Twisted in Ties (Loki x OC)

Chapter 26

Izetta's POV

We headed off again, Loki being put back in the driver seat since Thor and I needed to keep an eye on Jane. I looked around at the wasteland that surrounded us. Something about it felt familiar...badly familiar. Loki and Thor were more focused on Jane than I was.

"What I could do with the power that flows through those veins." Thor looked back at him.

"Don't even think about it. Izetta would control it before you would. She is connected to it too, you know." Loki looked at me, but I didn't say anything, looking back out at the world around us. "We don't know why, but...she can control the Aether."

"I wouldn't say that. I only got a sliver of it before," I reminded him.

"You held it in your hands with ease, that says something," Thor told me. I frowned.

"...Define 'something'." Loki was still looking at me.

"Maybe you're one of them." I looked back at him, fear instantly rising at his conclusion.

"No! I can't be! I'm..." I paused. "I-I'm not just one thing. Odin himself said so. I'm a combination of creatures. We're sure of it."

"Did he say what creatures?" I frowned.

"...We...we couldn't tell."

"...Well, if you don't know, perhaps I would be able to control it better." Loki wouldn't let up.

"It would consume you," Thor told him sternly.

"She's holding up alright," Loki argued. "for now."

"She's strong in ways you'd never even know."

"Say goodbye," Loki told him.

"Not this day."

"This day, the next, a hundred years, it's nothing!" Loki insisted. "It's a heartbeat. You'll never be ready." He looked at me. "Either of you. The way you protect the mortals in your lives as if you'll get to spend eternity with them. It's pathetic!" I growled.

"At least we have hearts for good people! You kill them with pleasure!"

"The only reason you're different from him is that you didn't realize just what you were! Your ignorance was the only reason you could live happily on Earth!" He looked back at Thor. "The only woman whose love you've prized will be snatched from you."

"And will that satisfy you?"

"Satisfaction is not in my nature."

"Surrender's not in mine." Loki grinned.

"The Son of Odin-"

"No! Not just of Odin! You think you alone were loved of Mother? You had her tricks, but I had her trust!"

"Trust?" Loki growled. "Was that her last expression? Trust!? When you let her die!?"

"She fought for Asgard and for you her entire life!" I snapped. Thor quickly agreed with me.

"What help were you in your cell!?"

"Who put me there?" He snarled. "Who put me there!?"

"YOU KNOW DAMN WELL!" Thor said, pushing him back angrily and pinning him against the side of the ship. "YOU KNOW DAMN WELL WHO!" Thor backed off after a moment and I held my tongue, keeping an eye on Jane. "...She wouldn't want us to fight." Loki still didn't seem fazed.

"Well, she wouldn't exactly be shocked." The two of them smiled a bit.

"I wish I could trust you." Thor turned away and I glanced at Loki. He didn't notice my gaze, focused on his brother.

"Trust my rage." I felt a hint of anger myself.

"That's the one thing I can trust, honestly," I added. Loki looked at me, but our eyes only met for a moment. I looked away, scanning the area around us. I got up, stretching my wings a little.

"I should check around, make sure we're alone," I said to Thor.

"Go. But not far. Stay within our sight at all times." I nodded and took off. I scanned around, looking for any sort of traps or anything that might be able to help Jane faster. I didn't find anything for Jane, but I spotted something off in the distance. It was sparkling in what little light was in this realm. For some reason, I was drawn to it. I flew back to the others.

"Hey!" They looked over at me. "I think I found something!" I flew off and, as I was flying, I checked to see if they were following. They were. I lead the way to an open field that had a bit more rough terrain than I had expected.

We landed down and I padded along, checking the area to make sure it was safe. They stayed on the ship until I signaled that we were fine. Thor made sure Jane was alright before the boys followed after me, keeping their guards up as well. I stopped as I reached what was sparkling. It was some sort of strange shield. It seemed to have a glowing power still inside it, but just barely. I frowned.

"What is this...?" Loki looked over my shoulder.

"Oh, wonderful. Look, brother! She's found the shield of a Light Elf! Fantastic." He remarked sarcastically. Thor ignored him.

"Wait," He examined it closer. "this is the shield of a great general. Mother used to tell us tales about him." Thor turned to Loki. "The one who was both Light and Dark...wasn't it?"

I looked around, seeing many more shields and weapons covered in dirt sprawled across the land. I walked along, sensing something in the air around us. It made my heart beat faster. I felt uncomfortable all over my entire body.

"...Thor...this...this is the place I saw."

"What?" He didn't seem to believe it either.

"What are you both talking about?" Loki asked.

"This is the place of her vision," Thor answered. They were both focused on me now.

"...I was here." I could hear screams again. Cries of battle and pain along with the rage from the man I saw fighting Malekith. I remembered it clearly now.


"Take her! Take her and run away! Make sure she's safe!!"

"Wait! Mother, we can't leave him!"

"Run, my son! We have to run! We need to protect your sister!" I cried as my mother grabbed me, picking me up in her arms and taking my brother's hand. His twin sister took his hand as we ran. I didn't want to run away. I wanted to go back.


"GO!" He screamed, facing Malekith with rage and bravery. My mother and the twins looked away as I dropped my doll, reaching out for my father and wailing, begging with my few words not to leave him behind.

"Daddy!! No!" They fought hard and I saw my father fall before the Dark King. I screamed as we were taken away, hurrying back to Alfheim where it would be safe. But I didn't care about that.


*End Flashback*

I gasped as I came out of my memory. Tears were rolling down my face, but I only just now noticed them. Thor and Loki were still watching me, afraid to try and intervene.

"...Izetta?" Thor asked cautiously. I didn't really hear him. I kept walking, looking around before stopping. I sat down and moved the dirt away. I could feel my heart racing and shattering at the same time. I turned back into my hybrid form, kneeling there. I held the little doll of some strange creature I couldn't remember the name of. I was afraid to ask...but I knew I had to.

"Who was his father?" They didn't answer for a moment.

"What?" Loki asked.

"Who was that elf's father?" They were silent.

"The story went that a maiden of Alfheim was once taken and forced to bear a son by a creature of darkness. When her father...the king of Alfheim came, she was dead and only the child lived. He took the child back with him, raising him as his own. It was said that he married a woman of great power, a woman who was arguably one of the most beloved demi-goddesses there ever was. We know not if she truly had godly origins, but it was not questioned thanks to her abilities. They had a son, but...all that is known after that is the warrior died in battle trying to save his child. There is nothing else. The story was more just a tale for children above anything else. Nobody knew if it was true. Light Elves became very reserved...and then they all died off." As Thor explained, I felt all the feeling leave my body.

"...His true father was Malekith." I began. I looked at my hands, shaking. "...and I'm..."

"No..." Thor denied it.

"...I'm the youngest child."

"You're Malekith's...granddaughter." Loki didn't seem to believe it either. "You are a Dark Elf." I stood up. My anger was immeasurable. I could feel my power swirling in my hands.

"Izetta..." Thor said nervously. I growled darkly and I screamed as I threw a blast of some sort of bright force, completely destroying the terrain in front of me. The ground was burned, I had blasted a large hole into one of the rock formations ahead, and my fists were still shaking with rage and power.

"...My word..." Loki sounded nervous at the display of power. I growled again, dispelling the rest of the power that had gathered in my hands.

"That sick bastard..." My eyes were glowing with anger as I faced them. "will die today." Both of them took a few steps back.

" least you're still on our side," Thor said, keeping his distance from me.

"Be thankful for that." I walked past them, heading back to the ship. They followed after me, finally daring to get close again. 

"So...some family history." Loki chimed in. I shot a glare at him, but he kept going. "Part Dark Elf, Part Light Elf, and...even a bit of god in you. What a combination." I smirked, getting an idea to make him nervous.

"Yeah. Want to be my test subject for it?" He stopped.

"I think I'll pass, thank you..." I chuckled.

"Don't worry," I said, hopping into the ship. "I'll just give you a show when we find Malekith." I helped him climb in as he got back into the driver's seat.

"I have no doubts about that."

We got back into the air and soon enough, Jane was awake. She got up a bit more unexpectedly than we'd figured she would. It was almost as if it was triggered by something. We found out what it was pretty quick. 

"Jane." Thor seemed both relieved and nervous. She got up and looked out as we saw the mother ship in the distance. My hatred was already resurfacing. 

"Malekith." I growled when she said the name. I already wanted to tear into every last one of them. No part of me wanted to even consider that he was my flesh and blood. After everything he'd done, he wasn't. I stepped forward, flexing my claws eagerly as we prepared ourselves.

"Looks like the show's about to begin."