Be the Householder - 2

Chapter 163

The riverside of the ecliptic where wide water flows gently.

Clarivan, standing a little higher, looked down at the nobles gathered at the banquet hall with a cheerful face.

Now, when preparing for the banquet, there was no need to worry about what would happen if the invitees didn"t come.

When it comes to Pellet Corporation"s banquet, most of the people tried to attend with invitations from others.

As such, the influence of the name Clarivan Pellet in the aristocratic society was great.

Clarivan Pellet, the illegitimate son of the famous Romassie Dillard who had to hide in the shadows, was nowhere now.

He was just Clarivan Pellet of the Pellet Top and stood tall over the nobles of Lambrew.

"And all of this is thanks to Lady Florentia."

He didn"t even want to imagine.

What life would have been like if he hadn"t met the light of Florentia Lombardi.

Just thinking about it made him dizzy.

Clarivan"s gaze finally ran into Florentia, a little far away.

Clarivan shook his head secretly.

Then she greeted Clarivan with a beautiful face and a smile.

And pointed to the entrance of the banquet hall with a wink.

As he looked over there quickly, he saw Lulac and Romassie Dillard, who had just arrived at the banquet hall.

Although it seems to be enjoying the feast leisurely, Florentia was already fully aware of the movements of all the important figures.

Clarivan raised his hand slightly above his chest to tell her to leave it to him and hurried up to Lulac.

"Here you are, Lord."

"Ah, Clarivan. It"s a very beautiful banquet today. It"s no waste of the word Pellet."

Lulac laughed, genuinely pleased.

"I"m flattered."

Then Clarivan looked at Romassie beside Lulac.

"It"s been a long time, Lord of Lombardi"s top."

It was a calm and perfectly courteous greeting to others.

Clarivan no longer suffers from seeing Romassie Dillard.

This was also a change after meeting Florentia.

"It"s a banquet prepared by Lady Florentia, and I can"t miss it."

Romassie Dillard said so and looked at Clarivan.

He was already speculated that this banquet was not the only one Florentia had prepared.

Romassie Dillard was one of the few people who knew who the real owner of Pellet Corporation was.

"You"ve been taking care of our Tia lately, haven"t you?"

Lulac did not hate it, but looked at Romassie and said.

"Ha ha, did I?"

The prickly Romassie answered quickly.

"She"s a great person, isn"t she? She"s still young, but she"s as talented as anyone else. It"s like I"m looking at the Lord when I was young."

"Hmm? Is it?"

Lulac opened his eyes round and soon laughed loudly.

"Yes, our Tia does look a bit like me! Yes!"

However, there was a lingering feeling behind a big smile.

Lulac nodded for a moment and thought about something before tapping Clarivan on the shoulder.

"I won"t hold any more busy people. Then see you later."

"Yes, Lord."

Clarivan greeted Lulac politely as he walked into the banquet hall.

Afterwards, as he greeted the people arriving at the banquet hall one after another, Clarivan kept his eyes on Lulac.

And finally, in the late time, he was seen greeting Lulac with the family.

Having confirmed it, Clarivan stepped toward the podium of the banquet hall.

"Sir Clarivan."

Gallahan and Avinox Luman, who were talking near the podium, looked at Clarivan.

Both of them looked nervous.

"We"re all set. Will you be all right?"

Gallahan forced himself to smile at Clarivan"s question.

Avinox also took a short deep breath and nodded.

Clarivan tapped the two on the shoulder just like Lulac did and climbed up to the podium.

That"s all.

However, the sound of conversations from people in the banquet hall stopped and the music stopped.

Clarivan"s face, as people looked up, had a distinctive confident smile.

"I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you for your precious time."

Clarivan said, slowly scanning the crowd.

"Now, let"s start the feast in earnest."

"A full-fledged banquet?"

"What else is there?"

People buzzed around, looking back at each other.

Clarivan looked at the crowd for a moment as if he enjoyed such a reaction, then smiled and pointed to the river.

Just in time, a large ship was slowly showing up.

"I"ll take you on board."

The aristocrats are simply in a shambles.

It was a crucible of excitement and cheers.

When the splendidly lit ship anchored safely at the pier by the river, he tried to get on the ship.

There were many people who saw a ship for the first time in their lives.

But at first they were a little scared, but they were as excited as children.

As people began to board one by one, music began to flow on the ship.

Unlike the music that had been flowing before, the faster and more reddish song was an imperial reinterpretation of Eastern folk songs.

The liquor offered has also changed.

Red wine was served on the ground, but sparkling champagne and dry white wine were in people"s hands on board.

It was to match the food.

"What"s this?"

"The eyes of those who carefully tasted the food were wide open at the recommendation of their employees as seafood, a specialty of the east, was boiled down in citrus sauce."


"That"s the first taste I"ve ever tasted!"

At that time, a nobleman spoke out.

"This is Eastern food!"


"I"ve been to the East a few times when I was young, and I think I"ve tasted it before. Its name was...... Cantate."

It was an impressive middle-aged man with a beautifully grown mustache.

"Ahh, eastern food is a delicacy! I couldn"t forget the taste, so I often remembered it. I never thought I"d taste it again at Pellet Corporation"s banquet! Hahaha!"

After that, the nobles began to taste the food more aggressively.

The food was different from the usual banquet, where people ate only enough not to be hungry.

I also tasted the food one by one mixed among such people.

It was a seafood dish with a very impressive sour, sweet, and spicy taste, unlike the bland Empire food as a whole.

Then a cool river breeze blew.

A lady next to me, who was also eating one by one, said as if she were dreaming.

"I wish I could go to the east."

I looked around.

Not only the lady, but there seemed to be many people who thought alike.

And as if waiting for that atmosphere to ripen, Clarivan stepped onto the podium on board.

This time, father and Avinox were together.

"Lord Gallahan Lombardi?"

"Who"s next to you?"

"Isn"t that young man the representative of the eastern Patriarch of Luman?"

People looked up at the podium with curious eyes.

"Do you like the banquet specially prepared by our Pellet Corporation?"

When asked by Clarivan, people laughed and lifted glasses in their hands.

"Some of you may have noticed first, but what"s being served is Eastern food. It"s a very special dish that you can"t find in the center or anywhere else in the Empire."


The words sparkled the eyes of the nobility.

Clarivan continued after a brief gap, perhaps to moxify.

"With the help of the young Lord Avinox Luman, I came across the great food and culture of the East and thought I wanted to share it with more people. And the answer was found in Chesail estate."

Clarivan, my father and Avinox greeted each other politely in public.

It was to show that they were a partner and a related person in this business.

"A week later, the port of Chesail opens. It opens the waterway from the inland to the east. And right from Chesail, our Pellet Corporation"s "Eastern Cruise Tour" will begin."

As soon as Clarivan finish his speech, two of Pellet Corporation"s staff climbed up to the podium with large frames.

It was a picture of a large ship with a panoramic view.

"A huge, high-end ferry, about ten times the size of the ship you"re on, will take you safely and comfortably to the east."

Comfortable trip to the East!

Besides, the finest ferry they"ve never been on!

I can see the excitement of the aristocrats who open their eyes round and whisper to the person next to themselves.

"There"s only one reason for today"s banquet. To select 15 pairs of customers for the historic first cruise in two weeks. Of course, all expenses are the responsibility of our Pellet Corporation, and for those of you chosen, you can simply have to relax and enjoy the seven-day, nightly feast and two-week trip to the East."


"How do you select!"

A man couldn"t stand it and asked loudly.

"Ha ha, the way is simple. During today"s banquet, the staff of Pellet Corporation with boxes like this will pass by you. Then you can write your name on the card and put it in. The draw will be held at the end of the banquet."

People were seen here and there trying to identify the employees.

"Well, have a good time with great Eastern food and beautiful music."

Exciting music flowed back onto the ship as Clarivan came down from the podium.

The result of the successful presentation was obviously.

People rushed into the draw box, leaving food and alcohol behind.

I leaned against the railing of the ship and watched it leisurely.

Some people were caught trying to write their name twice and humiliated.

Then, there was a little commotion at the door of the ship.

"Open the door! I have to get off right now!"

Viege was shouting menacingly at the staff of Pellet Corporation.

Just about to cash in on western tourism and a much better Eastern cruise in every way.

Viege, whose feet are on fire, is probably trying to run to the Empress.

But it can"t be.

"It"s dangerous. Please stop, Lord Lombardi! The ship has already departed!"

"Gah! Then turn the ship again!"

As soon as Clarivan started his speech, the ship left the docked river.

This is a special gift that I prepared for Viege.

"It"ll probably take more than five hours."

In the meantime, let"s get on the line.

Probably during that time, his blood will dry out as he counts the money Lombardi Construction didn"t receive and his own personal funds invested in western development.

"That"s a sight to behold."

Clarivan, who came next to me before I knew it, said, looking at Viege, which became quiet after receiving angry eyes from my grandfather.

"It"s what it takes."

I answered with a tongue flick at Viege.

Then again, a strong wind blew and blew my hair.

It was a refreshing and gentle breeze.

"Oh, it"s cool."

A night on board with a mix of exciting music, business success and Viege"s panic.

I closed my eyes again, breathing deeply in the river breeze.

And I lifted the glass of champagne in my hand without saying a word.

Soon there was a crackling, Clarivan banging his glass into my glass.

I took a sip of cold champagne with a smile.

"Oh, perfect!"

It"s such a beautiful night.

* * *

The next morning.

Perez arrived at Lombardi"s mansion and got off the horse.

Now, as if the prince"s visit was familiar, a servant came out and led Perez" horse to the stable, and the butler of the annex greeted him.

"What about Tia?"

"She"s up."

Perez raised one eyebrow at the butler"s answer.

Last night, the onboard banquet ended very late.

It was at the request of the aristocrats who were sorry to get off the ship.

The Pellet Corporation banquet has not yet been finished, and Tia could not have returned home first.

Even more considering Tia"s secret that Perez himself discovered.

So it was surprising that Tia was already up.

He was prepared to wait a few hours for her to wake up, but now he didn"t have to.

Knock, knock.

Perez was agonizing over the moment he knocked briefly.

What words should he start the conversation with?

How will Tia react?

No, maybe he should pretend he doesn"t know her secret.

Wouldn"t she want that?

Those hesitations filled Perez" head.


"Hi, Perez."

Tia, dressed in a red dress, welcomed him as she sat on the sofa.

On the table, he saw tea and cake prepared for two people.

Caramel Avenue"s delivery box, which Perez is familiar with, was also placed on one side.

Tia said, smiling at him.

"Welcome. I"ve been waiting for you, Perez."