Be the Householder - 2

Chapter 159

I"m surprised.

Yeah, to be honest, I thought of Perez when I saw Larane and Avinox a little while ago.

But it was just a short time.


I stood still, no closer, and Perez walked toward me.

And for a moment he looked at my expression and smiled and asked.

"By any chance, were you finally thinking about me?"

"Oh, no!"

I"m doomed.

I denied it too loudly.

No, when did you get to read someone else"s mind?

Perez opened his eyes wide in strong denial, and soon bent his eyes and smiled again.

"Why, why are you here?"

Perez answered my question, lifting a box of cake in his hand.

"I thought of you on my way somewhere."

"You always tend to relate me to sweet food, Perez. Of course, I like sweet food, but......"

As I was talking, I suddenly got a question.

"But where are you going, past Lombardi"s mansion?"

"To meet a close classmate at the academy."

As far as I know, it was Lignite Luman, the brother of Avinox, who was his best friends at the Academy.

Then he"s on his way to the Monak top.

The branch at the Monak top is in the ecliptic.

It"s near the palace.

I squinted and asked again.

"Are you sure you"re on your way?"

When I poked, Perez kept his mouth shut and just smiled.

That"s the face he makes when he can"t bring himself to lie to me.

"Well, you must have something uncomfortable to tell other people."

I said with a shrug.

"Thank you, I"ll enjoy the meal."

The cake box handed over from Perez was quite heavy.

"I have big hands."

I can never eat this alone.

I pointed to the closed door and asked Perez.

"Would you like a cup of tea? With the cake."

"......can I?"

Perez raised his eyebrows as if it were unexpected.

"What, Perez, what"s wrong with your reaction?"

"Because I came without a promise in advance."

I thought it was because I said a long time ago, "I"m busy, so contact me in advance".

I opened the door with a small sigh, beckoning to come in.

"......did you have guests?"

Perez looked at the teapots of two people still on the table and asked.

"Avinox Luman came and went."

"Avinox? Why?"

"It turned out that Avinox was dating Larane. It"s a secret to other people."

Actually, I called to discuss the eastern business case and found out about it.

I said it without saying anything important.


Perez nodded quickly, surprised.

I picked the right tea leaves and made tea again.

"As expected, caramel Avenue"s dessert is the best."

Eating a lot of sweet custard cream seemed to relieve my fatigue.

Perez took a bite along with the cake I had and nodded as if agreeing.

So we sat side by side and finished the cake in a row.

Eventually, there is only one small cream pie left on the plate.

It"s embarrassing to blame him for buying a lot.

Patting the stomach satisfactorily, Perez said.

"Tia, it"s on your mouth."

"Oh, really?"

At the words, I looked around.

But I couldn"t see anything to wipe my mouth.

I"m thinking about wiping it with my sleeve.

"I"ll clean it for you."

Perez reached out and swept my mouth with his fingers.

It was so natural and outspoken that I missed the right time to stop it.

I looked at Perez in a daze.

I could feel Perez"s fingers slowly touching my lips.

At that moment, the things in Ivan came to mind as if a fire was burning.

That thing in bed.

Apparently, my face is on fire, too.

-When cream is on a woman"s lips, it"s common to steal it with your fingers.

At least that was the case in books or broadcasts about romance.

Yes, it"s very common and sometimes it"s even greasy.

My heart was pounding to death now facing Perez.

Perez"s finger brushed my lips were as hot as fire, and I couldn"t take my eyes off Perez"s mouth, licking the stolen cream.

He must have noticed that, too.

When I see a smile hanging on his red lips.


I scooped up the leftover dessert with the fork I had put down.

I heard Perez laughing low next to me, but I focused only on the cake.

Of course, this time, I"ll be careful not to get anything in my mouth.

* * *

Gallahan visited Pellet Merchant after a long time.

Not long after returning from Chesail, there was still a lingering feeling, but Gallahan"s face was full of life.

It was because he had such a good thing ahead of him.

Arriving in front of Clarivan"s office, Gallahan knocked without hesitation.

"Come on in."

As if waiting, the voice of Clarivan immediately came.

"Sir Clarivan."

"Here you are."

Clarivan said with a smile, offering Gallahan a seat.

"You look happy."

"Aren"t the harbor open soon? What I"ve been busy preparing since last year will soon become a reality. My heart beats so fast that I can"t sleep."

Gallahan"s green eyes sparkled.

Clarivan smiled a little at the sight of Gallahan.

"......then let"s go through the plan again."

For such a long time, Clarivan and Gallahan put their heads together to review the papers.

Gallahan, who finally confirmed that all preparations were complete, nodded with a proud face.

"I would never have done this on my own without Pellet Merchant. It is said to be the lord of Chesail, but you must know something. Thank you very much, Sir Clarivan."

"Instead of paying the investment, our Pellet ships will not pay the berth fee at Chesail harbor in the future. And now that we"ve shared the port"s profits, it"s not something to be thanked for, Lord Gallahan."

"Ha ha, is that so?"

Gallahan smiled awkwardly and carefully packed the papers.

Clarivan, who was watching the scene, said, taking off his glasses.

"But it"s been a while since we"ve sat face to face."

"When it comes to old times......."

Gallahan, who tilted his head, asked, clapping his hands.

"Oh, you mean when I went to ask you about the ready-to-wear business?"

"Yes, that"s right. At that time, you were hard to talk to me properly, but now that you"re good at it, I think it"s really been a long time."

Clarivan said with a small smile.

Gallahan"s face turned slightly red, perhaps because he thought the smile was making fun of him.

"At that time, I was afraid of you and I couldn"t help it."

Gallahan smiled and shook his head to see if it reminded him of that time.

"...... How about now?"

Clarivan asked in a low voice.

"You can"t be scary right now. Now I know how sweet and friendly you are."

"Do you mean I"m...?"

"Yes, Sir Clarivan takes very good care of the people around him."

Gallahan answered cheerfully.

"That"s the case with this port. I"m worried about the cause of death, so you gave me your hand."

"I didn"t do such a good thing......."

"I know, it"s a great opportunity for Pellet Corporation."

Gallahan said, staring directly at Clarivan.

"However, we are well aware of how much the Pellet Corporation has provided us with the convenience of Chesail as we proceed with this work. If it was really for profit, you wouldn"t have done it."

Clarivan did not give an answer.

Gallahan smiled loosely as he looked at Clarivan, who sat tight-lipped.

"Thanks to you, people in Chesail will have a much better life. Large commercial districts will be developed around ports, and now that there is something else to do besides farming, the local people doesn"t have to starve during the bad harvest. It"s all thanks to Pellet Corporation."

Gallahan bowed his head briefly.

It was a thank-you greeting.

Clarivan, who watched the scene silently, spoke quietly, fiddling with his earlobe, which was somewhat red.

"......I"m glad it was helpful."

* * *

After leaving the Lombardi mansion, Perez returned to the ecliptic.

As Tia had noticed, "I was on my way" was a lie.

On the way to the Monak top, he saw a caramel Avenue, and he thought of Tia, so he bought a cake and wanted to deliver it.

Of course, Caramel Avenue was also offering a delivery service, but Perez pretended not to know it.

He think he should give the cake to Tia because he already bought it.

The meeting was delayed because of the wind, but Perez"s priorities were clear, so it didn"t matter.

The waiting Lignite and Nosier greeted Perez.

"How"s the business in the South?"

"It"s going without a hitch. It"s a lot easier because of the trick of logging triva trees in the north."

"What about the payment?"

"It"s just being done right away. It"s Patriarch of Sushou. It"s settling quickly."

Perez nodded slowly to Nosier"s satisfactory report.

But not everything was smooth.

"In the investigation of Pellet Corporation, there was no big harvest. There"s really nothing to find out."

Lignite trembled as if he was bored.

"Clarivan Pellet is clean, except he"s frighteningly bold and has accurate eyes."

He used to say that, but Lignite was also somewhat reluctant.

Merchants usually get their hands dirty as much as they earn.

But Clarivan Pellet was not.

Nevertheless, Pellet Corporation"s superiority continues to win and win every day.

Rather, that raised the alarm in Lignite"s head.

"How can he be so successful in every business he touch? I heard he did another job this time."

"The Pellet Corporation?"

"The harbor that was built in Chesail was funded by Pellet Corporation. I think they"re going to distribute goods to the east through them."

"To the East?"

"It"s because the road is rough, but there"s no market that"s as good as the East. Most of the items that go in the center are expensive. The Pellet Corporation will make a money."

Even after hearing that, Perez didn"t say much.


He called Perez, who was lost in thought, but there was still no answer.

"Eastern....... Avinox......"

Perez was just muttering words of unknown meaning.