Be the Householder - 2

Chapter 169

Eventually, Larane was trapped in her room.

At first he asked for the cooperation of the Knights of Lombardy and wanted them to guard the door, but he was flatly rejected.

Now Serral, Viege, and Bellesac take turns guarding the visit.

I said I wanted to go and see Larane , but I had to be kicked out with only a look close to Serral"s contempt.

"But do you think I will give up?"

I leaned against the window of my room and looked at the darkened evening sky.

And gradually the stars appeared one by one and it was close to night.


The sound of the iron gate of the mansion across the garden closing was heard in the distance.

Now that door won"t open until dawn, unless something special happens.

No one can enter or leave the mansion.

Of course, Viege"s family, who are aware of the fact, will have no choice but to loosen their guard.

It"s late again, so he might have just fallen asleep guarding the door.

"Time"s up."

I realized before I knew it was almost time and went outside.

The trees in the small forest next to the annex seemed to sing a pas song along with the wind.

And when the song subsides for a while.


Perez walked out of the dark forest.

The walls of the Lombardi mansion are high, and the Lombardi knights and soldiers are guarding it without a hitch.

It was meaningless in front of Perez, who exceeded human limits in many ways, like dealing with aura.

"What happened? You asked me to meet you first."

Perez immediately grabbed my hand and kissed the back of my hand.

"Is it almost two months? Now it looks like Perez has returned to the Ecliptic."

In the meantime, Perez was away to the South.

Maybe he went to take care of something.

After pausing at my words, Perez regained his smile after a while.

"Yes, Tia, you did, I forgot for a moment. I"m still adjusting."

It"s already been three months since Perez found out who I am as the owner of Pellet Corporation.

But every time the memories of that time come to mind, Perez seemed so surprised and delighted again.

"But why did you call me today, Tia? I"m glad to see you. I don"t think there"s anything going on......."

Perez, who was approaching me, stopped talking.


Perez"s gaze touched my lips, which had burst from being slapped by Viege.

And the wind blew.

Until just a moment ago, trees, which had been dancing pleasantly in the wind, began to hum and tremble threateningly.

It was because of the heavy wave that spread around Perez.

In the meantime, I could tell by the quietness around me.

"Who is it, Tia?"

At first glance, a friendly voice permeated the life.

Perez"s pupil color was also slightly different than usual.

"Who did hurt you?"

Perez said, raising an eyebrow as if he were sicker.

I shook my head at such a Perez.

"Put down your energy."

With my words, the power to suppress the surroundings disappeared like a lie.


The birds, unable to escape, were finally seen flying far away from the tree.

"It doesn"t matter who hurt me, Perez."

"Why it doesn"t matter?"

Perez seemed unhappy to not to tell him who did this, and his eyes were still sharp looking at my swollen lips, but he nodded gently.

"How did that happen?"

"In fact, a few days ago......."

I gave Perez a brief summary of what had happened.

And added at the end.

"That"s why I need you, Perez."


Perez blinked for a moment at my words and smiled.

The scent of the forest was a deep, deep smile that told me to go away.

"Why are you smiling like that?"

"I"m glad. I mean, Tia needs me."

"You"re such a big deal......."

I shut up trying to beat Perez out of habit.

I"m the one who"s asking Perez for a favor.

You can"t do this.

I said, nodding my head and walking in the lead.

"I don"t think it"s that difficult for you. I need your help first, Perez."


Dude, he"s totally excited.

I started walking through the forest with Perez.

It was a road where the guards, who were walking around on time, didn"t travel well.

And where we were headed was the main building.

Standing face to face with Perez in the dark shade of hard to see, I said in a small voice.

"Put me up there."

Perez looked up along the tip of my finger.


"Yeah, that one on the third floor."

"Larane"s Lombardi"s room?"

As expected, Perez got it right away.

I nodded.

"Are you going to be okay?"


"It must be scary."

Although it is said to be the third floor, the ceiling is high, so the fourth floor of a building is sufficient.

But it"s not that scary.

"I trust you, Perez."

That"s a piece of gum for you, isn"t it?

Perez smiled and liked it, then tilted his head slightly towards me and asked.

"If you tell me who did it."

Chet, he"s not going to just do a favor.


"Viege Lombardi?"



"But don"t harm Viege."

I saw a sharp light flash through Perez"s eyes in a moment in my reply and quickly spoke firmly.

"Because that"s my job."

After staring at me for a while, Perez soon reached out to me.

"Let me hug you."

With his short words, my body was so easily lifted that I sat on Perez"s arm.

Perez"s arm muscles, which are as hard as stones under my legs and hips, were felt intact.

I put my arm around Perez"s neck and put my face on his neck.

"I"m not doing this because I"m scared."

I just don"t like heights.

"Scary things are different from dislike things."

Through the body in contact, I heard Peres laugh lowly.

And when I feel that one of Perez"s arms holds my body tighter.

Whoosh, tak, tak, tap.

That was all.

At the end, there was no sentiment of "running" except for the heavy, belated wind catching up with us and disrupting our hair once.

"You can open your eyes."

As I slowly lifted my head to Perez"s low voice, we were standing on the terrace I pointed at a moment ago.

"I think there"s only Larane Lombardi alone inside."

You"re so witty.

Perez read the signs and told me with a keen of his five senses.

"You wait here for a second. I"ll be right back."

Perez nodded silently at my words.

Then he sits on his butt on a railing in the corner where there is no light and looks at me.

He listened well and looked like I"m seeing a gentle puppy, so I smiled at Perez once in the sense that he did well and knocked on the window.

knock, knock

Shortly after the sound, a startled-faced Larane opened the window.

"Ti, Tia?"

Larane, who was looking at me in a very low voice, seemed to grasp the situation roughly when she saw Perez sitting quietly in the back.

Larane, who quickly stepped inside, bowed slightly to Perez, who was sitting there with an expresionless face, and closed the door.

"Tia, your face......."

Larane was speechless when she saw my lips and swollen cheeks.

Tears gathered again in already swollen eyes.

"I"m sorry. I"m sorry, because of me."

Larane held my hand tightly.

"Because of me, neither Tia nor Sir Avinox nor Luman family......."

No, it"s weird for a second.

Me and Avinox were hard done by Viege, but suddenly Luman family?

"What"s wrong with the Luman family?"

"My, my father was gone a little while ago...This is going to put the Luman family in a lot of trouble. Maybe the subsidy to the east will be cut off......."

Viege, you evil son.

At least now he"s threatening his daughter.

That is blackmail, too.

The Luman family"s subsidies will not be collected so easily.

But pure Larane would have taken it at face value.

And she"d be sitting alone in this dark room, trembling with fear.

Blaming herself for fear that she would cause great trouble for Avinox and the Avinox"s family.

"Everything I"ve been greedy for......."

Larane, who murmured like that, looked somewhat precarious.

At the moment, I remembered Larane lying down as if she were asleep.

Loving the wrong people as parents, closed her eyes too early in return for obedience.

Larane, who withered like a flower in her hand.

I put the box of Avinox"s proposal ring in Larane"s hand a little tough.

"This is......."

Larane"s eyes shook when she saw the engagement ring that she had never even put on her finger.

When a careful hand took out the pearl ring, a bright light flowed in the moonlight.

Larane couldn"t take her eyes off the beautiful jewel for a moment.

And she carefully put the ring on her finger.

The ring fits perfectly as if it were made in this world for Larane.

Yeah, it"s Larane.

It looks a lot better on you than on withered flowers.

I said, brushing Larane"s tangled hair slightly with my fingers.

"Sir Avinox asked me to tell you he"ll be waiting."


Thick tears dripped from Larane"s eyes.

"Listen, Larane. I prepared a way to leave this place."

"To leave...... how?"

"Yes. How to go to a place where both Larane and Avinox can be happy together."

But Larane soon spoke distressedly resignedly.

"But there are so many people who get hurt when I go away like that. Tia, who helped me right now, too...... and if I run away, Lombardi and Luman......"

"Don"t worry about that. If Larane leaves here with Avinox, no one will get hurt. Take my word for it, Larane."


"So now, think only Larane"s own happiness. And make a decision. You"re still thinking about it, right?"

"Well, that"s...."

Larane bowed her head.

There"s no way she"s going to leave Avinox right now.

To do so, Larane adores Viege, Serrals, and Bellesac.

Even at this moment when she"s forced to make the most important choice in life, she can"t willingly abandon them.

I couldn"t understand how to love someone like Viege and Serral.

But they"re still her parents.

And nice Larane. She"s nice.

I understand the hesitation of not being able to leave, as if to grab Avinox by the hand.

I comforted Larane"s skinny shoulders.

"Loving your parents and brothers. So it"s not a bad thing to want to do what they"re happy about. Never."

Larane"s big eyes look up at me.

"But the most important thing is Larane"s own happiness. So it"s up to you. What are you going to do?"

"......what would Tia do if you were me?"

"If it was me......."

It didn"t even come this far.

I would have turned the house upside down and ripped all the mouths of those who urged me to marry Astana.

To ruin someone"s life!

But that"s too harsh a word for Larane.

I shook my head and replied.

"Larane is not me. Such a question is not very meaningful. But I know this one for sure."

Looking straight into Larane"s pretty eyes, I said.

"Larane"s family members are not grateful for your patience and sacrifice."

Larane"s long eyelashes trembled.

Maybe she knew it herself.

"So you don"t have to sacrifice for your family anymore, Larane."

I got up from my seat leaving that word.

Let"s get out of here before we get caught.

"I"m sorry, but we don"t have much time, Larane. Just 5 days from now. You have to decide in it."

"Five days......."

Larane nodded shallowly.

As I went to the terrace where Perez was waiting again, several flower pots on the table came into my eyes.

Among them, I liked the red flowers that bloomed straight and colorful the most.

Unlike other things that bloomed against the support due to their weak self-supporting power, the red flower is raising its head straight toward the sky with its own strength.

I pointed it out and said.

"If you feel like it in five days, put that pot out of the window. Then I"ll take care of the rest."

A letter from Emperor Yovanes arrived at Lulac"s office.

[I will give the Patriarch of Lombardy three days of time. In the near future, agree to the marriage between the imperial family and Lombardi. If he does not obey the imperial mandate, Lulac Lombardi is subject to a Golden Order. Also, the Golden Order is canceled only when the marriage is concluded.]