Be the Householder - 2

Chapter 157

After the accident, I had to recuperate in Ivan estate for another week or so.

I was wondering if I should spend the winter in Ivan, where it snows a lot.

After hearing the news, my grandfather sent me a specially adapted carriage to Ivan so I could lie down and travel comfortably, so I could return to Lombardi.

Several months have passed since returning to Lombardi from Ivan.

Winter has passed and spring has come while I am building up my stamina again and returning to my daily life. (T/N: It seems that the author hate winter, because she skips the winter season several times.)

In other words, it was the beginning of the social season.

And as if to wait, the Empress opened the door to a new season with a spectacular and grand banquet.

I mean, all the people who are struggling in the empire and the social world, including myself, are gathered together.

I took a glass of liquor from a passing servant.

"You"ve used all the best alcohol and food."

Even the imperial banquets don"t usually go this far.

It was a part of how much the empress cared about this banquet.

Nominally, it was just "the first feast of the season hosted by the Empress", but the aim was obvious.

"She"s trying to promote western tourism, which has been developed to some extent."

Then she can just promote it honestly.

By looking at the fictional title of "Imperial Banquet" until the end, we can still see what the empress thinks about "the act of making money."

"She"s a great person in many ways."

I mean about half of it.

The Empress pushed ahead with the development of the West under various unfavorable conditions.

Triva trees, the main wood needed for construction, are far short, and the ones on the market are empty due to the monak top demanding a huge amount of money, and the relationship with the North has been strained.

In addition, Angenas sold the land for the amercement for liable for the landslide.

However, the Empress managed to develop the West.

Enough to start a tourism business.

I took a sip and looked at the people at the centre of the banquet.

"It"s all thanks to Lord Lombardi"s hard work."

The empress spoke in a slightly louder voice as if to listen to those who were paying attention to her.

"Hahaha, it"s the imperial business, but I have to help!"

Viege grinned in a louder voice as his mouth hung from his ear.

"Of course, I didn"t forget Sushou"s help."

"I"m flattered, Empress."

When the empress looked across from Viege and said, a little stranger answered with a slight lift of a glass in his hand.

"He"s a Chanton."

He was a man of the word.

He was originally the head of an imperial knight of the Imperial Family.

The atmosphere felt from afar is quite different from other nobles.

He was a man with short hair that was easy to manage, a bitter eye, and a body that seemed to be "big", so he was still more suitable for an active duty knight than the owner of a family.

It seems that I am not the only one who thinks so, but even now, people were not able to approach it as if there were even round shields around the Patriarch of Sushou.

"It"s only Grandpa and Perez who have that much pressure in the ecliptic."

"You mean me?"

"Oh, my gosh!"

I stepped aside half a step at the sudden voice from the right.

As I looked at it, I could see Perez smiling, bending his eyes halfway.

"Go around with a little flair, Perez."

"I wanted to surprise you a little."

I can"t even get mad at him for being so honest.

"Hi, Tia."


I"ve been distancing myself from Perez since the kiss incident in Ivan.

However, as he had already declared war, he was not concerned about such things.

Of course, only in private.

Even now, Perez was no longer approaching, with his hands behind his back when I showed my furry tight and vigilant appearance.

Even though the eyes that still looked at me were full of subtle laughter.

What"s more depressing here is that Perez"s presence keeps my heart pounding.

I squinted and starPatriarch of Sushou.

"Again, that look!"

"I don"t know what you"re talking about."

Somehow, I"m worried that he"s getting more sneaky day by day.

I gave Perez a second look in the face, and asked, pointing to the Empress, Viege, and Patriarch of Sushou at the tip of my chin.

"What do you think of that coalition?"


The words weren"t very trivial, but the day stood in Perez" eyes as he looked at the empress.

I spoke with a lower voice.

"I heard the popularity of the Empress and the First Prince is increasing because of that combination. On top of that, Viege."

People still don"t know that Lombardi architecture hasn"t been paid properly.

So it happened because in their eyes the alliance between Lombardi and Angenas seemed pretty solid.

In addition, Viege openly bragged that his personal money had been invested in the Empress"s western business.

He didn"t even know he was putting his foot in a pretty trap. Like a fool.

"Tia, what about you? Now that Viege Lombardi has played a part in the West Development Project, wouldn"t you be in trouble?"

What do you think I am?

"How much money does the delivery business I"ve made for the family now?"

Lombardi Delivery was well established and steadily earning cash.

Klang Devon is screaming joyfully at the growing delivery business day by day.

In short, it was no exaggeration to say that the Lombardi top, which had sales along with Lombardi"s delivery service, is making up for the money that Viege has spread to the western business.

Already, Lombardi"s delivery service was becoming a strong pillar of support for the family.

"I haven"t run out of deliPatriarch of Sushoune yet, it"s okay."

Some of them were loaded to shoot right next time.

I took another sip, talking leisurely.

Then, I met Patriarch of Sushou, who was looking at me from afar.

It was so intense that I couldn"t ignore it.

" he coming this way?"

Patriarch of Sushou was was slowly walking towards Perez and me.

Naturally, many people"s eyes have shifted to us along with Patriarch of Sushou.

I quickly moved a step further to widen the distance with Perez.

Patriarch of Sushou approached Perez first with a heavy voice.

"Hello, Your Highness Second Prince. I haven"t seen you in a long time."

It was a normal greeting.

He was originally a knight commander in the imperial family, so it was not strange that he already knew Perez.

The problem, however, was the attitude of the Patriarch of Sushou.

It was too confident and strangely annoying to say that he was treating the prince.

There was no breach of etiquette, but it was certainly intended.

"......It"s been a long time. Patriarch of Sushou."

Perez replied, looking straight at the Patriarch of Sushou, in a stiff voice.

And at that moment, I suddenly began to feel as if the temperature around me had dropped by a few degrees.

The reason was Perez and Patriarch of Sushou standing face to face.

It was a war of nerves between Perez, the Aura master, and Chanton Sushou, the former Imperial Knights Commander.

I looked around.

The nobles were buzzing.

Not a few people saw Perez and Patriarch of Sushou with very curious eyes.

Perhaps at the end of today"s banquet, it was visible that this would go viral and stir up society.

And I checked on the empress.


The Empress smiled triumphantly and looked very proudly at Chanton Soushou, who was fighting Perez.

The act alone now clearly showed that the stock price of Patriarch of Sushou rose sharply in the Empress"s head.

Just by coming up and greeting in front of people, Chanton Soushau succeeded in making the impression that he was a person who was at odds with Perez.

I smiled quietly inside as I watched Perez and Chanton Soushau, who were still fighting a tight race.

"Perez, you"re really smart."

I quietly got out of the place where people"s eyes were focused and took a step toward the stairs on the second floor.

"Hello, sir."

"Here you are, Lady Florentia."

As promised in advance, Clarivan was there waiting for me.

Clarivan escorted me politely and we became ordinary priests and strolled through the banquet hall.

Then some of the nobles who looked at us at first soon lost interest and returned to their conversations.

After I checked it, I asked in a low voice.

"What did people say?"

Clarivan attended today"s banquet, talking to a lot of people and gathering little information.

"Lady Florentia"s guess was right. Instead of the hard-to-supply triva tree, the building was built using wood available in the southern jungle of Sushou."

"So Angenas owes a lot to Sushou."

"It also matches Bate"s information. It is to the Sushou family that Angenas sold the western manor to pay the amercement."

"Angenas is completely tied up with money to Sushou."

To my question, Clarivan greeted the nobleman passing by with a grin on his face.

"Maybe it"s not a simple idea to pay back the money they will earn from the western tourism business."

"Are the nobles interested in western tourism?"

"Most of them are favorable. It"s nobles who have so much money and nothing to do. Anything that can save their boredom is welcome."

I stopped walking looking at Clarivan.

And I said with a smile.

"It"s about time, isn"t it?"

Clarivan smiled a little wickedly and replied.

"Yes, Lady Florentia."

Clarivan, who had been promoting this work himself, looked unbearable because he was itching.

Maybe I have a similar face.

Leaning against the railing on the second floor, I looked down the floor, and I could see the nobles crowded on the first floor.

They looked like fish trapped in my fishing grounds.

With very, very rich fish.

I said with a nod to Clarivan.

"Then shall we move in earnest, sir?"

It was the last okay sign.

After going to the Empress" banquet.

I"ve taken action, too.

The first was to call Avinox to the Lombardi mansion.

This was because Avinox was acting as the official deputy Patriarch of Luman when Patriarch of Luman returned to the east.

But formally, it was an ordinary social invitation.

So I chose the appointment time as a good time to have a leisurely cup of tea, from breakfast to lunch.

It was time for me to sit in my drawing room and organize in my head what I was going to ask Avinox today.

knock, knock

I heard the butler of the annex with a knock.

"Here comes Sir Avinox Luman, Lady."

"Come on in."

I said that and got up to greet Avinox.

The door opened and Avinox walked in.

By the way.

"Hello, Lady Florentia."

Wow, it"s so bright!

I almost covered my eyes with my hands without realizing it.

Whenever I saw Avinox, I thought he was "like the sun" because of its bright platinum blonde, subtle eye color, and unique bright personality.

Today Avinox was even more brilliant.

"Thank you for calling."

I saw it.

A perfectly groomed Avinox has a halo that I can only see when I sees a celebrity.

And at the same time I realized.

That Avinox couldn"t have been dressed like this from head to toe for me.