Leave a light on


I'm writing a few stories at the moment because I've got loads of ideas but they're for completely different plot lines and if I merge them into one it wouldn't make sense. (Check out my other books if you want :)

This story is going to be about two best friends, Theodore DeMarco and Rayna Young.

Yes this is going to a 'boy next door' type of beat, bite me. I love them. Also going to be a 'we're not together but they're off limits' and possibly a 'pretend relationship', anddd 'everyone knows we're in love apart from us'.

I'm going all out to be honest, so action packed content ahead.

I'm going to go from character POV's and third person which I will clarify at the beginning of every chapter.

- I'll update as soon as I write a new chapter.

They might be short or long, all depends on the scene or situation.

Warning: mature content ahead ;)