Eat The Rich


"Got my Ray Bans on and I'm feelin' hella cool tonight, yeah

Everybody's vibin' so don't nobody start a fight, yeah,,

= Hugo =

I pulled up outside of Simone's in my Porsche Cayman beside Pierre. I'm not going to act like I didn't spend half the ride checking Anna out, she looks so hot. So hot that I placed my sunglasses on my head just so they wouldn't tint her complexion.

"Uh- hey, let's go."


I giggled slightly at the way Pierre sneakily placed his hand on her lower back, guiding her into the club. Smooth, but... he's going to have to share.

I stood on the other side on her and bent down slightly so I could converse with her.

"You look lovely."

"You can thank the girls for that."

"I think your mother is the one who needs thanking." I muttered as I opened the glass door.

The familiar smell of the bar hit me, as did the faint music and fading lights.


After holding the door for everyone I followed them in, and took the opportunity to steal Anna as Pierre greeted Simone. We're all friends with Simone because we come here so often, but they go way back, family stuff or something. I personally think they fuck, but he denies it.

"Let's go sit."

Pierre followed Simone to the bar as Lucas and I took the girls to the largest booth in the corner of the room, a circular seating area with black leather seats and neon lights shining from underneath.

I took off my jacket and sat in between Clem and Anna, making sure to sit close but not too close to her. I can't help but feel a little competitive tonight, especially with the way Pierre and Marinette are eying her. But they both know if she has to choose, it would be me...

I think.

Pierre came back with a tray full of drink. "Rum et coke." He placed a glass in front of Mari, "just coke" for Lucas, he doesn't drink because of sports and the fact that's he's fifteen.

"Paloma" for Clem, "Manhattan" for me. He placed a glass of Fanta on the table, that means he's not drinking tonight, either because he doesn't trust us or because he's playing the Dad of the group.

"And a s.εメ on the beach for Anastasia."

"Welcome to Paris." I raised my glass towards Anna.


We drank our drinks and a couple moments later the party was started. Casual conversation about Anna's home life intrigued me, I kinda hope she does a few shots so I can find out more.

She told us about her school, the way classes work and how everyone praises the ground she walks on so she has no real friends.

"So yeah, English girls are.. putes, and I can't be friends with boys or else Robbie-"

Robbie. She paused like she realised what she said.

"Well I don't have to worry about him anymore so I guess I can be friends with whoever I want."

"Who's Robbie?" Mari asked the question we were all wondering.

"He's the guy my family want me to be with. I tried really hard but he didn't and it was one-sided so I ditched him and fled the country."

Good, she's single. "As you should."

"Shots anyone?"


"Just one won't hurt P." Mari whined as she poured the third round of shots.

"I'd love to Mari but someone's got to keep you all in line."

"Lucas can do that, he doesn't drink so he can-"

"Can Lucas drive you home?"

"You're too responsible ew. I'll call a chauffeur."

"Ok. Fine, I'll have a couple."

"There we go!"

We took another round and the girls began muttering and whispering amongst themselves. "Sh! Come on."

The girls grabbed their feathery scarves and snook off onto the stage as Clem messed with the speakers and tv screen. Karaoke, their favourite.

Clem jumped onto the elevated stage with the girls and wrapped the scarves around them as the music started to play. The microphone stands were completely ditched as Clem started to sing.

"You change your mind, like a girl changes clothes.."

I can't tell what's more entertaining: the way the girls are dancing or the look on Lucas' face.

Marinette took the next part, more speaking than singing just so she can exaggerate the words. "Yeah you, PMS, like a bitch, I would know..."

My eyes were glued to the sheepish looking blonde on the left side of the stage, hiding behind the others and watched as Clem took charge of it all.

"And you over think, Always speak, Cryptically..."

Mari practically dragged Anna over to them and messed with the scarf around her neck as she softly sang the next part, "I should know... That you're no good for me..."

She softened up at the touch as they all started to sway and sing in harmony, doing some sort of dance jumping back and forth that looked choreographed but obviously wasn't, it must be one of those natural things that all girls do or from a video.

"'Cause you're hot then you're cold

You're yes then you're no

You're in then you're out

You're up then you're down

You're wrong when it's right

It's black and it's white

We fight, we break up

We kiss, we make up"

They were shaking their hair out and dancing back to back together as we sat and watched.

"You! You don't really want to stay, no... You! But you don't really want to go..."

There was no need for the lyrics on the tv screen above them because I'm pretty sure their eyes are closed. Anna's hands in her hair while she's leaning against Mari's back, Marinette's hands reaching back to glide up and down Anna's curves. She's winning. Fuck she better be straight.

"I should know... that you're not gonna change..."

Marinette must have remembered that they're not alone because she came back to the front of the stage to steal the show as Clem and Anna jumped in the background.

"...You're up then you're down."

"Woo!" I cheered as they gave us a spin and bow. Lucas clapped a couple times but I think he was still in a trance. Pierre stuck his finger in his mouth and gave them a whistle which made Anastasia's smile grow. Fuck this. "Another round?"

Lucas grabbed another bottle of coke as we all downed more shots. I've started to feel it but I'm still not drunk enough, the girls on the other hand are drunk on the atmosphere. Pierre still sat back observing on the other side of Anna, his top button has been undone though which is a start.

"Ay, who wants to play a game?" Marinette started as she slumped down onto the seat beside Lucas.

"I'm in."

"Action ou Vérité?" // truth or dare?

We all exchanged nods and agreed as Mari started the game. "P, truth or dare?"


"Take a shot for every girl you've been with."

He obviously didn't want to drink tonight and hesitated but eventually poured himself three shots. I can never tell with Pierre, they could be supermodels or girls from honour-level maths class.

"Clem, Truth or dare?"


"If you had to kiss one of us, who would it be?"

My eyes ventured to Lucas who waited eagerly for her to answer. "Je- um.."

She paused before sighing and reached down to slip off her heels. "Pass."

"Shoes don't count." Mari reminded her, causing her to take the scarf off from around her neck.



"Show us a picture or video from your 'my eyes only'."

Shit she knows what she's doing.

I pulled my phone out of my pocket and unlocked my 'eyes only' before scrolling through my images, I'd normally tilt my phone so the people beside me can't see, but I'm kind of hoping Anna peers over my shoulder.

I don't keep any of anyone apart from myself, which may seem self-absorbed but I'm just being respectful. They're not all inappropriate, ninety-percent is, but the other ten percent is just pictures or videos I don't want people seeing or watching. I giggled slightly at the one of my dick and abs before clicking on the one beside of me playing guitar. It looks like I'm naked because I'm only in boxers and I kept it hidden because I don't want anyone listening to me sing.

I muted my phone and turned my phone so they could just see me strumming on the guitar.

"Annie, Truth or dare."


There's so many things I could ask her, about Robbie or just herself in general. But I need to do something that will put me ahead of P and Mari.

"Answer the question I asked earlier."

She paused to remember but it only took a second for her to smirk at me and follow in Clem's footsteps, taking off her scarf. "Pass. Lucas?"


"Show us your most recent text conversation."

"D'accord..." he began flicking through his phone. He paused as his eyes grew and he gave me a death stare. Was I his last text?

I glanced through my messages with him from earlier.

L- *I can't risk it man.*

*dude she obviously feels the same, just bring it up in conversation.*

L- *you can hook up with Mari because you don't have feelings for her, I can't do that with her.*

*just talk to her, I know she likes you back. Worst situation, she friend-zones you, best situation though ;)*

L- *Pierre's here.*

"Pass." He studies his outfit before sighing and taking off his shirt.

"Should've shown them man." I smirked at his bright red face. He greeted me with a middle finger before asking Pierre, "Truth or dare?"


"Um... give someone a kiss."

Fuck off Lucas. He groaned and rubbed his temple, probably because he's not used to drinking so much, but maybe it's because of the question. On a normal night he'd make out with Mari but his eyes have been elsewhere tonight.

"Can I?" He turned to Anna. She seemed a lot drunker than earlier by the way she smiled and rocked. I rolled my eyes as she nodded and turned to him. It didn't last long and I cringed at the way he held her cheek.

Marinette chuckled at my pissed off expression but Pierre quickly shut her up. "Mari."


"Balls or boobs?"

"Boobs. Anna, truth or dare?"

I glanced to Anna who was staring down at her phone, with multiple notifications on her Lock Screen, all from Robbie.


"Sorry, shit. Robbie's calling me."

"Why don't you block him?" Clem commented, sparking an idea in my mind.

"Or just answer it, I'd love to meet him."

She turned to see the pleading grin on my face. I don't think she would've agreed without the alcohol in her system, but for some reason, she pressed answer.

"Anna what the fuck? I've been texting and calling all day! Where the fuck are you? I saw your snapchat, are you at a party?"

"Just out with a few friends."


"Why should I tell you?"

"Because I'm your boyfriend for fuck's sake!"

"Nope, not anymore."

"Anna come home right now!"

He's not attractive at all, and he looked about twenty, with his gelled back hair and tie.

I leant back and tapped Pierre, giving him a nod and a wink and praying that he'd go along with it. Marinette got up and walked behind us to peer at her phone.

"God Anna cover yourself up and come home now."

Before she could answer I pushed the hair off her neck, shortly followed by Pierre doing the same. I ran my fingers through her hair and grabbed onto the back of her head while I attached my lips to her neck, sucking and nibbling on the soft skin. I think Pierre did the same but I was too mesmerised by the smell of her vanilla perfume and focused on leaving a mark.

"Anna? What the fuck Anna?!"

She giggled and stretched back her neck, and after glancing up I noticed that not only did she have me and P either side of her neck, she had locked lips with Marinette.

"Anastasia! I'm calling your father and I'm coming to get you!"

She moaned softly as she pulled away from Mari and blew Robbie a kiss as she hung up the phone. "Au revoir."