Mum about everything you've learned.

The two of you talk for about half the train ride before you both pull out your books and start to read. The only thing stopping you was the train whistle, announcing to the passengers that you arrived at platform 9 3/4.

You wish Hermione a happy Christmas and say goodbye while you part ways on the platform. Your eyes scanned the crowd for your family in the crowd, hoping to find them before they found you.

You spot your Mum and brother standing near the back of the platform. You rush over and quickly wrap your mother up in a hug before hugging your Will.

Will was quick to push you off of him, and you gasp, feigning hurt as you grabbed your heart, "We haven't seen each other for months, and when you finally see me again, you push away my love."

Your mother laughs at the interaction, which makes you laugh, and eventually, Will joined in. Once you're done laughing, your mother grabs your trunk, and Athena, "You must have been very busy at school."

You are quick to agree, preparing to tell her all about your time at Hogwarts when she beat you to the chase, "So busy, you couldn't write your poor mother and little brother a single letter?"

You stopped, jaw dropped at the question. When you finally come back to your senses, your hand smacked your face, "I've been so distracted at school, I must have totally forgot to write you letters."

You look at your family members with a sad expression and apologize for your negligence. Your mother lets out a small laugh before patting your head, "Don't worry, Y/n, I did the same thing in my first year."

You breathe a sigh of relief, "I promise I will start writing letters weekly when I get back."

Your Mum laughs at that, "You better, how else will I know all the gossip."

You both laugh and let her lead you and Will out of the station and into your family's car.

"What do you want for Christmas, Y/n?" Your mother asks.

You are quick to reply, already knowing your answer, "I would really like a broom, I think I want to join the Slytherin team next year."

"Oh! Quidditch! It's been so long since I've played." Your mother got into the driver's seat and buckled in, "I used to be the Hufflepuff keeper back in my school days. Not a single Quaffle could get past me."


After a short drive, your Mum parks the car next to The Leaky Cauldron, "What are we doing here, Mum?"

"I thought that since we're already out, we could go Christmas shopping."

You nod, deciding that the response made sense, and hopped out of the car. You walk through the back door of The Leaky Cauldron and let your mother tap on the bricks so you could get into Diagon Alley.

The street is busy with people doing their late Christmas shopping. The first place your mother brings you to is your family vault in Gringotts. Your mother gives you a reasonably-sized bag filled with Galleons and lets you go off to do your Christmas shopping.

You go to multiple shops and buy presents for all of your friends, mother, father, and little brother, even for Athena.

For Hermione, you get a new book that you think she might enjoy. You buy Millie a new quill to replace her old one that looked well-worn. For Ron and Harry, you get them each a bag of candy, and for the twins, you buy some new joke products to make sure they don't run low.

Because your Mum always looked a little stressed after work, you bought her some tea that is supposed to have a calming effect, and you get your Dad a new blanket to replace the old one your family's owl, Harvey, kept nesting into. Finally, you bought Will a book on the history of Hogwarts.

When you finish buying everything, you find your family waiting for you at The Leaky Cauldron, and you head home. As soon as you head home, you lug your tired body upstairs and to your room, dropping all of your bags on the floor by your bed.

You practically melted into your mattress when you laid down, and you fell asleep the instant your head hit the pillow.


On Christmas Eve, you finished wrapping all of your gifts and put the ones for your family underneath the decorated tree. You then go to find your family owl, Harvey.

Harvey is a lazy, old snowy owl that has been in your family for longer than you can remember. You planned to use him to send the Weasley's and Harry their gifts, so Athena doesn't tire out flying all over.

It was difficult convincing the old fart to come up to your room to send the wrapped gifts from your window. Harvey kept nipping at your fingers every time you stuck your hand out to him.

You set the old snowy owl next to Athena, who not so subtly scooted away from the old man. You can remember your mother telling you something about why he was named Harvey a long time ago, something about being battle-ready, but all you can see is an old man trying to nest in all of your wrapping paper that you haven't cleaned up yet.

The gifts Harvey will be delivering are relatively lightweight, so it shouldn't be too hard for him to send. The old bird let you tie the gifts to his leg, and you were just barely able to tell him where to go before he flapped his wings, scattering the wrapping paper still on your floor, and flew through the open window.

'I really hope he doesn't drop the gifts.' You stare at the bird flying off. Next, you give Athena the book you are gifting Hermione and send her off.

When she returns about two hours later, she gives you a package that must be your gift from Hermione. You give her one of the treats you bought her while in Diagon Alley and then gave her the gift for Millie.

While she flies through the open window, you decided that you want to spend the rest of the day with your family, so you leave another treat for Athena when she comes back to her perch.

You head downstairs and decide that you should help your Mum with making the desserts for tomorrow. You begin rolling out some pie crust when she starts asking you questions.

"So, have you made any friends at Hogwarts other than the Weasley's? Perhaps any enemies?"

You continue to roll out the crust but look away from your work in favor of looking at your mother, "I have made a couple of friends, and I don't think that I have any enemies."

She hums and smiles while continuing with the creation of the pie-filling, "It's good that you're making friends. I wouldn't want you to be alone...." She trailed off for a moment before a cheeky look appeared on her face, "Speaking of being alone, have you seen any cute boys?"

You stop rolling the pie crust and stare at it for a second, feeling your face heat up in embarrassment before shouting, "Mum! Of course not!" You couldn't believe that she would even ask that.

Your Mum just laughs at you and takes your rolled-out crust to put it in a pie tin, "It was just a question, Y/n."

'A weird and uncomfortable question.' You rolled your eyes.

You then try to change the subject before your Mum could continue torturing you, "I might not have made any enemies, but there's this one annoying boy that I'd like to punch in the nose."

"Is that so? And may I ask this annoying boy's name?" Your mother's want for gossip had been activated.

"His name is Draco Malfoy, and he's always insulting me, but don't worry Mum, I make sure he doesn't get the chance to push me around."

After hearing the response, your mother looks at you in pure surprise, "Malfoy, you say. That's a pretty important and rich pureblood family. It would probably be best if you try not to get too far on their bad side."

Your mother shoos you away so she can finish the pie, and you head up to your room to go and sleep for the night.


In the morning, you opened gifts with your family, your dad practically melted when he touched the cozy blanket, and Will started reading his book straight away.

You opened your gifts from the Weasley's, getting a sweater with your first initial from Molly and a letter from Ron. You opened Hermione's gift next, revealing a book that you've been eyeing since the beginning of your first year, and you told yourself to thank her in person when you get back to Hogwarts. You opened a gift from the twins next, it was just a letter, but when you opened it, glitter and confetti spread all over your living room. You were shocked for a moment but laughed the next, not expecting anything less from the pranksters.

Your father just gave you some money, not knowing what to give a witch for Christmas, but you thanked him and told yourself to treat yourself the next time you head to Diagon Alley.

The most shocking of all was a gift from your mother and Will. You opened the abnormally long package, revealing a Comet 260 broom. You were overjoyed and jumped into your mother's arms, happy that she bought you a broom to play Quidditch with.

You thanked them both and promised to practice with the broom later on during the summer when you could.