Be the Householder - 2

Chapter 161

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"I must have been rude."

Chanton Soushau spoke in a rather slow tone.

But there was no word of apology.

He know it"s rude, but he"s not sorry about it.

"......come in."

Gallahan said, pointing to the office sofa in the office.

"Thank you."

Sitting face to face with Chanton Sushou, Gallahan suddenly realized that his office felt narrow.

It was not really like that.

It was just hard for the ordinary office to capture the large size and presence of Chanton Sushou.

Chanton Soushau, who looked around Gallahan"s office with curious eyes, told Gallahan.

"I thought at least once you would come to see myself as the Patriarch of Sushou. It"s hard to see your face, Lord Gallahan Lombardi."

Chanton Sushou was now berating Gallahan for not greeting him first.

Chesail was awarded to Gallahan and became independent, no longer a part of the Sushou, but still remained the same as the estate surrounded by the land of Sushou.

"Of course, I understand that you"ll be very busy working with Gallahan store and Chesail estates that are spread across the continent."

"......thank you."

"It"s only when you"re less busy, isn"t it?"

Chanton Sushou"s lips drew a smile, but Gallahan only became more uncomfortable.

That was the atmosphere of Patriarch of Sushou, an individual, but above all, the fact that he was the person of the Empress made Gallahan nervous.

Nowadays, the empress introduced Chanton Sushou everywhere she went.

As if no one in the Empire wouldn"t know that the Lord of the West was a close aide to the Empress.

To be honest with Gallahan, Chanton Soushau was a very reluctant man.

Sure enough.

The Patriarch of Sushou asked.

"I"ve heard that the harbor is open for a reason. Is that right?"

At the moment Gallahan endured the urge to say no.

Chesail harbor was just as precious.

And Gallahan"s instincts were saying Chanton Soushau was the one who would threaten it.

"That"s right."

Inevitably, Gallahan"s end was stretched out.

"Then Chesail Harbor would be the starting point for inland supplies to move along the river."

Patriarch of Sushou was already grasping everything.

"......That"s right."

Gallahan answered one beat slower.

Then Chanton Sushou said, lifting one eyebrow.

"But why do I know that now?"

"I don"t know what you"re talking about....."

"If inland supplies are to reach the port of Chesail, they must all pass through the land of West Sushou."


Gallahan paused with the sound of his heart sinking.

The port of Chesail is surrounded by the land of West Sushou.

In other words, it was up to him, the owner of Sushou, to decide whether the goods could go into Chesail.

It was a pretty nice threat.

Green eyes, gradually turning into hostility, asked, looking directly at Chanton Sushou.

"In what sense should I accept it?"

"What do you think it means?"

Chanton Sushou said, looking for a moment at Gallahan, who did not say anything with a stubborn face.

"It looks like you"ve worked hard with the investment from the Pellet Corporation."

It was an awful dry yet slow tone.

Chanton Sushou leaned forward, resting his knees with his elbow.

Along with him moved a big shadow.

"One word from me could turn out it to be a bubble."

There was silence in Gallahan"s office.

On top of the tense tension, Chanton Soushau sneaked in his energy.

The overwhelming feeling of commanding hundreds of imperial knights overwhelm Gallahan.

Under the same circumstances, Gallahan"s older brother, Viege Lombardi, could not breathe properly.

Later, he even hiccups in surprise.

Joy flashed through Chanton Soushau"s eyes recalling that time.


"What do you want?"

Gallahan Lombardi asked with open arms.


What surprised Chanton Sushou was him.

He took his energy out and stared at Gallahan.

Looking at the complexion, it doesn"t mean that he wasn"t affected.

The enmity in bright green eyes has never abated at all.

"How can you be sure that there"s something I want?"

"Otherwise, you didn"t have to come and take the trouble to break my spirit, but you could have locked up the gate of Sushou so that the goods wouldn"t come in after the harbor was opened. That could do a bigger disservice to Chesail."

Gallahan said calmly.

"So stop being childish and tell me. What do you want?"

"......Sometimes rumors are true."

Gallahan slightly frowned at the word "rumor".

"I don"t know what that "rumor" is, but please tell me your terms quickly. I have place to go."

"Ah, did it say that today is the birthday of the Patriarch Lombardy? He doesn"t receive banquet or gifts every year, but he only gather family members and family vassals and spend it simply. Then you better hurry."

Chanton Sushou nodded.

And he said, looking straight at Gallahan.

"Priority to allow Sushou"s ship to enter the port of Chesail at any time. What do you say?"

Gallahan was a little surprised.

Of course, he thought he would ask for a toll on the land of Patriarch of Sushou.

There is only one reason why priority is required.

"Do you intend to build your own ship?"

"If it"s used frequently, it"s not like we can"t make it."

So, what are the things that Sushou is trying to bring to the east?

Gallahan, who was thinking for a moment, said.

" intend to take the grain of Sushou to the east and sell it. And that"s in personally."

Chanton Soushau replied with a shrug.

"Did the Lord Lombardi know that the grain of Sushou is sold at the lowest price in the Empire?"

"We understand that the production volume is high and the price is low."

"Right, and I can"t wait to see the farmers in Sushou"s blood and sweat being sold at bargain prices."

Chanton Sushou"s voice was chilling.

Then Gallahan asked.

"So you joined hands with Angenas in the west? To easily target the West, where there is always a lack of food?"

Patriarch of Sushou smiled and replied.

"I won"t deny it. Over the past few months, the people of the West have become accustomed to the relatively inexpensive provisions of our West Sushou."

"And you"re thinking of going to advance to the east through water trade that starting in Chesail."

"Because of you opening up a new market called East, Lord Gallahan Lombardi."

Chanton Sushou, it"s not normal.

Gallahan swallowed his dry saliva in a state of tension.

He had a heart of belittling the word "the former commander of the knighthood."

He"s the one who used to grab the sword.

But when he met him in person, he was like a bear.

He"s big and slow, so he looks dull at first glance, but he"s actually very sharp and has a strong instinct.

"So, accept my offer, Lord Lombardi. Don"t just let me stand in your way."

He won"t disturb him if he just listen to what he ask.

It was a sweet temptation not to turn him into an enemy.

Gallahan, staring at Chanton Sushou for a moment, nodded and rose from his seat.

And he said, asking for a handshake.

"I"ll do that. A detailed description of the berth charge will be sent to the mansion as soon as possible."

Chanton Soushau, who was holding Gallahan"s hand satisfactorily, stopped.

"...... berth fee?"

"Then did you try to get a boat for free? Don"t worry. It"s our neighbor, Patriarch of Sushou, so we"ll make it much cheaper."

Chanton Sushou"s sharp eyes glared at Gallahan.

But Gallahan did not shy away.

Chanton Soushau and his father Lulac Lombardi were similar families.

He should not be an underdog for these kinds of strong people.

He has to put his head up a little bit and face it.

That"s the way to survive.

Fortunately, Chanton Sushou, who sees Gallahan, spread laughter around his eyes.

And said.

"Lord of Chesail says so, and I must believe it. Okay, I look forward to hearing from you."

Chanton Soushau has left the office.

Left alone, Gallahan collapsed on the sofa.


His heart thumped and a tired sigh came out.

He seemed to have managed to protect the port of Chesail from predators.

Then he remembered the words that came and went during the conversation.

"And I can"t wait to see what the farmers West Sushou have produced with their blood and sweat being sold at bargain prices."

He had a lot on his mind.

"......Isn"t he such a bad person?"

Gallahan, who was washing his face dry, muttered sickly.

* * *

The Patriarch of Lombardi"s birthday can"t really pass quietly, though it"s a small dinner.

The Eleanor Hall, a huge banquet hall in Lombardi"s mansion, was filled with direct family members of the family.

Now it was time for people to walk around freely and talk after dinner.

Next to Lulac, the owners of the vassal family, and Shannanet and Viege sat around to talk about one thing or another.

"As the North stabilizes, the price of the mineral......."

"At this time, Lombardi should also invest a little more in Western real estate......."

Lulac twirled the glass, listening to the conversation in and out of one ear.

There is a limit to procrastination.

Now the time was approaching to point out a successor.

Lulac looked intently at the vacancy of Shannanet, Viege and Gallahan.

Shannanet will, of course, be a great householder.

There is no problem under imperial law as she protected Lombardi"s castle and twins received Lombardi"s name.

If she had not repeatedly said, "I have no intention of becoming the next Lombardi householder," Shannanet would have been a perfect successor.

And Viege.

"If you look at it, you"ll see it."

The western tourism business of Angenas is on the verge of stepping up.

As Viege said, whether the business will succeed or not depends on the future.

Lulac"s gaze finally touched Gallahan"s vacancy.

He didn"t think this day would come, but it was Gallahan, the youngest, that Lulac"s heart is most swayed these days.

He knew his intelligence from the time he grew up, but he ran a Gallahan clothing store and proved himself that his head was not just a desk bite.

He also showed his boldness as a lord when he recently built a port on the Chesail estate.

But the biggest reason was not Gallahan"s intelligence, nor his experience as a lord.

That"s right.


A bright and cheerful voice awakened Lulac"s conception.

"Happy birthday, grandpa!"

It was his granddaughter, Florentia.