Eat The Rich


"Been through some bad shit, I should be a sad bitch

Who woulda thought it'd turn me to a savage?,,

= Marinette =

"Tu ne comprends pas!" //you don't understand! My father screamed into the phone. I slipped my earphones into my ears to block him out as I left my bags at the door and snook into the kitchen. "je ne peux pas faire ça!" // I can't do that!

"Bonsoir Val." I jumped onto the kitchen table and watched as the chefs made dinner. "Je ne serai pas là pour le diner." // I won't be here for dinner.

I watched the water bubble in the pans as my music popped along with it.

"I wanna be your slave, I wanna be your master, I wanna make your heart beat, Run like rollercoasters..."

My phone beeped with a message from the group chat.

*4 new notifications from 'mangeurs de chatte'* // pussy eaters

I grinned at the groupchat's name before clicking on and reading the messages.

H- *I heard we're taking blondie out 2night, were you not going to tell us P?*

P- *I was going to text you after, I just wanted to show her around.*

H- *I just dropped her at Clem's, said I'd pick them up at 7, where you taking us loverboy?*

P- *I booked out Simone's.*

*I love the gc name, is this in general or a competition?*

H- *Good idea Mari ;)*

P- *NON! Don't even try anything, we just met her.*

H- *Why'd you reserve all of Simone's then?*

P- *We're hardly going to show her the Eiffel Tower and call it a night.*

H- *Touché. I think she has a boyfriend though.*

P- *fr?*

H- *Someone was blowing up her phone while we were in the car, Robert or something.*

I waited for the boys to type but they both stayed silent. Probably disappointed, I know I am.

Even though she seems straight, you never know.

P- *I'm getting Lucas now.*

*I'm going to Clem's in 15.*

P- *full gang? I'll bring the Mystery Machine.*

I jumped off the kitchen and grabbed a cupcake that was probably for dessert on my way out.

I slipped down the hallway and bumped into my father's new girlfriend.

"Watch where you're going." I scoffed.

"Watch what you're eating." She mocked.

I used my middle finger to scoop icing off the cake and licked it off my finger, keeping eye contact as I did so. I'm sick of her acting like my mother, she's only six years older. Her fake blonde hair looked like a Barbie doll, and her plastic face and body matches it. She's with him for the money, and he's with her for her body - how romantic.

I went upstairs to my room. The sun shone through my tall open windows, looking out into the city, the Eiffel Tower visible in the distance.

I turned to the mirror and began staring at my body. As much as I hated her, she wasn't wrong. I dropped the half-eaten cupcake into the bin and distracted myself by picking my outfit.

We're going to Simone's, so I have a valid excuse to dress like a hooker, one that isn't just to spite my father.

Mama is in Greece right now, living out her 'Mamma Mia' fantasies while she lives her best life, but I can't join her until I finish my studies. I don't get why they care so much about me finishing school, I'm never going to have to work a day of my life. Even if I wanted to, they'd hand it to me and then call me ungrateful.

I stopped to stare at myself in the mirror, I look dead. I always do, and I kind of rock it, but I look dead. A bit of concealer and thick eyeliner really helped, and so did brushing my hair until it was slick and tucked behind my ears, showing my new diamond studs that decorated the whole way up my ear.

I took my deep scarlet dress off the hanger and slipped it over my body, twisting and pulling to get it over my thighs. I don't have particularly large tits, but the push-up bra gave the illusion I did, my bust standing out, putting my trust in two thin straps.

I tossed my phone, perfume, lipstick and credit card into a purse and slipped my 4 inch heels on, wrapping the string up to my knees and masked myself in a deep but sweet Chanel perfume.

I picked up the old fashioned telephone off my desk and rang downstairs. "Pouvez-vous demander à André de ramener la voiture à l'avant s'il vous plaît?" //Can you ask André to bring the car to the front please?"

I hooked a long trench coat over me to avoid and body shaming from knock-off Barbie and rushed outside and into the black SUV waiting for me.

The car ride was as quiet as always. I spent most of it on Snapchat, texting Pierre and Hugo again. I get along with them best. Pierre and I are the oldest and almost share a birthday, Hugo following close behind. I've hooked up with him a few times, but purely as friends, and I've kissed Pierre but it's a brother-sister bond so nothing more than that.

Lucas and Clem are like the baby brother and sister, we all secretly ship them and I think they do too, but they won't do anything about it.

*mangeurs de chatte: snap from Hugo*

I opened the video to see Hugo showing off his suit and trying on different sunglasses to match it.

P- *3rd pair.*

*Non, defo the 2nd pair.*

H- *I'll go with the first pair then.*

I sent him a snap of my middle finger as we pulled up outside of the De Foix house.

"We have arrived Miss Moreau."


I love Clementine's house, it's like my second home. I made my way up to her room to find her and Anastasia still not dressed yet.

"The boys will be here in ten, hurry up!"

"D'accord d'accord!" // okay okay! Clem rushed back over to her wardrobe and pulled out her lilac body-con dress.

"Definitely the magenta, I like it." I pulled a dress out of Anna's wardrobe and held the bright pink against her tanned skin. "Try it on."

I left Anna to get changed while I went into Clem's room. "Black for you." She threw a feathered scarf over my shoulders and grabbed a white one for herself.

"We're going to Simone's right?" She whispered, "it's the only place the boys would willingly bring her on a Friday night."

"Oui." I pulled out my lipstick and fixed it in her large silver mirror. "Pierre's bringing Lucas."

"Bien." She smiled.

"How to I look?" Anastasia came into the room. Her blonde hair fell over her shoulders, the tight pink fabric gripping to her curvy body. The pink feathers were wrapped around her lower back, and in between the crease of her elbows, with a golden bag and heels to finish it off.

"fabuleuse." // fabulous.

"étonnante." // Amazing.

"Merci." She curtsied. "Can we take a pic?"

We all gathered together and put Anna's phone on timer as we posed for selfies and full length picture until we were interrupted by my phone's notifications.

H- *we're here*

"Let's go."