Admiring the Stars | D. Malfoy

Chapter 5

 It's been two weeks since you've talked to Ron. Whenever you try to make conversation, he would either ignore you entirely or give you a nasty look with an insult soon to follow.

Currently, you are sitting in Charms class, listening to Professor Flitwick talk about the importance of the levitation spell. You sit next to Millicent while Hermione sits next to Ron on the opposite side of the classroom.

Class began as your relatively short professor stood on some books at the far end of the classroom, "One of a wizard's most rudimentary skills is the levitation ability to make objects fly. Uh, do you all have your feathers?"

You take a quick glance at the stark white feather sitting in front of you.

"Good. Now, uh, don't forget the nice wrist movement we've been practicing, hmm? The swish and flick. Everyone." Professor Flitwick gestured for the entire class to follow his example.

"The swish and flick." The class complied.

"Good. And enunciate. Wingardium Leviosa. Off you go then." Professor Flitwick allowed the students to continue to try out the spell on their own.

"Wingardium Leviosar." You try, but your feather didn't quite make it into the air.

"Pfft, how can you call yourself a witch if you can't even complete a simple charm? You really are an embarrassment to the Slytherin house." Draco, who sat to your left, snickered.

You send a quick glare to him, "Well I don't see your feather in the air Malfoy, so maybe you should be more focused on your feather rather than what I'm doing."

Draco gets annoyed with the response you gave and turned to float his feather up.

You sneak a quick glance at how Hermione is doing only to hear her correcting Ron's pronunciation, "Stop, stop. stop. You're going to take someone's eye out. Besides, you're saying it wrong. It's Levio-sa, not Leviosar."

You smile to yourself, happy to see Ron get scolded, 'That's right Hermione, put that idiot in his place and show him how it's done.' You then look back down towards your own fluffy feather, 'Levio-sa, huh? Have I been pronouncing it wrong?'

You glance back up to Hermione and see her feather weightlessly float in mid-air. Ron slammed his head down onto his books dejectedly as her feather continued to remain in the air effortlessly.

You snicker at Ron's despondent look and pick your wand up to be level with your feather. You straighten your back and flick your wand just as how Flitwick showed the class prior, "Wingardium Leviosa."

Your feather effortlessly raises in front of your face; you could almost feel the vane of it tickling your nose. You smile, proud of your accomplishment. Millicent automatically congratulates your success and asks for help on the spell. You feel proud of yourself for getting the charm to work the second time around.

However, before you could start to help her, you jump slightly from an explosion further down the classroom. Your eyes widen, and you turn slowly to the Gryffindor's across from you, seeing a boy with a shocked expression and a charred feather sitting in front of him.

'Now how the hell did that kid make his feather explode?!' You stare at the boy.

"I think we're going to need another feather over here, Professor." Harry states plainly through the commotion.

"All right then, we'll leave it at that." Professor Flitwick adjusts his coat nervously, "Don't forget about your homework tonight."


You catch up with Hermione and ask if you could walk with her to the Great Hall for the Halloween feast tonight.

"Sure, Y/n!" She eagerly replies, slowing down to walk with you behind Ron and Harry.

"I feel like I should thank you for earlier in charms. I overheard the proper incantation of the spell and apparently I was saying it wrong." You eagerly thank her, sending a smile at the girl.

"Oh! It's no problem, I'm happy that I could help you." Hermione readjusted her books in her grasp to a more comfortable hold.

You get an idea and propose it to your Gryffindor friend, "Hey, we should go to the library later sometime later to work on the Charms homework together. I could probably use your help with the incantations again, if you don't mind of course."

You could barely finish your sentence before Hermione's face lit up, and she responds, "Of course! I'd love to work together with you sometime."

You continue through the stone passageways with Hermione in comfortable silence, happy that your friend is willing to help you.

Once you reach the courtyard, you were about to part ways when you hear Ron mimicking Hermione from earlier, "It's Levioooosa," when he returned to his normal voice, "not Leviosaaaar. She's a nightmare, honestly. No wonder she hasn't got any friends!"

You could see tears well up in Hermione's eyes, obviously hearing this, and she rushed forward, pushing past the boys. You could only run after her as she took a detour towards the girl's bathrooms.

"I think she heard you." Harry bluntly replied to Ron, watching Hermione disappear through the crowd.

You step up behind the boys in disbelief, "No kidding she heard you!" You shout as the duo turn in surprise, previously unknowing of your presence.

You look back at them and give them the harshest glare you could conjure, "You're such an arse Ronald Weasley. Why the hell would you say that?" You shifted the glare to Harry, whose eyes are wide with fear, "You're not any better Potter."

You spin on your heel and jog after your friend, who's definitely now in the girl's bathroom. You run through the empty corridors; no doubt everyone is in the Great Hall, all ready for the Halloween feast. You hear your shoes pounding on the stone of the floors, the sound echoing up the tall ceilings of the castle.

When you do reach the bathrooms, you could already hear sniffling inside.

You walk up to the door of the first stall, the one you hear her soft cries coming from, and lightly knock on the door. "Hermoine... do you want to come out and talk?"

There was a long pause before Hermoine eventually replied, "I don't want you to see me like this. I'm a mess." She lightly sniffled at the end.

"Hermoine, I do not care about how you look right now. The only thing I care about right now is trying to comfort you." You give a light huff, almost annoyed with the response she gave.

She doesn't respond, but you hear the lock on the stall door slide open, and she takes a step out. You are saddened at her tear-stained face as she looks at you with a heartbroken expression. "Oh, you poor thing. Come here." You open your arms in the universal gesture for a hug.

You had never been very good a consoling people, but your mum's hugs always made you feel better when you were down. You hope that maybe a hug from you would give her at least a little of the comfort she is probably seeking.

Hermoine walks a bit closer to you, giving you a tight embrace. You stand in the bathroom silently hugging for a few minutes before Hermoine asks in a quiet voice, "Why are you my friend?"

You quickly pull away from the hug and grab onto the sides of Hermoine's face so you can look directly into her eyes. "The question is not 'Why am I your friend?' Hermoine. It's why would I not be your friend?"

She looks confused as you release your hold from her face, letting your arms drop back down to your sides. "Hermoine, you are probably the smartest and kindest girl I know, and will ever know. I am your friend because I think you're awesome. Who cares about what Ron thinks."

She looks up to you and gives a smile, "Thank you Y/n." She looks down at her watch that you didn't know she was wearing and gasps at the time. "Oh my goodness, I've made you miss the start of the Halloween feast with my silliness. Go on and eat dinner, I'll come along soon. I just want to clean myself up a bit."

You smile and give a short response back, "Okay, I'll talk to you tomorrow." You give the girl one last hug for good measure and leave the bathroom.


You push open the doors to the Great Hall, glad that no one really minded your presence. You sat in your usual spot to the left of Millicent and gathered some of Hogwarts' savory food onto your plate.

Just as you were about to pick up your fork to begin eating, Professor Quirrell rushes into the Hall in a frenzy. "TROLL! IN THE DUNGEON! T-TROOLLL IN THE DUNGEON!!"

You heard gasps as Dumbledore rose from his throne-like chair in concern. Everyone looked towards Quirrell, who stops in the middle of the Great Hall, "Thought you ought to know." He breathlessly says as he passes out.

The room was eerily silent for a moment before everyone began panicking. Screaming and running filled the Great Hall as Millicent tried grabbing for your robes for comfort.

"SILLLLLLEENNCEEEEE!" Dumbledore projected his voice throughout the Hall. Every student and teacher stopped and instantly calmed, awaiting instructions from the headmaster.

"Everyone will please, no panic. Now, Prefects will lead their houses back to the dormitories. Teachers will follow me to the dungeons." Dumbledore finished, turning to his staff.

You heard the prefects begin calling for their respective houses to follow them. Slytherin was a bit confused at first, wondering why Dumbledore would send them to their common rooms where the troll was.

Nevertheless, they followed orders and sent everyone away. You, however, begin racing to the bathroom to warn Hermione of the now looming threat.

Your feet hit the stone of the corridors violently as you rush upstairs to the bathrooms.

Just as she was exiting the stall, you made it into the bathroom and ran up to her, "Hermione, I know you're probably still upset, but we have more pressing matters to attend to. You see, there's a troll-"

Before you could finish your sentence, you saw a shadow loom over you and Hermione. You slowly turn with your eyes widening and begin backing with her into the bathroom stall.

The troll slowly rose its tree-like club; its face morphed into a scowl as it violently smashed the top of the stalls.

You were too busy covering your ears and head to hear Harry screaming for you both to move. But you started crawling anyway when you felt a tug on your right robe sleeve. You followed under the numerous stalls before reaching the final one.

You risk a peek and see Ron and Harry throwing wood pieces from the busted stalls at the Troll's abnormally small head. "Hey, pea brain!" Ron shouted, allowing you and Hermione to escape the broken stalls and crawl under a sink.

However, the Troll seemed to be not as idiotic as Ron gave it credit for since it barely missed you and Hermione, cracking the sink above you both.

Harry got out his wand and ran forward to grab onto the Troll's club. Your eyes widen as he got lifted higher and higher into the air, eventually landing on the Troll's head. Harry then grabbed its elephant-like ears in an attempt to stay anchored when the Troll hurled him back and forth.

Harry's wand somehow ends up in the Troll's bulbous nose. 'That's absolutely disgusting.' You thought, making a face at the poor boy.

Harry gets whipped off the Troll's head and is held upside-down by the enormous being. "Do something!" He shouts.

The Troll begins swiping at Harry's upside-down form with its club as Ron asks, "What?"

"Anything! Hurry up!" Harry shouts impatiently.

Hermione, clearly knowing what Ron's about to do, directed him to "Swish and flick!"

Ron apparently took Hermione's pronunciation tip to heart earlier that day, "Wingardium Leviosa!"

The club was lifted out of the Troll's grasp and weightlessly floated above it before crashing back down. The troll wavers, drops Harry, and slowly crashes down to the ground, effectively being defeated.

"Is it... dead?" Hermione asked as she helps pull you up from under the sinks.

"I don't think so. Just knocked out." Harry replies, walking forward and taking his wand out of the nose, mucus trailing from the wand and back to the inside of the Troll's nostril. "Ew. Troll boogies."

Harry wiped his wand on his robes to clean the mucus off, 'Ok... that is absolutely disgusting. Why would he dirty his robes with— with troll mucus!' You stare, obviously disturbed by his actions.

Suddenly, McGonagall, Snape, and Quirrell come rushing into the bathroom. They gasp at the sight of the Troll knocked out on the ground before them and take a sweeping glance across the demolished bathroom.

"Oh! Oh, my goodness! E-Explain yourselves, both of you!"

Ron and Harry shared a look before staring dumbly at Professor McGonagall, "Well, what it is...."

"It's my fault, Professor McGonagall." Hermione interrupted.

'What?' You think dumbly, giving a pointed stare at Hermione, 'Did she just take all of the blame for this.'

"Miss Granger?" McGonagall points her criticizing look at Hermione now.

"I went looking for the troll. I'd read about them and thought I could handle it. But I was wrong. If Harry and Ron hadn't come and found me... I'd probably be dead." Hermione justified.

"And you, Miss L/n? What are you doing here? Snape drawls from behind McGonagall.

"I noticed Hermione wasn't at the feast earlier, sir. I went to look for her to warn her of the dangers." You replied to your head of house.

"Very well. You will be getting detention tomorrow after classes for your lack of judgement." Snape finished.

You breathed a sigh of relief, glad that there was no severe punishment for being here. You look to follow the Golden Trio out of the bathroom after you finished your conversation with Snape, hoping to at least get a thank you out of any of them.


You walk quietly behind your friends, listening in to their conversation, "Good for you to get us out of trouble like that." Harry looks at Hermione.

'Yeah, it was good of her. Personally, I wouldn't have thrown myself under the bus for you guys.' You think.

Ron spoke up next, "Mind you, I mean, we did save her life."

You listened to their dumb friendship spiel as you slowly got angrier and more jealous of their close-knit friendship that you are no longer a part of.

Hermoine didn't even say thank you. You also tried to save her, and what did Ron mean when he said, 'What are friends for?' You were once Ron's friend before he threw you away with the only reason being that you are a Slytherin.

You are left alone in the corridor when the trio start walking up the stairs to their common room. You stared after them until you couldn't even hear them anymore, 'What have I done to not deserve that kind of friendship. Is it really because I'm in Slytherin and not Gryffindor?'


"I can't believe they wouldn't even thank you afterwards." Millicent gaped at you from her bed. She hugged her pillow tightly during the story with the troll, seeming to be highly invested in the action of it all.

"Yeah, I graciously tried saving Hermione out of my good senses and not only did I not get a thank you, but I also got completely ignored on the way back." You complained, throwing your blanket aside so you could lay down.

"Well, you don't need those dumb Gryffindor's anyways," Pansy groggily spoke up, "And go to sleep, we have classes tomorrow morning and I don't want to be tired because you both won't stop gossiping."

You briefly glared over at Pansy's bed across the room from yours, only seeing a blanket covering the entirety of her body. You turn to Millicent and politely say goodnight as you blow out the candle sitting on your nightstand and fall into a dreamless slumber.