Be the Householder - 2

Chapter 168

The appearance of Avinox, who was dressed more stylishly today, was even meaningful.

Me and Avinox took a short stroll through crowded places like last time.

And immediately headed to Larane"s greenhouse.

I don"t know if he noticed something.

Larane was unable to travel freely outside the mansion because of Serral, but fortunately, there were no restrictions inside the mansion.

I decided to use it to help two people a little today.

"I"ve already told Larane to meet me here. Oh, there she is."


Avinox muttered sadly.

When she was in the greenhouse, she was always growing flowers in a shiny way.

But today was different.

It was so sad to see her sitting helplessly on a greenhouse chair.

"Then I"ll get going......."


Avinox caught me trying to turn around to give Larane and Avinox time alone.

"Please be our witness, Lady Florentia."

Avinox, who still looks nervous, told me with a smile on his face.

"If Larane accepts my proposal, I plan to send the proposal in the name of Luman to Larane"s father and the Lombardi family. I have already got my father"s permission."

In short, he said he would follow the marriage course of the aristocrats.

I can"t believe he has already got the Patriarch of Luman"s permission.

He has made up his mind and pushed ahead with it.

"It"s a little late, but I still have a chance because the imperial family hasn"t sent me a formal proposal or made an official announcement."

Avinox looked clenched, saying so.

"Of course...... it"s about when Larane accepted my proposal."

Then he goes back to tense mode.

I patted Avinox on the shoulder and said.

"Okay, I"ll be happy to be your witnesses."

"Thank you!"

"Let"s go, then?"

Avinox, who began walking as if he would squeak due to tension, took the lead and opened the greenhouse door.

Ugh, I"m nervous, too!

"Sir Avinox......?"

Larane called Avinox in a trembling voice, as if she could not believe her eyes.

Avinox approached Larane and asked in a friendly voice.

"Your face looks a little damaged. Are you all right?"

"I"m fine.......You didn"t reply to my letter, so I was wondering if Sir Avinox was okay....."

Larane"s words were cut off.

It was because Avinox slowly fell on one knee.

"Oh, Sir Avinox?"

"Lady Larane Lombardi. My courage was too late."

Avinox opened a small box of rings he had taken out of his arms and held it out in front of Larane .

"Will you marry me?"

There was a moment of silence.

Avinox with the ring held his breath.

I held my breath from the back so as not to disturb as much as possible.

Then I heard a little noise.

Tuk, tuduk.

It was the sound of tears falling from Larane"s eyes.

"Oh, Sir Avinox......."

Larane clasped his hands and looked at Avinox.

And Larane smiled broadly with a smile on her pretty face.

"Ah, Sir Avinox......."

It was just when Larane finally accepted the proposal.


The greenhouse door opened with a loud noise.

"Oh, Father......!"

"What are you doing, Larane!"

It was Viege who jumped in.

The first to respond was Avinox.

Standing in the way of protecting Larane.

"Lord Lombardi, listen to me for a moment."

Then Viege"s eyes caught fire more.

He mumbled while glaring at the strange man who seemed to protect his daughter, who had an important marriage.

"Your face I"ve definitely seen somewhere....... By any chance, Luman......?"

After finding out who Avinox was, Viege was even more distorted.

The eastern Luman was known to be a family that openly supported Perez.

Lignite Luman was close to Perez at the Academy, Perez helped the East receive trade subsidies, and Luman volunteered to follow him on Ivan"s last trip.

"What are you doing, Young Lord Luman!" (T/N: The mtl result is "Confucius Luman". "Confucius" usually means as "Young Duke", But there is no Duke here. So I use common way by "Young Lord")

Viege, who cried out loud, struck the ring in Avinox"s hand away.

Here, the ring box that Avinox cherished in his heart lay on the greenhouse floor.

Looking at it, Avinox said in a calm voice.

"I"m sorry I didn"t greet in advance. But Larane and I have been dating, and our Luman family is about to formally send a proposal to Lombardi. I know there"s a marriage coming and going, but please consider......"

"Look, Young Lord Luman."

Viege said with a threatening approach.

"Do you know who my daughter is going to marry?"

"......I know."

"Do you know that the Luman family, who somehow tries to push his foot into the center of the empire, will turn the imperial family against him, now?"

"......I"m prepared for Lalanne."

"Oh, Sir Avinox!"

Larane shook her head in tears again.

Viege spoke up to Larane like that.

"Has thought or not! There"s oil in the wind! If you act so immature, not only you but also Luman family will be in big trouble, Larane!"


Larane dropped her head.

"I"ll pretend I didn"t see you today, Young Lord Luman!"

Viege grabbed Larane"s arm as he spoke with a vicious tongue.

"Stop it!"

Avinox grabbed Viege"s hand as if he were about to break it.


"......Please let me go, Sir Avinox."

Larane said in a thin voice.


Avinox looked painfully at Larane"s arm held in Viege"s hand as if he were ill.

However, when Larane shook her head again, his hand holding Viege was released weakly.

"Let"s go, Larane."

Viege immediately grabbed Larane as if he didn"t want to stay here for another second.

Larane, caught in the rugged hand, was just dragged out of control.

And Viege found me standing at the door.


Without time to avoid it, my face turned sideways.

"Ti, Tia!"

"Lady Florentia!"

Startled Avinox and Larane exclaimed.

I could feel my lips bursting and blood flowing down.


As I quietly touched the corners of my mouth, Viege spit at my feet.

"Dirty girl. How dare you ruin my daughter"s future?"

Viege then gasped as if his anger had not been resolved.

However, he hurried out of the greenhouse with Larane as if he was afraid to see the situation.

"Are you all right, Lady Florentia?"

Avinox hurried up and looked at me.

I pushed the hand slightly, spitting blood in my mouth to the floor.

In fact, I"ve been slapped countless times, so there"s no big blow.

This is not the point right now.

I asked, staring straight at Avinox.

"What are you going to do?"

"Larane certainly accepted my proposal."

Avinox answered immediately and picked up a box of rings that had fallen on the floor.

"Now she"s my fiance. I"m not giving up."

Not to the point of being considered the usual smooth Avinox.

It was glowing eyes.

"......I like it a little now."

That"s the only way to protect Larane.

I said, taking a ring box from Avinox"s hand.

"I"ll deliver this."

Avinox seemed puzzled but soon nodded.

It"s about trusting me.

I closed the box after confirming that the ring was safe.

The "tap!" sound rang cheerfully in my hand.

You think I"m gonna give up on this?

* * *

The conference room of the Imperial Palace.

The conference facing the emperor and the aristocracy was coming to an end.

It was a normal meeting, nothing special.

But Yovanes said to the nobles who were slowly getting ready to leave the conference.

"I have something to announce."

Eventually, the nobles sat back in their seats.

Having confirmed that they were all seated, Emperor Yovanes looked at Lulac Lombardi for the last time.

And said with a smug smile.

"I, Yovanes, are to inform the Lords that I have decided to accept Larane Lombardi, the daughter of Viege Lombardi, as a mate to the first prince Astana."

It was a light tone and facial expression, as if telling a joke.

But the repercussions were not small.


"Lo, Lombardi?"

Those who didn"t hear the rumours were appalled.

"The rumor was true!"

"Lombardi and the royal family......."

Those who knew the rumor shook their heads.

"I have no doubt that this is a decision to bring more complete peace and well-being to the Lambreu Empire."

Now the nobles were all looking at one place.

It was Lulac Lombardi staring at the emperor with a stiff face.

Curiosity flashed across people"s faces in such a different reaction from Yovanes, who smirked cheekily.

Wasn"t the story over in advance?

Is that a one-sided announcement?

Patriarch of Lombardi, whom the nobles knew, was never a man who wanted to be entangled in marriage with the imperial family.

Sure enough.

Lulac Lombardi lifted himself from the seat.

And spoke in a low voice to the emperor.

"I refuse."

"Oh, he say no!"

A bigger echo swept the conference than when Yovanes announced the marriage.

"Well, isn"t that dangerous?"

"I can"t believe he turned down the royal wedding......."

If it was a general aristocratic family, not Lombardi, there would be nothing to say even if it was taken here for the crime of disobedience.

"Are you going against my orders now, Lombardi?"

Emperor Yovanes asked, staring coldly at Lulac.

But Lulac didn"t bat an eye.

Rather, he looked at the emperor face-to-face and said, clearly, as if to declare.

"The Lombardi refuses to marry the royal family."

In addition, Lulac turned his back and walked out of the conference room.

It was impossible to leave the conference before the emperor formally declaring the meeting closed.

When Lulac grabbed the doorknob in the conference room, Yovanes shouted angrily.

"If you open the door now, you will never set foot in the Ecliptic again, Lombardi!"

He meant to impose the Golden Order.

It was the land of the emperor and one of the most feared punishments of the central aristocracy, which prevented them from entering the emperor"s provinces where important issues such as meetings and conventions took place.

Hearing the shout, however, Lulac looked back at Yovanes, raising one corner of his mouth at an angle.

"Golden order."

It was already a punishment given to Lulac once by Yovanes" father, the Former Emperor.

And after twenty years of fighting for power, the Former Emperor had to collect the golden order with his own hands.

Lulac bowed slightly to Yovanes and said.

"Do as you wish." (T/N: Ohh, you"re the coolest, grandpa!)

"The Patriarch of Lombardi!"

Yovanes" voice was heard behind his back, but Lulac did not care and walked proudly out of the conference room, pushing away the huge door vigorously.