Be the Householder - 2

Chapter 152

An indescribable foreboding wrapped around Perez.

Leaving his back behind Patriarch of Ivan, he frantically searched the mansion calling out the name of Florentia.

"Tia! Where are you, Tia!"

The people of the mansion and the imperial administrators also murmured at the sight of the scene.

Some even helped find Florentia.

Perez ran to the Florentia"s bedroom.

Then he opened the door and shouted.


But it was Becky, a maid who was cleaning up her clothes.

"Lo, Lady Lombardi at the construction site of the bridge......."

Perez gritted his teeth not to scream.

Instead, he gave strength to his sword hands so that his hands would turn white.

Perez, who was running down the stairs of the mansion, immediately boarded the horse and headed for the guard post at the gate.

Perhaps during an emergency meeting, the alarmed captain looked at Perez, who suddenly came in.

"Where the bridge collapsed? Which way did it lead from there?"

The captain of the guard silently pointed to the collapsed mountain.

Then, Patriarch of Ivan also arrived at the guard post in a hurry.

"Get people to go to the place where the landslide happened. We"re going to make sure there"s no casualties."

It was when Patriarch of Ivan ordered with a stiff face.

The captain of the guard said with a sad look on his face.

"Just before the landslide, I saw a carriage on the road being swept into it."

"Who is it, a carriage?"

"Lombardi"s...... It was a carriage with a pattern on it."


People were shocked.

There was only one person riding in a carriage with the emblem of Lombardi at Ivan estate.

Florentia Lombardi.

Florentia Lombardi is buried under the mountain of the rock and the pile.

"Well, that can"t be."

Patriarch of Ivan"s face turned pale.

The last string of reason that remained in Perez was also cut off.


Rough Perez"s hand grabbed Patriarch of Ivan by the collar as if it was going to rip off his clothes.

"Lo, Lord!"

The guards approached in surprise, but no one intervened recklessly.

Everyone knew that the northern reconstruction project was being delayed due to Patriarch of Ivan"s refusal to provide relief money.

At that point, Lady Lombardi had an accident at Ivan estate.

Furthermore, Perez"s hideous energy was warning anyone to be prepared to give up their necks.

Patriarch of Ivan knew what he had committed, so he squealed and did not dare to escape.

Perez growled in a low voice with a throbbing sound.

"Now do you understand what you"ve done, Patriarch of Ivan?"

Patriarch of Ivan just shut up and didn"t answer.


Perez, who pushed away such an Patriarch of Ivan, roared out the door.

His horse arrived on the slope, which had collapsed through the stronger rain and wind.

Guards and Patriarch of Ivan followed suit, but no one reached their destination could speak.

The road was cut off by the soil that had been pushed down, and a large rock rolled down from the middle of the mountain was weighing heavily on it.

"Oh, of all things, the rock......."

To dig up the soil, they had to remove this huge rock first.

But it will probably take a few days just to do it.

And no one has survived so long being buried underneath.

But they couldn"t let go of their hand like this.

It was Florentia Lombardi.

Patriarch of Ivan ordered the guards with blood veins around his neck.

"All men must first move rocks that can be moved by force! And you go back to the castle and get the tools to split the rocks!"

This is where the Florentia Lombardi should not die.

If it did, he couldn"t afford to withdraw from his position as Patriarch of Ivan.

Patriarch of Ivan did not know that his white hair was all wet and gave orders loudly to several people.

"Come on move, come on!"


It was time for a few rolled-up sleeves to approach the rock at the top.

Standing in a corner, looking at a pile of rocks, Perez pushed the soldier in front of him aside.

"Get out of the way."

Perez spit out a word in a low voice.



A blue glow flashed with a sharp metallic sound.

A dazzling blue aura sword was rising from Perez"s sword quickly pulled out of the scabbard.

When Perez swung the sword for the second time, a huge rock split in half and rolled down.

Nevertheless, Perez did not stop.

He just broke a huge rock while swinging his sword like crazy.

He swung once and struck the sword five or ten times if the rock did not crack.

Bang! Bang!

"Uh, uh, uh...."

Patriarch of Ivan"s order fell to the soldiers standing, looking at the figure in a vague state.

"Do something! Move the cut rock!"

"Oh, yeah! Oh, I see!"

Patriarch of Ivan, who confirmed the soldiers were moving, looked at Perez" back.

Aura is powerful.

But no one can pull out aura indefinitely.

In particular, cutting hard objects like rocks consumes enormous mana.

Sure enough.

The blue aura was blinking again and again.

But Perez swung the sword silently.

Sometimes a bare sword without an aura hits a rock.


Eventually, on a swinging blade, the red blood that came from the torn grip of Perez sprinkled on the rock.

However, Perez"s movement did not stop.

Bam! Bang!

Only the number of blood droplets that quietly wet the floor in the noise of the rock splitting increased.

* * *

I have a splitting headache.

What"s going on.

As I moved my arm to grab my throbbing head, I heard a strange sound.


When I opened my eyes, which were hard to open, little light came in, so I could see the inside of the dark carriage.

I was lying on the floor of the carriage where I bent down for the last time.

"Uh, blood......."

The hand that touched my forehead came out with blood so that it turned red.

And at my feet I saw Migente Ivan lying down.

"Oh, Lord Ivan......!"

Migente Ivan, who, like me, is unconscious, reacted to my voice but couldn"t open his eyes.

"In the end, are we trapped?"

I lifted myself up carefully.

My head throbbed unbearably every time I moved, but I can"t stand it like this.

It took me a long time to sit on the carriage chair, and I looked around.

"Fortunately, the air seems to be coming in from up there......."

Fortunately or unfortunately, we can breathe thanks to the little rock that broke through the carriage ceiling.

Of course, now I feel like it had hit my forehead on that rock lying on the carriage floor.

As I looked up, adapting my eyes to the darkness as much as I could, the upper part was covered with wet? And loosely intertwined rocks.

So, when I moved my body greatly, the dirt and soil fell, but at the same time, a small wind was coming in through the hole.

"I"m glad I got in a big, sturdy carriage. If I knew this would happen, I would have packed my survival bag in the carriage......."

No, if I knew this would happen, I wouldn"t have come out of the blanket.

I try to relax by thinking about such unsympathetic things alone, but I keep getting scared by throbbing head and darkness.

I feel suffocated even though I know that air is flowing and the wind is coming in.

"Ugh, where are we......"

Then Migente Ivan opened his eyes.

At the same time, a strange sense of relief poured in.

Oh, I"m not alone in this.

With a short breath, I spoke to Migente Ivan.

"Are you get of your consciousness? I think we was swept away by a landslide."

"Ah....... Yes...Is the Lady okay?"

"I"m a little hurt, but I"m fine."

"Fortunately. I have to get up now...... Ugh!"

"You could have been hurt. Don"t strain yourself and lie down."

At my words, Migente Ivan nodded, frowning.

"I"m sorry, Lady Lombardi."


"Because of my father"s stubbornness...... Originally, this hillside was also scheduled for construction in preparation for additional landslides. I should have pushed harder."

I did not say anything.

I couldn"t say "it"s okay" with empty words.

As if he knew how I felt, Migente Ivan laughed bitterly.

"Because of my indecision, the Lady has to experience like this...... Ugh."

Mumbling like that, Migente Ivan crawled up and sat down.

Then, with desperate eyes, he looked up at the hole in the ceiling.

"The day will never come when we can see the light again. Here, like this......."

"It"ll only take a few days."


"If you hang in there, there will be a day of sunshine in this carriage."


"I know, usually when a landslide is swept away, everyone gets stuck and dies. But this time it"ll be different."