Be the Householder - 2

Chapter 153

I said, brushing off the dirt that had accumulated on the seat next to me.

"Lady Lombardi."

Migente Ivan looked at me pitifully, wondering if I thought I was denying reality.

But I shook my head.

And I lifted the part where the hip touched.

It was a hidden space containing simple food to eat and drink in the carriage.

It was specially made by Clarivan for me, who couldn"t stand the question of his mouth.

Fortunately, I saw a couple of full water bottles, bread to eat, and chocolate cookies.

That bread was given by Violet a few days ago, and the chocolate cookie was put in by Perez.

I choked up when I thought of precious people, but I didn"t cry.

I can"t waste water and energy in my body like that.

I spoke in a casual voice to Migente Ivan, who still looked at me with anxious eyes.

"I"m sorry to say this, Sir Ivan. That"s right, it can be difficult if Sir Ivan alone is trapped in this carriage."

If so, it"s probably only Ivan"s people who are trying to get this carriage out.

"But in here, I"m with you. That means countless people will move to get this carriage out of the way. Because I"m Lombardi."


"The Lombardi family will try to save me with every resource possible. Oh, and His Highness Second Prince."

I can"t tell Migente Ivan, but it also includes Clarivan and Pellet.

Yeah, everybody"s gonna move.

"So we just need to stay alive until a lot of people get rid of all that dirt and rock."

I"m not actually saying this to Migente Ivan.

It was a word to myself that kept getting anxious.

Fortunately, my mind calmed down to see if it worked.

In my clearer mind, a little rough, warm hand that wrapped around my hand came to my mind.

They"re coming to save me.

I thought, grasping the spout of the cold water bottle.

* * *

John, the butler of the Lombardi family, pulled red paper from the ankle of bird flying over the mansion with a dark complexion.

The red paper meant urgency.

Besides, the kind of bird was a big hawk.

It was a species that was faster than a regular bird, but was rarely used unless it was too precious to be on the verge.

After confirming the contents by urgently opening the letter, John immediately moved on.

Jabbuck, jabbuck, jabbuck.

At first, the pace that he walked a little faster was getting faster.

By the time he got to the mansion"s office, John was running completely.


Today is the third day of the week.

After a long time, the householder and the brother and sister looked at John at the same time.

"What"s going on?"

Interfering with the meeting, Lulac asked, assuming something had happened.

"Heuk, flo, the lady, in a landslide....."


Lulac couldn"t wait and jumped up and grabbed a red piece of paper from John"s hand and read it.


After hearing the name of Florentia, Gallahan also strode up.

Gallahan simultaneously checked the contents on the paper.


Gallahan staggered with a pale face.


Shannanet quickly approached and assisted Gallahan and asked Lulac.

"What"s the matter, Father?"

"Tia...... This is the message of Patriarch of Ivan that she was swept away by a landslide."

"......what did you say, now?"

Shannanet quickly read the letter, doubting her ears.

"No way, no way. Tia, why......."

Gallahan was mesmerized and muttered, unable to breathe properly.

Shannanet"s hand, which held Gallahan"s shoulder, was shaking.

Lulac read the letter again as if to confirm and said.

"There"s nothing wrong with Tia anywhere here. It"s just that the carriage has been washed away by soil."

And he immediately grabbed Gallahan"s clothes hard and forced him up.

"Wake up, Gallahan! You"re Tia"s father. What if you lose your mind?"

The focus was also returned to Gallahan"s eyes, which had been blurred by the loud voice of Lulac.

"My father said......that"s right. Our Tia could still be safe in there. Yeah, that"s right....."

Gallahan"s body, which was shaking like a quince, gradually stopped shaking.

And Gallahan, who rose, clenched his fist and said.

"I"ll go to Ivan. Please attach the Knights of Lombardi."

Lulac nodded his head.

"Take all the First and 2nd Knights."

It meant to leave the least amount of troops to protect Lombardi"s mansion.

"Twins can run fast and it"ll help. I want to see if there"s any equipment in the Lombardi mine in Ivan that can help to rescue."

Shannanet said.

"We will take care of the latecomers and send them. The news from Ivan will also be delivered to Jeonseo-gu, so Gallahan you should start right away."

"I"ll ask you, father."

Gallahan stormed out of the householder"s office, as if when he stumbled.

Lulac then told John.

"John, get the carriage ready."

"Yes, Lord."

John ran out as well, and Lulac took his breath for a moment to get ready.

But he had to do it again and again because of his shaky hands.

Shannanet, who was not able to see it, approached and asked, helping him get dressed.

"Where are you going?"

"I"m going to the palace. I"m going to ask Yovanes to give me an imperial order."

"If it"s imperial order...."

"To all the lords of the castle on the road from Lombardi to Ivan, make sure that the Knights of Lombardi pass without check, and keep the gates open at night."

"My father is right. It would be faster if there was imperial order."

As Laurels watched the whole scene with wide eyes, he murmured, scratching his head.

"But if she has been swept away by a landslide......."


There was a roar in the office.

Lulac pushed the heavy hanger in front of him to the side and knocked it over.


With sour anger, Lulac called his son as if he was warning him.

Laurels" shoulders recoiled greatly.

"I can"t afford to overlook your mistakes anymore today. Watch your language."

Laurels nodded quickly.

"Tia"s gonna be fine, Father."

Shannanet said softly.

Lulac nodded his head.

"Yeah, she"ll be fine, she"ll be fine. She is Lulac"s granddaughter. She a very strong kid, so she"ll be fine."

Mumbling to himself several times, Lulac left the office with a small wind.

Shannanet, who sighed quietly, also tried to clean up her seat and move.

"Where is my sister going?"

As if all these storms were someone else"s work, it was Viege with a fine face.

"I"m going to pick up Dr. Estira. Tia could be hurt, so we have to get ready."

Viege frowned for a moment, but said no more.

Shannanet, who had a clue what he wanted to say, looked coldly at such a Viege once and hurried to step.

But Shannanet was not the building with Estira"s lab.

Towards her office, Shannanet hurriedly pulled out a piece of paper and scribbled a short word.

There was one more person who really needed to know that something big happened to Florentia.

Shannanet, who sealed the envelope carefully, called a young servant.

"Deliver this correspondence to the Pellet Corporation right now."

And once again, she said it.

"Nobody else, Clarivan Pellet himself must be told."

Two days had already passed since the accident happened.

Another big shock swept Ivan estate as it was known that Migente Ivan was riding together in Lombardi"s carriage.

All the workers who were restoring the walls were mobilized to rescue them.

But relentlessly progress was slow and people let out a weary sigh.

But there was a man who didn"t care about anything.

Clang, clang!

A wretched sound of iron rang.

Perez"s sword-spinning blue aura gradually lost its light.

It was a miracle to wield a sword without eating or sleeping properly.

"Heo-eok, heh-eok......!"

Perez breathed hard and fixed the sword.

"Your Highness Second Prince."

Ivan"s guard captain, who couldn"t see it, grabbed Perez"s arm.

"Take a little break."

"Let go of me."

"Aren"t you well aware that you may never be able to grab a sword again if you manage the aura so hard?"

"Let go."

Perez said so and shook the guard captain"s hand.

And with half-blown eyes, he looked at a spot in the ground.

Like a man who instinctively knows that a carriage carrying Florentia is buried there.

Perez murmured, wiping the sweat that had flowed into his eyes.

"Without Tia, there"s no reason to hold the sword anymore."

Peres, remembering the brightly smiling face, once again grabbed the handle of his sword.

Tears and blood oozed out of the torn wound on his grip, which had barely healed again.

But regardless of the pain, the blue light on Perez" sword was new.

Quang, Quang!

A louder sound rang at the collapsed forest.

Ivan"s guard captain said, looking up at the rain-sprinkling sky.

"If only we had more men......."

He heard the news from other provinces in the north and sent people, but it was just a handful.

Everyone had no choice but to restore their land and prevent further landslides.

Then someone shouted out loud.

"There"s people coming! It looks like they"re soldiers from another region!"

The surprised guard captain jumped up to a high place and saw where the soldier pointed.

"That pattern is......."

A total of four flags rose suddenly in a large group of dozens.

All were flags of families in the central part of the Empire further south of Ivan.

As the crowd grew closer, the knight, who ran to the forefront of the horse, stood in front of Ivan"s watchman and said.

"We are the people of Pasente, Viltz, Banape and Enfaria. At the imperial order, we came to help Lady Lombardi"s rescue work."