Admiring the Stars | D. Malfoy

Chapter 1

 You heard a tapping throughout the house as an owl perches on the small flowerbed outside. The tapping stops only for a moment before starting again, creating a rhythm that is only known to itself. Your family stares at the owl for a moment before your mother breaks the silence, "Y/n, why don't you go and open the window for the poor owl, I think it's got a letter attached to it."

You stare unenthusiastically for a moment, thinking it's just another letter from the Ministry of Magic. You set your fork down and cross the dining room to the kitchen window, letting the owl inside. It shakes its body a bit before poking its leg out, revealing the letter tied to it.

Instead of the typical 'M' representing the Ministry, you see a red seal and your address on the back. "Mum, I don't think this is from the Ministry."

Your brother, William, gets up from his spot to investigate, "Woah, it looks fancy."

Understanding what the red seal meant, your mother left her seat and snatched the letter out of your hands. "Y/n! This is from Hogwarts!"

"What." You reply, unable to wrap your head around the letter that had arrived from your dream school.

"Open it!" Your mother begs.

Your family stares at you with expecting eyes, waiting to see what will be written within.

"Okay..." You awkwardly give a smile, breaking the seal, and begins reading, "Dear Ms. L/n, we are pleased to inform you that you have a place at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment." You progressively get more excited as you continue, "Term begins on September 1st. We await your owl by no later than July 31st. Yours sincerely, Minerva McGonagall, Deputy Headmistress." You blink once, twice, three times before looking towards your parents and shouting, "Mum! Dad! I've made it to Hogwarts!"

Your parents are shouting with you, excited for your new adventure that awaits. William stares dumbfounded at the letter.


A few days have passed since the letter came in, and currently, you were sitting in the living room reading a book that you haven't picked up in a month. Suddenly your mother came home from work with an excited glint in her eyes, and she ushered you to get dressed. You rush upstairs and throw on a soft green jumper sitting on the back of your desk chair along with a pair of jeans and your favorite pair of shoes.

You rush back downstairs and find your mother and William standing in front of the fireplace. Your mother turns to you and finally reveals why you had to leave the house, "We're going to Diagon Alley for your school supplies! Aren't you excited?"

You didn't want to hurt her feelings by saying that you just wanted to stay home, so you gave a small smile and responded, "Yeah, let's go."

"Alright, you know the drill Y/n." Your mom directs, and you nod, grabbing a hand full of floo powder from the small leather pouch she was holding. You step into the fireplace, feeling the soot on the bottom of your shoes. You throw down the powder and yell, "DIAGON ALLEY!"


It's been a long day of shopping, an exciting one, but a tiring day of carrying around bags and rereading the list you brought with you. You only had your pet left to get, and soon you would be home.

You, your mother, and Will walked up to the Magical Menagerie to get you an owl.

Glancing around the small building, you could hear countless animals hooting, meowing, croaking, and others inside. Your mother let you and Will walk around for a bit to find an owl for yourself while she went to discuss prices with the cashier.

After watching countless screech owls, great-horned owls, and tawny owls, you come across a milky brown-colored barn owl with tiny speckles of black across its body.

You stare at it, and it stares back for a good minute before you smile and decide, "Hey, mum! How about this one?"


"I don't understand why Will needed to get a cat when he's not even going to go to a wizarding school for the next three years." You stare blatantly at Will and the fluffy brown kitten that he cradles in his arms.

"He's not just a cat Y/n, he has a name and it's Oscar." William retorts.

"We got him Oscar so he won't be alone while you're gone." Your mother calmly states.


You are exhausted from your day of shopping. After all of the excitement and walking around, you can barely drag yourself up the stairs so you can jump onto your bed and crash.

You are only halfway up the stairs when your mother calls to you, "Remember Y/n, I have to go to work the day you are going to Hogwarts; so the Weasley's are taking you to platform 9 3/4. I'm really sorry that I'll miss saying goodbye to you, but you know how my work at the ministry keeps me busy."

You understand that your mom is a very busy lady, but it still hurts a little knowing that she won't come to see you off. You shout back, "It's fine Mum, I understand."

You finish making your way up the stairs with a sigh and turn to your room. It's fine, you tell yourself, you like the Weasley's. You've known them all your life; your mothers went to school together. You see the Weasleys as a part of your family, just as they see you and Will as a part of theirs.


You wake up to a loud rapping on your door. "What," you groan, rolling over to your other side. As the rapping continues, you open your eyes and yell out, "WHAT!"

You sit up and stare at your door, seeing Will stand there with Oscar in his arms. "The Weasley's will be here in 30 minutes."

He turns quickly with a mischievous smile on his face and runs off to his room.

You were about to chase after him before you finally registered his words, "The Weasley's will be here in 30 minutes... 30 MINUTES! WILL, WHY DIDN'T YOU WAKE ME UP SOONER?!"

You rush past your trunk, which you packed the night before, and put on a jumper and some jeans. You race through your morning routine and put Athena in her cage. Finally, you were ready for your journey to Hogwarts.

You go to the living room just as a flock of redheads invades your home.

A pair of voices call out from behind you, grabbing your trunk and owl, "Hello Y/n."

You spin around and find the twins, Fred and George, carrying the trunk and Athena out of the house.

You immediately make a mental note to check your trunk carefully once you get to Hogwarts, thinking that they will do something to prank it.

Molly walks in and greets your mother and you before walking back out, "Good to see you Will, and sorry this is such short notice, but we are running a bit late thanks to this bloke." She nudges Ron's head.

Speaking of the not-so-smart ginger, he greets you and begins to pull you out to the car so you all could go to Kings Cross.

"Have fun at Hogwarts, Y/n! Don't miss us too much! And remember, even if you aren't a Hufflepuff, I won't be disappointed in you, so go and enjoy your journey!" Your mother says, patting you on the head before letting you leave.

Before you could get leave, William runs up with Oscar following close behind him. He gives you a tight embrace before looking down and mumbling, "I won't miss you by the way...."


You quickly walk through Kings Cross Station, pushing your trolley along next to Ron. You chat with him about what you think Hogwarts is going to be like while also trying to keep up with his mother.

You both stop talking when you hear your name being mentioned, "It's Y/n and Ron's first time too."

You look up to see Mrs. Weasley talking to a scrawny black-haired boy with round glasses. He gives you a slight smile which Ron returns, as you just continue to stare with a blank expression.

Mrs. Weasley explains to the boy how to get on the platform and has the twins go first to demonstrate. Right after Fred and George go through, the black-haired boy runs into the wall that will take him onto the platform. Once he disappears entirely, Mrs. Weasley gives you the go-ahead to go through the pillar.

You wait on the other side for Mrs. Weasley and Ron. While waiting, you look around the platform and see two heads of platinum blond hair in the distance. 'What an interesting hair color,' you think.

Right as the thought crosses your mind, Ron makes an appearance behind you and asks, "What are you looking at?"

You look back at him as he waits for you to respond and just reply with, "I'm just looking at the people."

"Come on Y/n, Ron, time to get you on the train!" Mrs. Weasley instructs you both. You and Ron board the train, looking back and waving goodbye to Mrs. Weasley and Ginny. You watch as they wave back and the train departs from the station.

You and Ron walk down the train, looking into all of the full compartments until you come across one that only has a single person in it. You recognize the boy to be the one that needed help getting onto the platform. Ron opens the compartment door and asks the boy if you and him could sit along with him since all of the other compartments are full. You would've sat down whether he agreed or not.

Once the boy agrees, both you and Ron walk into the compartment and sit down. Ron introduces himself and then looks at you, expecting you to do the same. You look towards the black-haired boy, "Hello, I'm Y/n L/n."

The boy looks at you both and then says, "I'm Harry, Harry Potter." You see Ron's jaw drop and knew that this was going to be a long ride.