Be the Householder - 2

Chapter 166

At the sound I cried out, the eyes of a mysterious color that resembled the blue sea of Avinox blinked several times.

Then he clenched his fist and shouted.

"I, I want to take responsibility!"


"Yeah! Actually, I wanted to convey that today, so I brought this too!"

Avinox pulled a small box out of his arms.

It contained a pearl ring with a bright white color.

It was as beautiful as any jewel, but not as cold.

It was a perfect ring for Avinox, a sea man, to propose to a warm person like Larane.

When I stopped talking and stared at the ring, Avinox seemed to take it in a slightly different sense.

"I"m in a hurry, so that"s all I"m going to do now, but I"m going to officially set up a set of proposal rings later......!"

"A wedding ring set? What"s that?"

"It"s a custom. The man in the east has 12 rings ready and proposes. If a woman accepts the proposal, she will wear a different ring every month for a year and then have a wedding....."

Avinox said, looking down at one ring he had prepared with a sullen face.

"I could have stopped by any jewelry store and prepared 12 rings, but I didn"t want to propose to Larane that way. That"s why I chose the most fitting of the Luman family"s treasures in the town house of Ecliptic....."

Avinox"s shoulders gradually drooped down.

"You"re not coming out today either."

I looks so sorry that I hit him with a collection of poems a while ago.

I comforted Avinox"s shoulders and sat opposite him.

"When did you hear the rumor about Larane"s marriage?"

"My brother, Lignite, told me this morning. He said there are already rumors in the ecliptic. I didn"t even know he knew I was dating Larane......."

Lignite would have known for a long time.

He"s not as professional as Bate brings me information, but he"s doing something similar next to Perez.

Avinox sighed again to the ground.

"Is Larane all right?"

It was a weak voice.

"SIr Avinox, aren"t you angry?

His loved one is having a marriage conversation with someone else while dating him."

To be honest, I would be a little angry.

But Avinox shook his head.

"I know that Larane is grieving more than I am now. But how can I be angry?"

Avinox"s weakly smiling face that said so was so similar to Larane"s.

Now the two are more concerned about each other.

Wouldn"t it be hard because of that person or rather than my sadness and pain?

It"s a pity that they"re suffering from cold chest pain from far away.

"I have something for Sir Avinox."

I opened the book of poems I had in my hand.

The bookshelf opened and a neat, beautiful letter envelope hidden in it appeared.

"It"s a letter from Larane. She asked me to deliver it to Sir Avinox, and I came."

"Ah, Lady Larane......."

Avinox took the envelope from me and didn"t read it right away.

He"s just patting the part with Larane"s neat handwriting on it, saying "Dear Avinox," with a smile on his face.


This time a sigh broke out of me.

What are you going to do because you"re both so nice.

Those are the people who will do whatever they want to benefit.

I"m really worried.

After looking only at the outside of the envelope for a long time, Avinox was now carefully opening the envelope and reading the letter.

It was to be careful not to tear any part of it.

"It"s a match made in heaven."

I shook my head and gave Avinox time to read all of Larane"s letters in peace.

* * *

In front of the empress" palace.

"The Empress is waiting. Let"s get in."

Serral said in a slow stopping carriage, urging Larane.

"Well, mother......."

Larane, who had been hesitating all the time in the carriage, squeezed the last courage thinking that she should not delay any longer.

"......What"s the matter, Larane?"

Due to Larane"s unusual attitude, Serral closed the carriage door, which had been opened by the royal court"s servant.

"I have something to tell you."

Larane clasped the hem of her dress, unable to hide her anxious gaze.

"That"ll leave a mark on the dress."

Serral snapped Larane"s hand aside.

"Tell me."

"Well, I don"t want a political marriage. Please reconsider, Mother."

Larane said in a trembling voice.

She didn"t bring up Avinox because she was afraid he"d get caught up.

The one who was talking about marriage was the first prince.

"Larane, don"t you know that? What you want to do and what you have to do are different things."

"I"m well aware of that. But sometimes I think there"s something precious that I can"t give up for my duty."

"A precious thing you can"t give up?"

Serral tilted his head.

"What is more important than marrying the First Prince and fulfilling your duties?"

"......happiness. If I marry the First Prince, I will never be happy, Mother. Please reconsider."

Larane, who has a timid personality, is squeezing out the strength of being wet.

At a glance, her shoulders could be seen shaking.

But Serral clicked her tongue small.


"...Yes, Mother."

"The higher the nobility, the more he has and the more he has to enjoy, the more political marriage is a part of his life from the moment he was born."

At first glance, Serral spoke in a friendly voice, exhorting Larane.

"Everyone goes through this process. It was the same for me. So stop being so stubborn."

Larane, who was still listening, looked at Serral with big eyes and asked.

"Is that why you"re happy now?"


"You married my father to fulfill your duty. So is my mother happy?"

Serral was silent for a moment.

She was just staring at her daughter with a face that was hard to guess inside.

With that heavy silence, Larane felt suffocated at any momentarily.

Although it was spit out, she was half sincere.

She has never seen her mother and father and thought they looked happy.

After a long silence, Serral slowly reached for Larane .

Larane, who had shrunk instinctively, recoiled greatly at the touch on her head.

"Larane, go after power, not love. That"s always the answer, my tender, innocent daughter."

Serral said in a sweet voice, as if singing a lullaby.

"That"s the best advice your mother can offer."

"But Mother. I don"t want power."

Larane appealed.

"I"m not greedy for that. The future I want is to share a peaceful daily life with someone I love."

"Sounds immature."

Serral cut off the words.

"The peaceful routine you want is nothing without power, Larane. You may resent me now, but please know that I"m making the best choice for you."

"The best choice?

"The opponent is a prince. One day he will be the Crown Prince. Wouldn"t it be better to see your family here all the time than to marry into a suitable powerhouse far from the center?"

"But that"sincereally...I have no desire to marry the First Prince."

"That"s strange, Larane."

Serral"s eyes glared coldly at Larane.

"Have you, by any chance, been seeing anyone behind our back?"

"Oh, no! It"s not like that!"

Larane jumped, waving her hands.

But that couldn"t stop the blushing face.

Serral"s eyes narrowed.

"You"d better clean it up quickly, if you have one. Keep in mind that the person you will marry in the future is Astana, who will soon become the Crown Prince. I want you to behave yourself."

Eventually, Larane grabbed the hem of Serral"s robe.

And she said as if she were clinging.

"Mother, I really don"t want to get married."

But Serral"s reaction was callous.

Rather, she stared for a long time as if she was trying to penetrate her daughter"s heart and said,

"No, don"t let yourself leave the Lombardi mansion today, Larane."

"Oh, no, Mother!"

"How come?"

"There"s a banquet where I"ve already replied that I"m going to attend, and there"s a book club......."

"From now on, you"re busy preparing for the wedding, so you won"t have time to go to such a meeting. And if rumors spread about marriage, everyone will understand if you can"t attend the banquet. Then, he"s the future Crown Prince."

Serral smiled gloatingly just imagining it.

But soon she returned with a stern face and told Larane.

"When you go outside the mansion in the future, you"ll get my permission and I"ll accompany you in most things. Did you understand, Larane?"

If this happens, she can"t meet Avinox.

Larane lowered her head to hide her tearful face.

"Come on, Larane!"

Serral pushed hard.

"...Yes, Mother."

Larane had no choice but to answer like that.

* * *

Office of the Emperor.

After the conference, Lulac was waiting in the Emperor"s office at Yovanes" request.


Lulac let out a low sigh as he rubbed his sore eyes in the aftermath of the long meeting.

He has been feeling the years this year.

Now, the work of the household owner itself is coming as a physical burden.

"Is it time for me to put it down?"

Lulac muttered with a bitter smile.

Then Yovanes came into the office.

"Oh, you"re here first."

The emperor strode up and took the liquor out of the cupboard.

And I poured two drinks himself without calling the servant.

"Would you like a drink?"

Yovanes said, putting down a glass in front of Lulac.

Lulac stared at the golden liquid in the crystal glass and asked.

"It"s the first time in decades that I"ve been in and out of your office that you"ve offered me a drink like this, Your Majesty."

"Well, I see. I was mean. I saved a drink for the Patriarch of Lombardi."

"It"s no use doing this because of the iron mines. Think about the other side if it"s just to the other side. Lombardi will help you."

"Well, you"re saying you can"t give up the mine at all."

Yovanes asked, looking at Lulac with sharp eyes.

"Sadly so, Your Majesty. There"s a high risk of a market crash."

In Lulac"s response, Yovanes took a big sip and nodded.

It was an attitude that seemed convincing at first glance.

"By the way. I didn"t ask to see you because of the mine."

Yovanes said as if he had taken a step back.

At the moment Lulac narrowed the brow.

It is not Emperor Yovanes who will resign so easily.

It is Yovanes who shows a stronger obsession with money than anyone else.

There must be something on the lookout.

And Lulac could see exactly why.

"We decided to bring in Larane, daughter of Viege, as Astana"s mate. I called to tell you."