Admiring the Stars | D. Malfoy

Chapter 2

 Ron stares agape, unsure of how to proceed in this conversation. He finally seems to gather his thoughts and continues, "So- so it's true? I mean, do you really have the... the..."

"The what?" Harry asks.

Ron shuffles a bit, glancing at you for a second before finishing his question, "Scar...?"

Harry opens his mouth in an "o" shape and lifts his bangs to reveal the lightning-shaped scar. You stare at it for a moment, not as excited about this conversation as Ron is.

You shuffle in your seat for a moment and look out of the window, watching the green hills roll by. Not too many moments pass before a reasonably old woman comes by the compartment you all stay in, "Anything off the trolley, dears?"

Ron holds up his smushed sandwiches, at which you had to hold in a snicker from the mess of bread, meat, and cheese, "No, thanks, I'm all set."

You turn away from his 'sandwiches' and inspect the trolley full of all kinds of sweets. You pulled out a small pouch full of coins that your mother gave you before her trip and purchase some sweets from the lady, 'Don't want to get too much; I'll get a stomach ache.'

You almost let out a gasp when Harry pulls out some coins, "We'll take the lot!"

You and Ron stare at the coins in shock, 'Woah! This guy is really going to buy the whole cart?!'


"So, Y/n," Harry starts, his hands full of the sweets that he bought. He looks towards you; by now, you've pulled out your potions textbook from your bag. You looked up from the book and stuck a small parchment slip between the pages you had opened.

"Yes?" You respond politely.

"What are you reading?" He asks, giving you a small smile.

"My potions textbook for this year."


"Yeah," you look back down to the textbook, trying to stop the conversation from progressing; you really just wanted to get ahead while you were on the train instead of having to read in the dormitories later for homework.

Ron, apparently unable to sense that you want to be left alone for a while, starts up another conversation topic, "So, what house do you think you will be in, Y/n?"

You shift on the blue seat of the train compartment and fully close your textbook, knowing you wouldn't be able to ignore this conversation since he directed it to you. You place the potions textbook on the seat to your left and look at Ron.

"Well, my mum was in Hufflepuff when she went to Hogwarts, but Will said that I'm too mean to be a Hufflepuff." You said with a small laugh.

"That's right! Your mother was a Hufflepuff wasn't she? That would be nice if you were in Hufflepuff, too." Ron replies, seemingly ignoring your comment about what Will said, "So what house do you want to be in Harry?"

"House?" Harry replies, utterly confused.

You glance at Ron with a face that screamed, 'Come on Ron, of course he doesn't know about houses; he didn't even know how to get onto the platform.'

Ron looks at Harry with an apologetic face, "Sorry, mate, I forgot that you don't know anything about Hogwarts."

"Well, there are four houses in Hogwarts; Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff. All of the new students are sorted into each house before they even start classes." Ron leans excitedly towards Harry, "My whole family are Gryffindors, so I think that's what I'll become. Or at least that's what I hope I'll be."

Ron leans back into the blue material of the seat and gains a sour look on his face, "Then there are the Slytherin's. Gryffindor's arch nemesis. There's not a single witch or wizard who went bad who wasn't in Slytherin."

You frown slightly at his wording, a little uncomfortable at the way he spoke about Slytherins, "Ron, you can't just judge an entire house just by how some of the people act. I'm sure there are some nice Slytherins in there."

Harry stares at you for a moment, then looks to Ron and asks, "Does that mean Slytherin's are considered the bad people in Hogwarts?"

Your head snapped from Ron to Harry as he said this, 'Did he not listen to a word I just said?!', you think.

"So, how will I know which house I would fit into?" He leaned back into the candy wrapper-covered seat.

'From the first impression that you just made, you definitely won't be in Ravenclaw.' You think to yourself, thinking back to all of the times he just made some less than intelligent remarks.

Tired of this conversation, you stand from your spot next to Ron to give your brain a break from the stupidity in this compartment, 'We must be getting close by now, I should get changed into my robes.'

You walk towards the door and grip the handle, about to leave but stop when you hear Ron ask, "Where are you going?"

You turn back around to Ron and Harry, who are just staring at you, awaiting your response, "I'm just going to get changed into my robes." Ron nods at the response and turns back to Harry.


You walk down the narrow hallway that connects all compartments. You tug at the sleeves of your black robe, trying to get used to the long garment of clothing that will accompany you throughout your entire time in Hogwarts.

You walk past a few more compartments until spotting a bushy-haired girl about to open the compartment door that Harry and Ron are in. Before she does, she looks at you, "Have you seen a toad? A boy named Neville lost one."

You reply with a quick 'no' and excuse yourself as you slide past her and into the compartment, leaving the door open so she can enter after you.

You pick up the potions textbook that you left on the seat, flipping to the page you left your bookmark in. You didn't even notice that you interrupted Ron attempting to do a spell, or that the bushy-haired girl had asked the boys if they've seen or lost Neville's toad.

However, you did notice when the girl plopped herself down next to you and in front of Harry. You watched as she performed a spell to fix his glasses. You raise your eyebrows, impressed by this girl's magical ability.

You listen as she introduces herself to Harry and Ron. Then, Hermione, as you learned her name a moment ago, turns to you, waiting for your introduction, "Y/n L/n, pleasure to meet you."

At that point, Hermione noticed the now-forgotten book in your hands and gets visibly excited, "What are you reading?"

"Oh, I'm trying to get ahead and read my potions textbook." You politely reply to her, giving a small smile.

"I love to read as well- well that's assuming that you like to read normal books too, but I've already read most of the textbooks needed for the first year." She responds, flustering herself slightly in the middle of her ramble.

"Yeah! I understand, I love to read and I just wanted to get ahead while I can. You never know what to expect about the teachers, right?" You say, happy to have a conversation with someone who has an IQ level higher than single digits.

"Never can, we should talk more when we arrive at Hogwarts. I believe we will make excellent friends." She agrees while beginning to stand. You quickly agree, excited at successfully making a new friend.

"It was a pleasure meeting you all," Hermione gets up and walks to the door; she looks at Ron and Harry and continues, "You two better change into your robes. I expect we'll be arriving soon."

You smile and nod at her. She smiles back and looks to Ron before leaving entirely, "You've got dirt, on your nose, by the way, did you know? Just there." She points.

Ron rubbed at his nose, embarrassed.

You chuckle at Ron and his ability to have a random smudge of dirt on his nose even when indoors and returns to your textbook. However, you are aware of Harry stealing glances at you every now and then and seeming to want to say something but not knowing the right words.

You continue your reading for the rest of the ride, even when the boys went to get their robes on.

When you feel the train slow to a halt, you close the textbook, placing it in your bag, and glance outside. 'I've made it to Hogwarts, Mum. It seems like my adventure has truly begun.'