Be the Householder - 2

Chapter 162

"Dad"s late."

He"s not a person who will be late for an important position like my grandfather"s birthday.

Don"t tell me something"s going on.

"He must be avoiding the rain anywhere. Don"t worry too much, Tia."

Larane patted me on the shoulder and said.


I raised my head and looked out the window.

Before I knew it, it was raining quite a lot.

"There"s been a grandfather"s order since Tia was in an accident last time."

"People in Lombardi should stop their carriages and avoid heavy rain or snow."

The twins pushed dessert and fruit in front of me and said.

How do you know my taste?

It"s all about the things I like.

"Yeah, I guess so."

I mumbled a piece of fruit with a fork and looked to the top seat.

There were a lot of people gathered next to my grandfather, but no one actually talked to him.

Even though we gathered to celebrate my grandfather"s birthday.

I was worried about the island floating alone on the noisy sea.

"Where are you going, Tia?"

When I woke up, Gillieu, who was putting honey and milk in my tea, asked with the eyes wide open.

"I have something for my grandfather. I"ll be back."

I approached my grandfather with my handbag that I had already brought.


But grandfather couldn"t hear my voice because he was lost in thought.

I spoke in a rather loud voice on purpose.

"Happy birthday, grandpa!"

"Hmm? Ah, thanks Tia."

Only then do warm brown eyes look at me.

I sat next to my grandfather and said, holding his hand.

"Let"s have just one hundred more healthy birthday feasts, Grandpa."

"Huh, dude."

Grandfather smiled and patted my hair as if to make sure he didn"t hate my spoiled behavior.

"I know I shouldn"t give you a birthday present, but this is a little different, so please accept it."

I took a red envelope out of my purse and handed it to my grandfather.

"What is this, Tia?"

"Invitation to the Pellet Corporation banquet a week later that will be held at the riverside in the Ecliptic, Grandpa."

"Whoa, you mean having a banquet by the river?"

Grandfather opened the envelope with curious eyes and checked the invitation.

"The weather is so nice these days. It"s a bit of a waste to stay inside in this season, so I prepared something special."

"Are you ready? Are you saying that Tia prepared this banquet?"

I already know that the lords around us and the people of Lombardi are listening to our conversation.

Everyone stopped talking one by one when they heard that I was directly involved in the Pellet business.

Well, it"s time to get out of the role of Clarivan"s disciple.

I replied with a nod.

"Yes, Grandpa. I even picked the envelope for the invitation myself. Look, it"s red."

"Huh, I see."

"In fact, it"s not a regular banquet, it"s a meeting to introduce Pellet"s new business. And I"ve added a little head to the business, so I"d be very happy if Grandpa could come."

"Oh, you did? Yes, then this grandfather should go!"

"Wow, when Grandpa comes, everyone"s eyes will be round!"

The level of a banquet depends on the guests who attend it.

The weight and wavelength of the banquet will also be heavier if Lombardi"s householder attends in person.

Then I heard a shuddering voice.

"So you"d have picked flowers for the banquet."

His face was reddish from alcohol.

What do he say? that drunkard.

Viege glared at me and said loudly to my grandfather.

"Father, don"t you know how much the construction cost from Angenas today? Shouldn"t today"s banquet have been held for me, haha!"

These days, Serral was holding his leash and was a little quiet.

She can"t give her spoiled dog, and in the end he get drunk and make fun with his mouth.

"Viege, I think you"re drinking too much."

Even my grandfather said lowly with an unpleasant face.

I think I"d like to take one of the napkins that rolling over on the table, put it in his mouth, and have the servants lead him away.

I took a small breath inside and calmed myself down, thinking of the thorns watching him.

Even if I fight with Viege in a place like this, it spit on my face, so I have to endure it.......

"But the Angenas are short of money, but I asked them to pay you well! A man should have a strong blow like me!"

You"re talking like a punch.

Viege"s words touched something inside me.

I said with a smile on my face.

"Someone would think that Angenas would give us some extra cash that we don"t have to give Lombardi. That"s too late, and they only give half of it."

"Noisy! You don"t know the subject and you"re arrogant....."

Viege glared at me with an explicitly unpleasant look, but he cut his words when he noticed my grandfather"s hardened facial expression.

And he spoke as if to teach me.

"You know only one thing and not two. Western development is not the end. This means that if the tourism business goes well, it is all talked about placing an order for construction in Lombardy. It is advantageous for us to have half the cost of the construction work."

What should I do?

There won"t be another construction.

Viege continued to chat with his tongue clenched.

"It"s a good thing that one family helps one another."

I replied, tilting my head.

"That"s strange. When did Angenas become our Lombardi vassal family? It"s one family."

"Ha ha......."

Some of the people who went laughed out loud.

It"s a very funny joke.

Whether it"s the size of the family or the location or the extent of the property.

Lombardi and Angenas, as Viege said, if they want to be a real family, it has no choice but to come under us.

"What a vassal family!"

But Viege was furious.

"Angenas is my wife"s family! It"s like a family with Lombardy!"

Then he said as if I deserved to know.

"No wonder you lack affection for Lombardi, for you will become a person of another family when you get married."


I could hear the sound of the broken string of reason in my head.

"What did you just say?"

I stared straight at Viege.

"My affection for Lombardi...... not enough?"


Am I Florentia Lombardi?

Compared to you, Viege?

I sprang up from my seat.

The chair fell and a loud noise "Boom!" rang out at the banquet hall, and many people were looking this way.

I approached Viege one step at a time, who was sitting with a surprised face.

It"s bearable that Viege"s stupidity caused Lombardi to suffer quite a bit of damage.

It is also negligible for Viege to say silly things.


What"s wrong with my love for Lombardi?

I stood right in front of Viege.

Looking down from above, Viege looked a hundred times more like a dork than usual.

I opened my purse with one corner of my mouth slightly raised.

And put down the thing that was taken out so that it could make a "bang" sound again on the table in front of the Viege.


It was a red invitation that I brought to give to other people who attended my grandfather"s birthday banquet.

I kept looking down at Viege and said clearly, one word at a time, one word at a time.

"Please. Make. Sure. You. Can. Come. To. See. It."

I"ll have to see your face with my own eyes the moment Clarivan announces his new business.

I slipped the last word to get Viege to come.

"If you don"t come, you might have to sit still because you have nothing to say at the social gathering for a while. Don"t regret it later."

At that moment, I could tell by the shaking of his stupid eyes.

Viege will come to the banquet on his own with this invitation.

* * *

A week later.

The Ecliptic was in full swing this evening with a banquet held by the Pellet Corporation.

But Lignite Luman was a little far from there.

It was the southernmost rural town in Lombardi"s territory, Menri.

The banquet held by Clarivan Pellet is a hot topic every time, so it"s a bit unfortunate.

It was an inevitable choice to check the new information as soon as possible.

"Are you here?"

Lignite arrived in front of the largest mansion in Menri.

Even though it was the largest mansion in a quiet rural village, it was smaller than the town house in the Ecliptic.

It was a place that was well organized and gave a neat and cozy feeling.

"What should I do......."

It"s already sunset.

Though it"s a little late to knock on the door of a strange house.

Lignite hesitated for a moment and got off the horse.

After roughly brushing off the dirt off his clothes with his hands, he walked to the front door of the mansion.

"Look again, focusing on when the Pellet Corporation was first established. Especially find out where the former owner of the Pellet Corporation building is now."

Not long ago, Perez ordered it out of the blue.

Lignite sighed softly, wondering if it was about Clarivan Pellet.

-"What"s wrong with the former owner all of a sudden?"

-"Check if it"s Clarivan Pellet himself who bought the building. The actual buyer, not the paper buyer."

At that moment, Lignite felt as if he had been beaten in the back of his head.

Why didn"t he think of that before?

From the beginning, Pellet was the only owner of the company, without any other investors.

So he simply thought that Pellet was a great person and went over.

But now that he think about it, it was a little weird.

Before the establishment of the Pellet Corporation, Clarivan Pellet was just one of the many employees working for the Lombardi family.

Of course, since he was in charge of housekeeping and the education of successors, he would have received a lot of salaries.

It would not have been enough to buy a whole building in the city.

But no bank in the empire showed any sign of Clarivan Pellet taking out loans.

That was guaranteed by Lignite, who investigated in person.

Then, whose money was worth buying a building?

Was the building where Pellet was built really owned by Clarivan Pellet?

Amid various questions, Lignite knocked on the door of the mansion.

"Excuse me. Are you there?"

After a while, a middle-aged man in butler"s uniform came out to greet Lignite.

"Good afternoon. I came to visit Green Barrow, who lived in Lombardi Castle. Can I see him?"

The butler took a quick glance at Lignite"s entry, not to be rude.

It"s to make sure it"s not a suspicious person.

Although not named, polite speech and luxurious-looking clothes proved that the visitor was a nobleman.

"My master is resting now. Come into the drawing room first."

"Thank you."

Lignite followed the lead and had a strong hunch that he would find the right answer this time.

At the same time, Perez, who was giving orders, came to mind.

The eyes that had strange convictions.