Be the Householder - 2

Chapter 151

Thompson, the first-degree administrator, and Ryan, the second-degree administrator, were among the 12 administrators dispatched from the palace to the north, who remained next to the second prince without moving to another estate.

When the dispatch was first decided, colleagues sympathized with them.

Now the two were very pleased to have come north.

Only one reason was because of Perez, the second prince.

His work was efficient and accurate, taking for granted his brilliant career as the head of the Academy and early graduation.

Nor was there a single mistake.

Watching that from the side, Thompson and Ryan, who are constitute administrators to the bone, were relieved.

Perez woke up even before dawn today and was working at a tremendous pace.


"Your Highness, why don"t you take a break?"


"Yes, Your Highness."

"Are you free enough to take a break?"

"Oh, no."

It was time for Thompson to hand over his sweaty approval papers to Perez.


Perez, who suddenly looked up and checked the time, said.

"It"s already this time. Take a break and get out to the field."

It was a big deal.

As Perez said a while ago, he never took a break.

"It"s time for guests."

As soon as Perez"s word fell, he heard a knock on the door.

"Your Highness, Patriarch of Ivan, I ask you to meet......."

"Can I talk to you for a moment?"

Before Ryan, who had been out in a hurry, could not tell the visitors had arrived, Patriarch of Ivan pushed in half and spoke with a stiff face.

Perez nodded briefly instead of answering.

Thompson and Ryan moved away, leaving only two people in the room.

"Tell me, Patriarch of Ivan."

As soon as Perez"s permission was granted, Patriarch of Ivan spoke in an angry voice.

He seemed to have had enough patience.

"Stop the act of supremacy right now, Your Highness."

Perez"s voice, on the other hand, was so calm.

"Against your authority?"

"Ignoring Ivan"s landlord and unilaterally distributing relief money to the lords of the North."

But Perez tilted his head slightly instead of answering.

Patriarch of Ivan frowned upon the sight.

"I didn"t do such a thing now. Are you backing out?"

"No. I don"t quite understand the word "unilaterally.""

"What if it"s not unilateral!"

Patriarch of Ivan walked to Perez" desk with a high voice.

"I"ve made it clear! The North will not accept imperial aid, we will take care of our affairs! Nevertheless, the prince unilaterally distributed relief money to the lords of the North!"

"Then it means there"s still no change in the idea of not receiving imperial aid."

"Of course."

"Then...... I can"t help it."

Perez nodded and put down the pen in his hand.

And slowly lifted himself up.

No matter how strong Patriarch of Ivan is for his age, he is no match for Perez.

Before he knew it, Patriarch of Ivan was below Perez"s eye level, who had risen.

"Jerome Ivan."

Perez called his full name in a low voice, and Patriarch of Ivan wince in small measure.

He was crushed by the spirit.

"I gave you a chance. You are the head of the Ivan family representing the North and the one who is gravely responsible for the landslide."

Perez pulled a bunch of papers out of the drawer.

"But I feel like you didn"t deserve that opportunity."

A bundle of papers thrown by Perez fell before Patriarch of Ivan with a dull thud.

"This is the first time the lords used the relief money I sent them."

Patriarch of Ivan"s eyes trembled as he quickly went through the contents of the document.

"Food, medicine, and manpower required for reconstruction are all items that must have been provided in an urgent and controversial manner. But the lords and the people of the land had to wait without getting help at the right time. Because of you, Patriarch of Ivan."

Perez" red eyes glowed brightly, staring at Patriarch of Ivan.

"Nevertheless, they waited. Believing that Ivan will take responsibility. Farmland was covered in landslides, running out of food, and waiting for the wounded to die due to lack of medicine. I don"t know that Ivan doesn"t have the ability to take responsibility for everyone."

Perez turned around the desk and stood in front of Patriarch of Ivan.

"So I moved myself, so I gave you a chance. A chance to take responsibility for the landslide, as I assured everyone. But I don"t think you have a chance."

There was now contempt in the eyes of Patriarch of Ivan.

"Jerome Ivan. Once this has come to an end, I will propose to His Majesty the removal of your household title. Jerome Ivan is no longer qualified to represent the North."

"You can"t......."

"Think again. Who I am."

Patriarch of Ivan shut up trying to refute.

The prince, who had been given an order of desolation, was obliged to report the course and outcome of his mission to the Emperor in detail.

It is highly likely that the entire Ivan family will be held accountable, not just one Jerome Ivan.

If he does something wrong, Ivan could lose his qualification as the northern leader.

"You"ll have to make the right choice, Patriarch of Ivan. Will Jerome Ivan make an individual mistake, and will he be withdrawn from the family, or will he hold Ivan the whole accountable?"

Perez said coldly.

It was then.

Rumbling. Thump.

They could hear a loud thing falling down with a fine sense of the ground ringing.

Perez and Patriarch of Ivan"s head headed to the place where the sound came from at the same time.

"... a landslide?"

Perez quietly frowned at the ominous feeling of attack.

The reason Migente Ivan asked me to meet him at the bridge reconstruction site was simple.

This was because I wanted to show firsthand that the bridge was being restored with Lombardi"s help.

Me and Migente Ivan talked while looking around the busy scene of people with timber on their shoulders.

"I received a letter from my brother last night, and I heard the circumstances. The Lady was the first to reach out when everyone turned away from Ivan."

Certainly, over the night, Migente Ivan"s expression was much better.

From the beginning, he was a person who treated not only Perez but also me and Avinox with appropriate courtesy, but now his attitude toward me is even polite.

"I won"t forget this grace, Lady Lombardi."

"Don"t mention it, Lord Ivan."

It makes me feel good to think that I succeeded in making a good impression on future Patriarch of Ivan.

But I answered with a humble smile to the end.

"As I have said to you, it is natural to help each other in times of need."

It was quite cliche, but Migente Ivan seemed very impressed.

"That"s right? You"re right!"

And spoke in a distinctive cheerful voice.

"If there"s anything I can do to help the Lady later, I"ll help you over and over again."

Oh, of course.

Ivan and Lombardi should help each other.

After going around the neighborhood like that, someone came to the scene and found Migente Ivan.

It was like Patriarch of Ivan sent it.

"The Patriarch is in a hurry to find Lord Migente. I think you should come right back to the mansion."


The expression of the messenger was unusual.

Migente Ivan felt it, as did his complexion.

"Go ahead. I"ll take a look around the site a little bit more."

"Yes, then I"ll see you at the mansion."

After that, I had a conversation with Lombardi construction engineers on the ground.

It was to make sure there was nothing else needed for safe work.

After talking like that, I got on the carriage.

It was because the dark clouded sky became darker faster than usual.

The bridge reconstruction site was not far from Ivan Castle.

It was only a few steps past the winding slopes of the mountain.

I was only thinking in a wobbly carriage.

Go back to my room and take a warm bath.

I walked carefully, but my muddy feet are very cold.


But I could feel the long-running carriage slowly slowing down.

"What"s going on?"

"The Ivan family"s carriage is standing in front of us, wondering if the wheels have come off. What should I do?"

A coachman asked me.

Somehow I felt like I was going to laugh.

I don"t know why Migente Ivan keeps on owing me things.

I opened the carriage door myself and looked outside.

At a point where only one head remained until Ivan Castle, Migente Ivan and the coachman were seen talking with difficult faces.

"Are you okay, Lord Ivan?"

"Oh, Lady Lombardi. I"m not hurt. The carriage sank down, haha. It"s going to take a while to fix it."

"I heard a little while ago that you had to hurry back to the mansion. If you don"t mind, why don"t you join me in my carriage?"

"Then I"ll be ashamed of myself and get help again, Lady."

It"s not free.

I"m going to put all of them on the books under the name of Patriarch of Ivan.

The carriage carrying Migente Ivan and me started moving again.

"Thank you very much, Lady. There aren"t many cases of urgent calls like this. I don"t know if it"s an accidental....."

That"s what I"m saying, but Migente Ivan had a rough look on his face.

It"s about time that Perez handed out relief money to the lords, and I"ve helped make it possible.

He"d be more in a hurry for Patriarch of Ivan"s emergency call.

At that time, I heard the voice of the coachman from outside, saying "Oh!

"Sorry! The road is slippery!"

"It"s okay, it"s been raining steadily since dawn, and I couldn"t finish talking about the slippery road."

Yes, it rained all day yesterday and today it rained from dawn.

My heart began to thump uneasily.

I hurriedly opened the window of the carriage and checked out.

Fortunately, the mountain was still.

No, it was too quiet.

As if all the mountain animals had already escaped the mountain.

"Please speed up. Hurry back to the castle......."

At that moment I witnessed.

The road where the carriage is running is collapsing from the front.

It was like looking at a falling sand castle.


Before long, the slope next to the road began to sweep down with the sound of the mountain stretching out.

"Uh, uh."

No matter how experienced a coachman is, what can he do when the road collapses.

For a short time, my eyes met with Migente Ivan, who had yet to grasp the situation.

Quickly closing the window, I pulled on the Migente Ivan and leaned down to the deepest point between the carriage seats.


A great shock hit the carriage.

And the heavy darkness hit us.