Be the Householder - 2

Chapter 145

The carriage, which had left the palace, was already completely free of the emperor"s command and was heading north.

Perez was lost in thought as he watched the scenery quickly pass through the window.

"Why did Pellet corporation collect the triva tree?"

This question hasn"t crossed his mind lately.

Like him, did Pellet collect timber for the development of the Empress"s West?

But in that sense, Pellet only bought timber and did not sell a single tree to Angenas.

It was also more than a year ago that Pellet began buying triva wood in the north, according to Lignite.

At first, without a sound, little by little.

Secretly, without even revealing that it was Pellet.

After filling several such large warehouses, rumors of Pellet corporation changed his attitude.

As if Pellet had waited, he sent someone from the central to launch an aggressive purchase.

And a week before the landslide, like a lie, every movement stopped.

Stopped trading and pulled Pellet"s men from logyards scattered throughout the north.

"As if he knew when, where, and in what form a landslide would occur."

However, it was impossible to make such an accurate estimate based on the geologist"s report submitted by Patriarch Lombardi at the conference.

"Clarivan Pellet."

The owner of Pellet Corporation.

He wanted to be honest and ask him everything.

What kind of eyes are you looking at the world with.

What are you planning for next time?


"Wouldn"t he like to be my person?"

He know that Clarivan Pellet is close to Lombardi.

But since leaving the Lombardi family and setting up Pellet"s business, his move has been far from loyal to Lombardi.

Like a diamond mine, it took Lombardi"s.

It didn"t seem to be particularly close to one-time partner, Gallahan Lombardi.

Considering those points, he was walking his own path.

The remaining relationship between Clarivan Pellet and Lombardi, to the point of overshadowing his years in Lombardi.


It just so happened that Florentia sniffled.

She was the only one who was a longtime disciple of Clarivan Pellet.

"Who swears at me?" (T/N: LoL)

Perez immediately moved on to the sound of a small grunt with her mouth covered.

"Cover this."

Perez said, taking off his robe and covering it over Tia"s shoulder.

"Thank you, Perez."

She smiled as she stuck her face round his clothes.

Heart pounding.

A blue tendon popped up in the hand that meticulously opened the robe to the heart beating again with a single smile.

The work of Pellet, who had been filling his head a little while ago, vanished like snow in front of her presence.

My nose tickled for a long time and I ended up sneezing.

"Who swears at me?"

Or is it a cold?

What does it mean a summer cold?

It"s not like a fool won"t get caught.

"Cover this."

Perez took off his robe and gave it to me.

"Thank you, Perez."

I didn"t refuse to cover myself with a little coldness.

I was going to read a book, but I think I should get a good night"s sleep.

If the whole procession slows down because of a cold, there is no such annoyance.

"I had to go north quickly, so I asked them to go homeless tonight, and I"m in this shape."

"If we turn now, we might be able to get to the Vogeli estate by sunset."

Perez said quickly.

"But that"s going to take a few days. I"m fine. I"ll be fine after a good sleep and wake up."

"I"m sure there"s cold medicine among the things. Hold on a second."

Perez pulled out a large box in the corner of the carriage and opened it.

My head is numb as soon as I think it might be a cold.

Leaning against the carriage wall, I looked at Perez, looking for medicine with a serious face.

"Second prince, you know very well how not to go against Emperor Yovanes."

After the conference, my grandfather gave Perez such an assessment.

A fine of 10,000 gold.

And 5,000 gold of them is used for reconstruction funds in the north.

Perez soothed the emperor"s unwillingness to punish Angenas on the spot, while causing them a great loss of 10,000 gold.

In addition, he made a good impression in front of the aristocrats by taking care of the North at the same time, and was given an easy and effective mission to deliver imperial relief supplies to the North.

He"s so smart.

My grandfather seemed very unhappy with Perez"s actions, which ended in a fine, but I don"t care.

All I wanted was to keep the Empress from sourcing triva trees from the north and to twist her relationship with Ivan.

Then suddenly I had a question.

I now snapped at Perez, rummaging through the medicine box.

"Why was it a fine, Perez?"


His movement stopped and the bottle of medicine made a small noise.

"The Empress seems to be spending a lot of money on western development these days. I was going to make her spend more money."

"Yeah, that"s the way it was."

And it"s the monak top that"s siphoning off the Empress" money.

"As expected, Perez, you"re smart."

It"s not everyone"s job to be crown prince on their own from the bottom up.

"......thank you."

Perez replied with a small smile, looking embarrassed, and said, closing the medicine box.

"Maybe cold medicine is in another carriage. Hold on a second."

Perez immediately opened the window of the carriage.

He was calling a knight to stop the procession.

He said it in a hurry.

"No, I"ll take the medicine later......."


Perez shook his head uncharacteristically firmly.

"The sooner you take the medicine, the better."

And the back of Perez"s hand touched my forehead.

"It"s a little hot."

Perez, who said so, immediately called the knight.

"What"s the matter, Your Highness?"

"Stop the procession."

The carriage stopped immediately at Perez"s command.

"Because of me......."

"It"s time for a break anyway. Don"t worry too much, Tia. I"ll be back in the middle of a conversation with the Knights."

"......thank you."

This time it was my turn to thank.

Perez, who smiled at me for the last time, opened the carriage door and went outside.

In the fresh air coming in from outside, I stepped on the ground, taking off the robe for a while.

I was standing with my legs stretched out in a few hours, and a bright voice spoke.

"Lady Florentia."

Dark skin, handsome face and bright platinum blonde.

"Sir Avinox."

The eastern man, the successor to the Luman family, joined the relief procession as a representative of the east.

Ever since the day we first met in my debutante, Avinox has stayed in the zodiac and consistently attended the social gathering of young nobles.

He was as good in character and eloquent as his outstanding appearance, and none of the central nobles didn"t knew Avinox.

In particular, he was so popular with the women.

"You don"t look well. Are you all right?"

Avinox asked me anxiously.

"Yes, I just have a slight cold. I"m not used to moving this long in a carriage. But Sir Avinox looks very happy."

Avinox, with a fresh smile, looked really good, not sarcastic.

He"s like an idol who promote fresh drinks.

"It"s my first time visiting the North."

"I know that you were originally going back to the East for a while. Aren"t you sad?"

After a moment of agonizing over my question, Avinox smiled and shook his head.

"Everything happens at the right time. My hometown will be the same after I go to the north. It"s that kind of place. But."

Avinox"s bright, subtle colored eyes looked at me.

"Our Luman family has been isolated for a long time and has not had exchanges with other regions, and the North is in need of help. Is there another better chance than now to reach out for friendship?"

Oh, that"s right. Eastern direct speech.

It was so honest that I was embarrassed at the moment.

But it"s also the charm of the East.

I laughed haha with Avinox.

"Tia, I got your medicine."

Then Perez approached and said.

"Your Highness."

The eyes of Avinox, still a fan of Peres, sparkled.

"Sir Luman, Lady Lombardi is not feeling well, so excuse me."

Perez led me to the carriage, leaving a short word.

"Sir Avinox likes you very much. Even if it"s awkward, he greets you well."

Perez opened the carriage door and said.

"Later, Tia, you look worse now."


I think it"s more messy.

Perhaps Perez ordered it, the seat of the carriage had already turned into a small bed and a soft blanket and pillow were ready.

Not long after we got into the carriage, the procession began to move again.

"Eat this and sleep well."

Fortunately, the medicine Perez brought was not very bitter.

Rather, it was easy to swallow at the sweet aftertaste.

Maybe it"s because of the medicine, the movement of the shallow carriages and the cozy blanket.

I fell asleep in no time.

"Then I"ll sleep a little and wake up."

With my eyes closing heavily, I managed to murmur it, and I fell into a deep sleep.

The first thing I saw when I opened my eyes was a small fire that lit up the dark carriage.

"Is it already... night?"

How many hours did I sleep?

Fortunately, the medicine seems to have worked well, and my body standing up is much lighter.

As I opened the carriage door and left, the knight who was guarding it looked back at me.

"Are you awake?"

"Yes, you had a hard time because of me. Are we settled in the campsite now?"

"Yes, it is."

A little far from the carriage I was sleeping in, I could see knights and soldiers sitting together and talking.

But Perez was not seen.

"Where is the Prince?"

"He"s away for a while."

"I want to walk a little. Is that okay?"

"Yes, this area is guarded by security guards, so you can rest assured. Don"t go too far."

I was feeling a little down, but that"s good.

I thanked the knight and walked slowly.

Inside the forest, some young soldiers were seen picking up firewood.

"It looks like it"s okay in there."

A forest in the middle of the night, it was a rare opportunity.

My cold was all gone, so I took a light step and came all the way to the place where the trees were thick.

To the bright moon with the sound of a quiet grassworm.

It wasn"t that scary.

"But they might still be worried. Let"s get back to......."

Chwaleuleug. (T/N: Oh, I don"t know how water voice sounds in English, so I used the raw version.)

I heard the sound of water.

Chwaleuleug, chwaleuleug.

It was exactly the sound of something moving in the water.

I walked to the place where the sound came from.

Soon, an open space appeared through the towering trees.


It was by the lake.

Underneath the big moon, there was a big lake with dark blue water.



Once again, with the sound of cutting the water, a man suddenly rose out of it.

It was from behind, but I could tell.

It was Perez.

Droplets of water from a completely wet black hair trickled down his spine like a glittering jewel.


With a low sigh, the sound of water dripping rang once again.

The muscular naked body, shining under the cold moonlight, was gradually trying to reveal the narrow line that led to the lower half of the body as Perez moved.


I stepped back, covering my mouth unconsciously.


A dry branch on my foot broke and made a small noise.

But the sound was enough for Perez to realize that there was someone.


Perez turned around with the sound of waves crashing.


With his low voice, I come to my senses and realized.

What kind of perversion is this?

"Ah! I, I mean! I"m sorry! I"m sorry!"

It was a bit late, but I quickly closed my eyes and turned around.

"I wasn"t trying to look! I heard something, so I came here! I was bewitched for a moment......, I"m so sorry!"

"......Wait a minute."

I could hear a clearer sound through my ears, which became sensitive with my eyes closed.

The sound of Perez coming out of the water, looking for something and putting it on his body.

And trudging, barefoot approaching me.

"I"m sorry, Perez! I didn"t see anything important, no, I only saw your upper body! Seriously... Ugh!"

While I was taking half a step back with my eyes closed while gibberish, my heels got stuck in something and my body faltered.

And the next moment, I felt a hard arm gripping my waist.


I opened my eyes unconsciously to the voice I heard right away.

In front of my nose, I could see black hair dripping with water and clear red eyes.

Perez, slightly frowned, spoke in a low voice.

"It"s dangerous. You have to be careful.


I thought, swallowing my saliva without realizing it.

The most dangerous thing here right now is your crazy beauty.