Be the Householder - 2

Chapter 160

Meanwhile, a loud voice rang out in the townhouse of the Angenas family in the capital city.

"Hey, what are you doing!"

The Empress" younger brother and the new Patriarch of Angenas, Duigi Angenas screamed at the man who stood in his way with a frightened face.

"A man called Angenas" knight commander imprisoned the Patriarch!"

Duigi Angenas was only leaving the office to attend a social club salon.

Until Ethan Klux, knight commander of the Angenas family, found himself holding out at the door.

Despite the Patriarch"s order to get out of the way, Ethan Klaus did not budge.

Dressed in thick armor, he stood tall like a mountain, just looking down at Duigi Angenas with an indifferent face.

"Here is the man who disobeyed the Patriarch of Angenas"s commands! Take this man with you!"

Even if he shouted until his neck was bleeding, there was no sign of popularity in the empty hallway.

As if everyone knew of Duigi Angenas" situation and escaped.

It was a creepy moment.

"Now you get it, Duigi?"

Slowly turning the corner was Empress Lavini, wearing a long veil.

"Who really is the owner of Angenas."

"How, how could you do this to me!"

"Ah, I didn"t want to do this either. But you didn"t want to hear me to postpone the payment of Lombardi Construction."

"But there"s an appointment date and there"s constant pressure on Lombardi, so......."

"After all, you must have been more afraid of Lombardi than of me."

Empress Lavini smiled and asked.

"How are you now, Duigi?"

Duigi Angenas looked at Lavini with a fed-up face and shook his head.

"I don"t understand my sister. You owe so much to Sushou and Lombardi, and you"re not nervous."

"What is there to be anxious about? The western business is finished and all we have to do is harvest the fruit."

Again and again.

The sound of Empress Lavini approaching Duigi rang in the hallway.

"My poor and stupid little brother. You are the son of our father."

She clicked her tongue.

"Tourism is not everything in the West. Money is saved where people gather. There will be a miracle that a big city will be built on land that cannot be farmed properly. It"s a miracle I made. So there"s nothing you need to worry about, Duigi."

The blue eyes looking at Duigi Angenas shone coldly.

"Other than your own ignorance."

Empress Lavini"s fingertips tapped Duigi Angenas on the cheek.

And she clicked her tongue again, looking at her brother"s face stained with fear and anger.

"I"ll overlook your mistake this time, but not twice. Do you understand?"

In a very sweet voice, Empress Lavini whispered.

"You can continue to do as I say. Then, you will be able to enjoy your life as the Patriarch of Angenas."

The Empress, who said so, gave Ethan Klaus a wink.

Then the Knight of Angenas, who was standing in a hurry, so easily moved aside and gave way.

The empress looked at it satisfactorily and turned and walked.

But Duigi cried out.

"Hey, not like this!"

"Sigh. What else do you mean, Duigi?"

When she stopped, the empress"s face eventually became a deep irritation.

The way to change Angenas" householder is simple.

If the current Angenas household owner dies or becomes incapable of fulfilling its duties as the household owner.

"It"s business, I"m sure I"ll follow my sister"s advice, but what are you going to do with the throne? Shouldn"t you make the First Prince the Crown Prince?"

" what?"

A dark flesh brushed against Empress Lavini"s slow-moving eyes.

"There is talk among the nobility about the suitability of the First Prince. He only hunts with young nobles every day. You should have made him study now....."


The empress, who walked in the wind, slapped Duigi with all her might.

Red blood flowed from the scratched face on the ring she was wearing.

"Being cheeky. How dare you talk to me about my son."

Empress Lavini stared at Duigi Angenas with fierce eyes.

But something was wrong.

At first glance, her eyes, which seemed full of anger, contained laughter.

Duigi was aware of the look.

It was the face Lavini used to make up when she was young and when her prickly struck.

"You"re still quick-witted, Duigi."

Empress Lavini smiled as if she had been caught.

It was a chilling grin somewhere.

"His Majesty will never have the second prince as his crown prince. That lowly thing was born to resemble the wrong person. Also, even if it does happen......."

Lavini significantly shined his eyes and reduced her words.

"In the end, my son will be crowned Crown Prince. So you don"t have to do anything."

"I don"t have to do anything......"

"From now on, you can just do what you like to do now. Just like you."


Only then did Duigi know Lavini"s plan and instinctively tried to back off.

The empress smiled and said.

"Because this mother will take care of everything."

It was then that a small knock was heard.

"Come on in."

When I answered, the door opened carefully and Larane came in.

"Can I talk to you for a second, Tia?"

"Of course. Sit here, Larane."

Larane looked a little nervous.

I"ve already guessed the reason, but I acted like I didn"t know anything.

"Would you like a cup of tea?"

"Oh, no. I drank it. And this."

Larane, who hesitated for a while, held out a bunch of white flowers.

A small flower the size of a thumbnail was tied in abundance.

"It"s langpa flower. It smells strong, so it"s good to put it by the window."

"Thank you, Larane. I"m also enjoying the flower tea you gave me last time."

"Tell me whenever you need it, Tia. I have a lot."

"Yeah, thanks to Larane for all the time."

It didn"t mean much.

Larane, who blinked her big blue eyes without a word, said in a small voice.

"Thank you, it"s me, Tia."

Larane"s two fists on her knees were seen clenching the hem of her dress.

"Thank you for today. I came by to say that."

Larane"s voice was even a small tremor.

"Well, it"s Larane. Maybe I did something wrong, didn"t I?"

I asked carefully.

"Huh? Oh, no! That"s not what I meant, Tia."

Larane replied, shaking her hands in surprise.

"Thanks to you, I was able to see Sir Avinox......."

There was a faint smile on Larane"s slightly bent face.

That was a pretty smile.

I asked a little mischievously.

"You like Sir Avinox so much, Larane?"

"Huh? Oh, that"s......."

Oh, my God.

One question from me turned Larane"s face so red that it could no longer turn red.

She used to be shy because of her personality, but I"ve never seen such a red face.

"Sir Avinox, makes me laugh."

It was a word that Larane brought up after a long time.

"Tia knows, but I"m a little timid, so I feel awkward and nervous when I"m with people. But when I"m with Sir Avinox, I find myself smiling."


"Because I can see that he is a person who truly cares about me. I guess I"m relieved."

Larane looked very comfortable saying that.

"What a strange thing, Tia. I"ve never been so comforted by my parents or my younger brother who grew up with me."

I patted Larane on the back of her hand, saying something bitter.

"For the time being, think only of yourself, Larane. If Larane is good and comfortable, that"s it."


Larane looked at me with trembling eyes and smiled bitterly.

"As expected, you know about the marriage."

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"What"s going on?"

"Fortunately, nothing has been decided yet. It"s just that my parents tell me to get ready. I think there are a few candidates."


"Tia knows that. Now my father"s situation is a little complicated."


I ended up sighing in a small sighing.

Viege is now considering where to marry his daughter to benefit him the most.

There is only one daughter, and having an in-lawship through marriage can be a huge opportunity or a card to cover up big mistakes.

"I know how selfish it is to accept Sir Avinox"s heart in this situation. But I like Sir Avinox so much......."

Larane"s voice was watery.

Larane, who grew up hearing that she had to marry a chosen person at the convenience of her family.

Maybe she feels a lot of guilt just falling in love with Avinox before the wedding.

I quietly moved to the opposite seat.

And gave Larane a big hug.

"As I said a little while ago, only think of Larane now. Nothing has been decided yet, so don"t be so sad already."

"Thank you, Tia......."

Larane"s body trembled in small.

I brushed her back and told Larane in her ear.

"It"s okay, Larane. Because no one knows what"s going to happen."

A few days later.

Gallahan was greeted with discomfort by a sudden visitor to the clothing store.

He didn"t even contact him in advance and came to the office located in the main branch of the Gallahan clothing store.

The random visit without a word meant that he already knew when and where Gallahan was.

In addition, Gallahan was very nervous and clenched his fist, as the opponent who came to see him was his opponent.

But he didn"t show any signs of it.

Rather, he straightened his chest and asked the visitor in a calm voice.

"What brings you here all of a sudden, Lord Chanton Sushou."

I was spending the evening alone after a long time.

My father finished dinner and was reading a book alone because the meeting at Pellet Corporation seemed to be delayed.

knock, knock