Be the Householder - 2

Chapter 167

Lulac"s eyebrows went up like a surprised man.

Looking at the figure, Yovanes swallowed the accusation.

The first time the Empress suggested it, it was fine.

He wasn"t interested in Astana"s wedding, and Lombardi.

It was also awkward to deal with Lulac.

But on reflection it wasn"t such a bad thing.

No, he liked it.

This old arrogant Lulac granddaughter becomes a daughter-in-law.

Lombardi is also of indisputable noble blood, which will greatly help maintain the royal lineage.

For once, Yovanes agreed that the Empress had come up with a pretty useful idea.

It"s worth being greedy for.

That"s how the emperor judged it.

"If you give me something else as a condition that prevents marriage, I wouldn"t know again."

He is here today to see if Lulac is willing to make a deal.

Yovanes asked, trying to seep a smile from his face.

"I guess you didn"t know about the marriage because you were surprised."

Above all, it was very fun to get on Lulac"s nerves.

"You look very surprised......."

"No, I"ve heard about my granddaughter"s marriage."

Sitting in a comfortable position, Lulac shook his head and said.

"I didn"t expect you to seriously consider it. Oh, my God."

Lulac laughed as if he was surprised and dumbfounded.

"I can guess whose idea it is. There"s no way your Majesty would be interested in this sort of thing."

Lulac"s voice sank low.

"The reason you"re saying this is because you"re trying to get something out of Lombardi on the pretext of my granddaughter"s marriage."

The brow of Emperor Yovanes was quietly knitted.

It was an unpleasant feeling from the fact that all his thoughts were read.

Talks with Lulac Lombardi are always like this.

It was the same when Yovanes had just become emperor, and now he was middle-aged.

Staring into the frowning eyes of Yovanes, Lulac slowly rose from his seat.

"It was a great attempt to weigh Lombardi and Angenas in both hands. I"ll give you a compliment. But."

Lulac shook his head slowly as if warning.

"Not my blood, Your Majesty. My blood, it"s not a deal."

Lulac"s brown eyes glowed coldly down.

And left a message before leaving the emperor"s office.

"Don"t be swayed by the Empress" words and do anything you"ll regret later, Your Majesty."

Lulac walks out slowly.

Yovanes, who was left alone, drank a solo.

He couldn"t stand Lulac"s rude attitude.

But it wasn"t even a pointed move.

It was long ago realized that he was not the emperor of the Lambrew Empire, and that he was not standing above everyone.

Empress Lavini came to the emperor, who was grinding his teeth all by himself.

"How did it go?"

Yovanes was even more annoyed by the Empress, who already knew and pretended not to know.

Instead of answering, the empress said that she was sorry for the appearance of the emperor drinking another drink.

"Oh, my God, Lombardi has angered you again. The insolent one who doesn"t know the imperial fear."

The empress had a knack for reading exactly what the other person wanted to hear.

Even now, with a few words of those words, Jovanes felt his irritation toward the Empress disappeared.

"Push on this opportunity, Your Majesty. Astana"s marriage could be a turning point for Your Majesty"s relationship with Lombardi."

"A turning point?"

"Think about it. Lombardi can"t be as arrogant as he is now when his granddaughter is in the imperial family."

"My blood stick is a terrible person."

Just a moment ago, Yovanes murmured, recalling the eyes shining blue, saying, "My blood is not the subject of a deal."

"There will be a backlash, but it"s all about marriage. In addition, Serral and Viege Lombardi have already agreed to their daughter marriage. There is no reason for the Patriarch of Lombardy to stand strong."

The empress smiled inwardly at the emperor"s head.

It"s too easy to smite an angry emperor with a broken ego.

But Lavini"s face hardened at the Emperor"s next word.

"So, what will the Empress give me if I push ahead with this marriage?"


"Yes, I think the iron ore downstream of the West Bank that Angenas has would be fine."

This time Empress Lavini winced greatly.

Her body could be seen shaking at a glance.

"In the name of the Baraport family. The mine they bought more than a decade ago, stealing from Lombardi through Viege Lombardi."

"Your Majesty, it"s just a little shot......."

"Don"t lie to me that it"s just a coal mine, Empress. I don"t want to be mad at you today."

Yovanes said with a smiling face.

The corners of the Empress" mouth trembled slightly.

The mine, which the emperor refers to, was secretly bought by Angenas in the name of Baraport about a decade ago.

Angenas had no royal permission to own an iron mine, so they couldn"t help it was inevitable.

The mine, which is no longer mining coal and contains only a little iron ore underneath it, was being forgotten even in Lavini"s memory.

Lavini looked at the emperor.

Though not unusually intelligent or learned, Yovanes was smarter than anyone else in his profit or loss.

Just like right now.

Since when have you known about the iron mine.

The Empress was horrified by the still smiling face of Yovanes.

"What do you say? If Astana could marry Lombardi"s Lady, it wouldn"t be such a loss to Angenas."

Empress Lavini regained her composure and began to calculate.

The unstable finances of Angenas now, the dowry of Larane Lombardi promised by Serral, and the benefits of it in the future.

And she nodded.

"I"ll give it to you, Your Majesty."

"That"s very nice."

Yovanes smiled with satisfaction.

"Tomorrow, turn the mine to the name of the Red Top. I want to start mining right now."

Emperor Yovanes was quite excited.

The presence of the Empress sitting next to him was already beyond his interest.

* * *

"Here you are, Lord."

John, the butler who greeted Lulac, who returned from the palace, immediately noticed something unusual.

The atmosphere of Lulac getting off the carriage was terrifying.

Sure enough.

"Let Viege come."

Lulac, who left only that brief, went into the office by himself.

"Did you call me, Father?"

After a while, Viege came into the office.

Viege stood still, not sitting on a chair, expecting what he had already called.


"Yes, Father."

"Let the marriage of Larane and the First Prince never happened."

"I can"t do that."

"Are you going against my orders now?"

Lulac"s eyes became fierce.

But Viege also stood up.

"Larane is my daughter."

"Yes, but the original family marriage must follow the will of the household lord. Don"t forget that you and Serral"s marriage were also meant by forefathers."

If it had been Lulac"s choice, it would never have happened to tie Viege to Angenas.

"......I just made the best choice for Larane. It"s definitely a great opportunity to be a member of the royal family."

"A good opportunity?"

Lulac slammed down the desk.

"Speak straight, Viege. It"s a chance for you, not for Larane!"


"Don"t you know who Astana is! You mean that"s the best for your child?!"

Lulac was more furious than ever.

Viege has made many small and big mistakes ever.

But this time, Lulac has never been more furious.

"I have overlooked your faults because you are Lombardi and my blood. However, even if you are, I will not allow you to benefit from the sacrifice of your child. Last warning, Viege."

Lulac"s gaze gave him a chill.

However, Viege gritted his teeth and turned around and left the office.

It was already warned by the Empress.

His father"s opposition will be severe.

But there was also a promise that if Viege held out, Larane and the First Prince"s marriage would take place.

-"Last warning, Viege."

The words his father said rang like thunder in his ears, but Viege tried to shake off his fear.

* * *

The office of Pellet Corporation.

Clarivan and Violet reports are over.

I asked two people to organize the documents.

"When is the next cruise schedule?"

"Three days later, it departs from Chesail Harbor."

Clarivan replied.

Of all the things.

"Then what"s next?"

This time, Violet said.

"The newly introduced ship is getting ready for the last minute preparation. The scheduled departure date is in 10 days."

It"s been 10 days.

Maybe that"s enough.

"What"s wrong, Lady Florentia?"

"I might have to pick up a special guest on the cruise. I"ll explain the details later."

I smiled at Violet and Clarivan, looking wonderfully, and hurried out of Pelet"s company.

I have a special schedule today.

I hurried back to Lombardi"s mansion.

Then the person who was waiting for me first welcomed me.

"Here you are, Lady Florentia."

It was Avinox, dressed up in great style.

I looked at Avinox like that and asked.

"Are you ready, SirAvinox?"

Avinox smiled and nodded at my question.

"What about the ring?"

"Here you are."

Avinox replied, tapping the pocket inside his chest.