Be the Householder - 2

Chapter 150

The next morning.

Avinox was very ill after drunk and I left the mansion early in the morning and met again with the violet.

Walking along the path where the rain was drizzling little by little, we arrived in front of the broken wall.

"Here, where imperial administrators distribute food to people?"

"Yes, over there."

As I looked toward Violet, I saw a long line of people in front of a small tent.

Each of them had a small pocket in their hands.

"It"s not just Ivan. Administrators were dispatched to distribute food directly to all the people affected by the landslide. And......."


"It looks like the relief money has been distributed to the lords."

"Help money?"

"Yes, didn"t I tell you yesterday that the Zonic estate bought personnel from outside and started reconstruction work? But when I found out more, it wasn"t just Sir Zonic."

Violet sneaked around and said in a low voice.

"Other territories are also spending money to hire people and buy timber from the surrounding territories. Like someone gave them a lot of money at the same time. And the person who can do that......."

"There"s only Perez."

Ivan, who said he"d take care of it, is broke with no money.

And suddenly, a scene that I saw yesterday came to my mind.

After the dinner, Migente Ivan went to one side and talked to Perez quietly.

"Maybe there was someone from the inside who helped."

"That"s what I think. Otherwise, it would have been difficult to figure out exactly how much damage the land was damaged."


I looked at the people who were receiving the food for a while and said,

"Well done Perez."

It"s not that I don"t understand Patriarch Ivan"s mind.

He doesn"t want to take the money to rebuild, especially from the Empress.

But if you really have a sense of responsibility, you should throw away that amount of pride.

"It was the people who suffered because of Patriarch Ivan"s stubbornness."

"But this will not create a conflict between His Majesty and Patriarch Ivan."

Violet asked anxiously.

"It"ll happen. It"ll probably. It"s huge. But what can Ivan family do?"

I said with a shrug.

"At first, Perez did everything he could to accept Patriarch Ivan"s insistence on not accepting the money."

"It should be, but...... Wouldn"t it need the Northern vote to be selected as the Crown Prince?"

Violet said in a more cautious tone.

"Yes, given the right to vote for the crown prince from representative families in each region, Perez has to look as good as possible to the northern governor."

"Then why......."

"How long does Violet think Patriarch Ivan will last?"

"Oh...... I see."

Violet nodded her head.

"The important thing is, when Perez"s appointment approaches, who is the Ivan"s householder, isn"t it?"

In my previous life, Ivan Patriarch was unable to complete the reconstruction of the North due to worsening chronic disease.

And the person who became Patriarch Ivan.

"Second, Migente Ivan, the next Patriarch Ivan."

One side has caused a landslide, and the other side has rebuilt the collapsed North, so it"s only natural.

"So you"re going to meet Migente Ivan today?"

Violet asked with open eyes.

"There are only two reasons why I came to the North, Violet."

I laid out two fingers to Violet.

"One is to link Lombardi and Pellet to successfully help rebuild the North. Fortunately, Patriarch Ivan received the wood prepared by Lombardi on the spot, and unlike Perez, my work is going well."

I folded the remaining fingers.

"The other one was to make friends with the next Patriarch Ivan in advance."

"Oh, as expected, Lady Florentia......."

Violet said with her eyes sparkling.

Somehow, Violet"s reaction seems to resemble Clarivan.

"I asked you to meet me at the bridge reconstruction site today, so I think you"ve achieved all the reasons I"m in the north, right?"

"Yes, Lady Florentia!"

Me and Violet looked at each other and laughed.

While Violet went to prepare me for the carriage, I was looking a little more around the wall.



Looking back, a little girl was falling down and crying.

She seemed to have tripped over the rubble of the wall.

I approached and raised the child and said.

"Wake up. It hurts more when you cry, so shake it off bravely."

"Oh. Tuk. Tuk......."

The child woke up with tears in her eyes and shook off her clothes as I told her to.

"Oh, it"s torn."

The child"s knee was fortunately fine, but the clothes she was wearing were torn instead.

"Lizzy, are you okay?"

A woman who appeared to be a guardian ran late and looked at the child.

"Oh, your clothes are torn. I"ll sew it for you later."

"Yeah, I see, Ramona."

"...... Ramona?"

I muttered unconsciously.

When her name was called, the woman looked up.

The movement was gently blown with long, clunky red hair.

It was her.

As soon as I realized it, I felt uncomfortably nauseous.

Ramona stood up smiling with a friendly face and said.

"I"m sorry, didn"t Lizzie make your clothes dirty?"

"No...... it didn"t happen."

"They are children whose homes are buried in a landslide or their families are in an accident, but they"re still immature so I"m taking care of them while their parents are at the reconstruction site. I"m sorry for someone who is high."

You"re so nice!

She"s such a nice person that I feel bad about!

Well, there"s no such thing as good blood and genes.

"Good things... You"re doing it."

"I"m just doing what I can. I"m not that busy at work these days.......Oh, my name is Ramona and I work at the Monak top."

Ramona said as if she had only remembered, and looked around and sighed quietly.

"Phew, if I were a little more capable, I could have protected the children in better situations......."

Even a muttering word to oneself is nice.

I can"t hate it or be uncomfortable.

I even felt a little despondent.

Ramona was a really nice person, with no pretense.

At the same time, something strange raised my head, saying, "I don"t want to lose to that woman either."

With a strange impulse, I blurted out my hand and said.

"Nice to meet you, I"m Florentia Lombardi."

"Lom, Lombardi..."

Ramona stuttered in surprise.

Ramona thought Florentia was a high-ranking aristocrat because of her clothes and atmosphere.

This person in front of her is "she" Florentia Lombardi.

No one in Ivan estate doesn"t know her these days.

The only child of Gallahan Lombardi who owns Gallahan"s clothing store, the representative of the Lombardi family who came to save the North, and Perez"s childhood friend.

It was when Ramona couldn"t erase her blank expression from her face.

"Didn"t you get enough relief for the kids? We need to sew up her clothes a while ago....."

"Oh...... the kids here were given a piece of clothing. And I also received additional cloth to make clothes......."

Neither a house nor a family can be an environment where children can make clothes out of cloth for children buried under that pile of dirt.

"Which official has done this?"


Mumbling without knowing the meaning, Ramona asked Florentia.

"You said a little while ago that you were working at the Monak top, right? Can"t you afford to help these kids at the Monak top?"

Ramona answered defensively, slightly offended by the rather straightforward question of Florentia.

"Well, I"m using my own money and buying food for the children......."

"No, not Ramona, but Monak top. I think it can afford that much."

"The top profits will be used for bigger things."

"It"s a bigger thing......."

Florentia looked at Ramona with strange eyes.

It"s not that she"s angry or that she"s glaring at her.

Under those eyes, Ramona somehow felt so small.

"Once upon a time, the owner of the Monak top...said himself, he"s not the kind of person who"s going to waste such money."

"Do you know the owner lord?"

Was Mr. Nosier acquainted with this person?

Ramona tilted her head.

"Oh, I mean...... a little while ago at my business briefing."

"I see......."

"Hmm, then, I"m off to business. You"re having a hard time doing good things."

"It was an honor to meet you, Lady Florentia."

Ramona greeted politely.

It was the courtesy of the common people to the aristocracy.


Florentia paused for a moment and stared at it and said.

"See you again, Lady."

"Yes, Lady Florentia."

Ramona, who was leaning down thoughtlessly, glanced at the moment.

Did she make a slip of the tongue?

When she thought so and raised her head, she saw Florentia riding on the carriage from afar and Violet of Pellet merchant who stood by her.

Violet was kindly watching over Florentia"s clothes, and Florentia seemed to be ordering such a violet to do something.

Ramona opened her mouth at the appearance as if it was a Lady with a high lag with her attendant.

For her, Violet was unintentionally a competitor, but at the same time was a huge entity that moved Pellet Corporation.

"You"re a great person......."

Ramona somehow seemed to sigh.

Well, that"s why she was his childhood friend.

Violet approached Ramona, who was comforting her slightly strange mind.

"Miss Ramona?"

"Vi, Miss Violet"?

Violet, who was so gorgeous even in the same woman"s eyes, was smiling kindly at Ramona.

"There"s a building near here owned by our Pellet Corporation. I think the kids can run around a little safer there, how about that?"

"Really? Thank you, Miss Violet!"

"Wait a minute here."

After a while, Ramona immediately gathered the children and went to a place led by Violet.


A large two-story building appeared to be unused.

But it was neatly organized and the sunlight came through the big window, making it warm.

"Wow, I"m excited!"

"It"s not cold at all!"

The children ran around laughing with excitement.

"Once you"re here, I"ll bring you comfortable chairs or fluffy blankets. And......."

When Violet beckoned, several people with large bundles came in and put something down.

"What is this, Miss Violet?"

"It"s children"s clothes. It"s a ready-to-wear clothes from Gallahan Store."


Ramona was surprised and covered her mouth with both hands.

"The children will be so happy!"

Tears welled up in Ramona"s eyes.

"Thank you! Thank you, Miss Violet!"

Ramona greeted one after another.

A small smile at her, Violet shook her head and said.

"This is not what I give, Miss Ramona."


"Lady Florentia Lombardi asked me to help Miss Ramona, who was doing a good job."

"You mean this building, those clothes?"

"Yes, because Lady Florentia is the only disciple of Clarivan Pellet, the owner of Pellet Corporation. Of course, she"s the only heir to Gallahan"s clothing store."

"Well, I see......."

Ramona alternately looked at the inside of the building where the children played and at the side of the building.

A person who makes all this possible in a word.

That"s the power of the person named Florentia Lombardi.

As Ramona was thinking so, Violet smiled and said.

"Miss Ramona must have made a good impression on Lady Florentia. It"s not easy, but it"s great."

Violet offered a heartfelt compliment, but Ramona"s expression wasn"t very bright.

"This is your childhood friend......."

Dark clouds were gathering in Ramona"s mind, which had been clean like a clear sky a little while ago.