Be the Householder - 2

Side Story - Chapter 18

After hurriedly washing and getting ready, the ship was just entering the port.

"It's really Luman."

I muttered as I leaned against the railing on the deck.

I couldn't believe that the center of the East, Luman, which I always heard from the type above the report and the stories of people around me, was spread out in front of my eyes.


It was exactly what Avinox once told me.

White buildings with blue and red roofs on its tops, people dressed in colorful patterns, and narrow alleys tangled like spider webs blended together like a painting.

And there was something that made the scene even more perfect.

It was the joyful singing voice of the port workers waiting to unload the cruise ship.

Splash Splash

Is it the sound of waves or the sound of rowing?

Is it the sound of footsteps coming back, my dear who has gone far?

It was as Avinox said, it was an Eastern tradition to play music and sing along the shore while waiting for the return of the family who went out to sea.

Even when I first heard the eastern folk song, which was exciting but somewhat sad, it was familiar and friendly to my ears.

I was singing along to the song without realizing it, but Perez approached me and admired me briefly.

"It's incomparable to what it was a few years ago."

"Does that mean that it has prospered that much?"

"Yes. If it wasn't for cruise's destination, it was anchored incorrectly in another city. You might have thought that."

What was Luman like before the Eastern trade began?

Was it a small city with a much more secluded and beautiful seaside than it is now?

I suddenly became curious.

Perhaps he had read my thoughts, but Perez, who hugged me tightly from behind, kissed my head and informed me.

"There were not as many large dams as there are now. There were only a couple of them for trade with the eastern continent. The area over there with a lot of warehouses was a stony empty plain, and there were quite a few restaurants near the harbour."

"What about that big building up there? It looks a little new, doesn't it?"

"Hmm. It was originally a residential area. A lot has changed."

"Wow, that's really cool."

"It seems that there are many restaurants and inns along the harbor. How about leaving after having a meal over there, Tia?"

There are usually many restaurants near the stations and ports.

I nodded quickly.

"Let's have a meal and go to the Luman branch of Pellet Corporation in the port. From there we will be traveling in a carriage for a few more hours."

We have arrived in Luman, but our journey is not over yet.

There is a real destination.

Perez quietly listened to my explanation and replied with a smile.

"Wherever, wherever you go, Tia."


After filling up our stomachs at a restaurant we accidentally entered, we headed to the pellet store.

Coincidentally, the big building I pointed to on the cruise a while ago was the branch of the Pellet Corporation.

"Welcome! What brought you here?"

As soon as I stepped into the store, a lively voice asked me.

"Hello. I've come to see the manager Brady Locke."

Brady, a man with particularly pale skin and reddish brown hair, has been an employee who has worked with Violet since the first Gallahan clothing store was opened.

It was about a year and a half ago that Brady Locke was appointed as the manager of the Luman branch, which is one of the most important areas.

It was a personnel change that occurred when I became the head of Lombardy and Violet became the chief of the top of the Pellet Corporation.

"If it's the manager, he's upstairs..."

The manager of the Pellet Corporation was not a person who could be met because someone said he would meet him.

"Did you make a previous appointment..."

It was when the staff carefully started the word, wondering how to explain this well.


A man in his mid-thirties ran down the stairs from the upper floor with a slight rattling noise.

"Oh, you're here!"

It seems that Violet had already told Brady Locke.

"It's been a while, Brada. How have you been?"

"Yes! Of course! Thanks to the Lord and the Lombardi family.... Heuk! Well, then this person..."

Brady, who belatedly found Perez standing next to me, shook his hand and bowed.

"It is my honor to greet you in this way, Your Majesty!"


When I turned around at the strange sound of a leaking wind, the employee who had just greeted us was standing there with a pale face.

"Lom... Lombardi... Yo- your Majesty?!"

I didn't mean to reveal who we were here, but it didn't really matter.

We have already arrived in the East and there is nothing that Chanton Sushou can do if he finds out later that I have moved with Perez first.

Luman is a friendly land to Lombardi in many ways.

I smiled softly at the employee, who seemed to have been struck by lightning, and then asked Brady.

"I want to have tea together, but there is someone waiting for us. Can I get into the carriage right away, Brady?"

"Of course! I've got everything ready!! Give me your luggage!"

The manager of the Pellet Corporation took the bag from Perez's hand like a porter.

The carriage was ready in front of the side door of the branch.

It was a carriage that was fully prepared as the road ahead was a little rough.

"This carriage will take you two there. The coachman was also very skilled."

"Thank you, Brada. See you at the wedding in a few days."

"Yes! Be carefully on your way to your destination!"

Brady Locke didn't straighten his back until he could no longer see our carriage.

Passers-by, who recognized of such manager of the Pellet Corporation, were seen chattering.

Only then will the rumors spread.

I shook my head and laughed, then yawned a little.

"Are you tired?"

Perez, who had been looking out the window and watching the streets of Luman until now, noticed it like a ghost and asked.

"Hmm, a little bit?"

"Are you sick, Tia? I think your stamina is too weak." (TN: Hey, you the owner of the body which is strong and last long, how can you said that after rolling a lady after a few days?)

"It's not that I have weak stamina, it's that I used too much stamina...!"

I shouldn't speak.

Perez laughed as he turned his head without speaking.

As expected, he knew everything but made fun of me.

Where have I suffering from?

I changed my mind about leaning against the wall of the carriage and closing my eyes, and laid down on Perez's legs as a pillow.

"We will have to go for about three hours from now. Wake me up when we arrive."

No matter how steely Perez is, if you put his lap as pillow for three hours, his legs will go numb.

I closed my eyes pretending not to know.

Of course, I really didn't mean to bother Perez for hours.

I was going to pretend to sleep for a while and wake up.

Sarak, Sarak.

A large hand began to caress my head.

Oh, you can't do this.

I really fall asleep.

Thinking like that, I tried to get up, but my eyes were already starting to blur.

I looked up before falling asleep completely, and Perez was looking at me with a more comfortable smile than ever.

"Sleep tight, Tia."


"...Are you really okay?"


"Are you really not numb at all?"

How can a person be like that?

At my continuing question, Perez tilted his head as if he did not know what the problem was.

"It was only a few hours."

"Normally, it's hard even for an hour, Perez."

"Is that so?"

Perez shrugged with a relaxed face, as if he did not understand.

"I think the next ten hours will be fine."

"...I feel like I lost."

I forgot for a moment that Perez's body, which pulls out the auror, is very different from the ordinary people.

"Is it because you're tired? Do you want to sleep more?"


I shook my head.

It wasn't because of that.

"We're almost there."

"Your destination... is this here?"

I arrived at the place where I, who was heated by Chanton Sushou's counterattack, hid my identity and advanced my journey for several days.

It's hard to understand why such an important place is in the middle of such an empty farmland.

Just in time, the carriage was slowly stopping.

I first opened the carriage door wide and said to Perez.

"Let's go, they'll be waiting for us."

My steps to take the lead were a little faster than usual.

I couldn't help it because I was excited.

"Tia, you'll fall."

"You worry too much, Perez."

Of course, this was my first time here.

However, the map of this place, which I have seen several times since the day it was built, was clear in my mind.

A straight road that cuts through the plains wide enough to be hard to see the end.

On both sides of it, golden-ripe crops swayed in the wind.

And on the road, there stood the person I had been wanting to see for a long time.


At my call, Larane, wearing Luman's signature blue dress, looked back.

Larane, wearing a large hat that blocks the sunlight, smiled wider than ever with this golden field in the background. (TN: Larane is the character with constant angelic atmosphere from the beginning of this novel until now.)


I barely went back and forth from the mansion to the greenhouse to see her. It's really the soft Larane, right?

Larane, who ran without a break, came and hugged me.

"It's been so long! How have you?"

"Of course! Larane looks very healthy, too!"

We checked each other's well-being for such a long time.

"Oh my, look at my mind. Have you been well, Your Majesty?"

"Long time no see, Larane."

Perez also greeted Larane warmly.

However, he looked like someone who has the question did not seem to have been solved.

Anyway, it was a trip to the east that I had planned to attend the wedding of Larane and Avinox.

It was a face that did not understand why I had left Lombardi so quickly.

I approached Perez and asked.

"You still don't know?"

I took him by the hand and led him to the field by the road.


Just then, a long wind blew across the field.

Perez indifferently threw his gaze towards the place.

That was the moment.

The red eyes shook once.

"Now you know, right? The reason why I asked you to accompany me."

"Tia, this is..."

Perez reached out to the crops in disbelief.

However, the tickling sensation that rubs against his palm is the real thing that does not disappear.

"Yeah. Wheat, Perez."


Ripe wheat danced in unison in the wind that rushed in like a wave.

"Now the East is also producing wheat."